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Western Movies - Five Guns West (1955) Cowboy Movies. Directed by Roger Corman. With John Lund, Dorothy Malone, Mike Connors, R. Wright Campbell. Shalee Jethro (Dorothy Malone) helps her father run a desert stagecoach station. Five desperate outlaws arrive at the station to await a gold shipment they plan to rob, and Shalee becomes their hostage bait in several ways, and then the men begin to fight among themselves. four of them attack her but she is saved by Govern Sturges (John Lund), who also turns out to be a Confederate officer ...Stars: John Lund, Dorothy Malone, Mike Connors.

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Annie: Lewis
What the hell happened to the end of the movie.
The initial plot premise is unbelievable. Five convicted multiple-murderers sent on a mission to bring back to Confederate lines a renegade with $30,000 in gold. Who could believe that the 5 criminals would meekly return with the gold if they succeeded in their mission ?
Bear 113
Go do something else with your time, this one is a looser..
Danny Berk
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Greg Phillips
The last 3 minutes is missing ...not a HUGE loss, but people usually do NOT like to sit through a movie and then NOT see the entire film
Ishaq Rao
Aged boy I hate
Joey B
After we get south we got a long way to travel to get back home!!! Those are the last words in the Movie!!!!!
Julia Hamilton
I only look at westerns made in the late 40's up to some 70`s. These westerns had large cast members beautiful scenery and excellent ciniscope or panivisio coloring. And most of all plenty of actors.😉🤠🤠👏👐😊☺
Lindomar Gerke
MKNJ_ Media
RIP Dorothy, great actress
Marguerite Vanderwielen
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Michael W. Smith
hey shorty get some wood
Mr. Officer
Killing is illegal……… unless it's legal.
Peter Burnett
Peter Farquharson
A very fine film\nPity about the last missing few minutes at the end.
SCOTT Jeff Oliver
Pulled up lame movie stopped short of finishing!
Sandra Bello
Sharazah Just Shaz
Gee, I wish now I had read the comments. Thanks a lot. That was like tearing the last page out of a book. NO ENDING!
Grade D Film.
Wayne Cook
Love those 1862 Henrys :-)
amundsen Amundsen1907
Great thank you
graham mckay
I like the dialogue style in the script
The movie itself is mediocre at best, but it was a treat for me seeing 2 guys I have listened to in countless episodes of Old Time Radio. John Lund; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, and Larry Thor; Broadway is My Beat.\n\nThanks for the upload.
max hanghal
what kind of story was that?
yeah pretty little thing ae paw............why i wouldnt me a taste of that........YEHAW.
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