WBIT: Fun with Custom Spells, Oblivion

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Goofing off in Oblivion with custom spells. It's a shame they took out spell making in Skyrim. Check out more gaming greatness and our weekly gaming podcast over at www.whatbuttonistaunt.com!

Fun Funny The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion WBIT What Button is Taunt lol

Ben Staunton
awesome! *admiring sigh* i love oblivion
Iris Neo
I love this character's aesthetic-
Hey, you're not alone man. I love Oblivion :)\n\nI love it more than Skyrim still. Not that Skyrim isn't a good game. I just prefer it over Skyrim ^^\n\nLets subscribe and play more!
Fortify Speed 100 touch 5 sec\nFortify Agility 100 touch 5 sec\nDemorilize/Turn Undead 25 pts 5 sec\n\nUse the time they take getting back to you to heal or something.
The Questionable Question Mark
water walk + fortify speed.... jet ski, anyone?
daniel lee
Oblivion rise again lol. But this dude looks like abandoned his channel long long time ago. Seems that he wanted to make his channel bigger using every vids he uploaded got a WBIT trademark Hahahahahaha
Wow not many people play oblivion anymore unlike me and you
00:57 in Team Fortress 2 it is called trickstab... Crazy skill.