Rap Critic: Clipse - Mr. Me Too ft. Pharrell Williams

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Rap Critic reviews Mr. Me Too by Clipse featuring Pharrell Williams.Wanna request reviews and see episodes early? Check my patreon:

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when gucci gang gets a video, which is soon, review it. its on the charts
A-Brod Plays
Lmao Bodak Yellow gets the same rating as this song
Al's Variety
Very underrated track. In fact, Clipse in general (especially Pusha T) are very underrated.
Alex Canas
We really need a Clipse reunion.
Alex Kat
This is one of my favourite Rap songs of all time. Star Trak forever!
Now that I saw the frames at 5:50, I realize the influence Pharrell had on Tyler
Do another NF one and see how far he comes even though he was good before\nNF - Outcast \nOr NF - Intro 3\nOr NF - Therapy session (from his 2nd album)
Grindin' is my favorite Clipse song, that was my theme song on the My Player setting on NBA 2K15, that song was lit. This one's alright, I haven't thought about it since it came out in 2006, it didn't really leave much of an impact on me, but I see that it was cleverly written. When The Last Time was a much better Pharrell collaboration, though. At least we have a good song with that title, unlike that Meghan Trainor trainwreck of a song.
Commenter: But Rap Critic, what’s the difference???\n\nRap Critic: This song is old
Nice review! Also, fighting games?…yeah me too.
Brett Davis
Ik people pay for you to do reviews but i don't have the funds right now anyway you should review - Gift of Gab (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man and A-F-R-O) - Freedom Form Flowing (Official Music Video) -
Bryan Rich
It’s about time the patron requests weren’t shit
Bungg Bungg
Do Gummo by 6ix9ine !!!
1:45 -- Even after having paused the video, I'm still unsure if that says RAPE on his belt buckle. :/
Cameron Merz
Do nothin new by 21 savage
Well this song is actually a diss toward Birdman and Lil Wayne for stealing their style.
Wow, Three Days Grace was on that list. How weird... That's my favourite band haha
Charlie Taaffe
Anyone noticed how the beat kinda sounds like grime
Cool John
i was just listening to the song. now a review,SWEET!
Da Gooch
Your getting death threats from sexy italian men? Mi 2!!!!!!
Daniel Kidd
I think that it'd be interesting if you reviewed someone like Lil' Dicky or Watsky. While Dicky has become more popular as of late, I still feel like him and Watsky are unknown enough that you reviewing them may introduce them to new people. Also, I feel that their raps reflect a lot of the comments you make about what makes a successful rap. Just a thought.
Dante Justice
Still waiting for goosebumps by travis scott
David Stumpfl
Hear me out: my reading of this song is more of that as an annoyed older sibling. Like if you as an older child said you loved skateboarding, and then your younger sibling immediately responded with \
Dominick Smith
This is my favorite rap song ever
THE NEPTUNES produced this not just P, do better
Doug Doug
Can someone request catch me outside by ski mask the slump god, for me? I don't got that type money... Please? No, ok
What's the Cam song called? That shit sounds kinda fun.
Dustin Charles
You gave this a five!?\n\nYeah, me too.
Ezzedine Zeid
Nice one, again! But it's ridiculous that you compared Pusha's lines to those from Pharell. Pusha is one of the best lyricists of all time and Pharell is,... Mr. Happy
Fundz Dolla
actually camron was doing the same thing
Furious George
Gaurav Soni
Hayden Eden
This is one of the best albums of all time
You should do Exodus 23:1
This weird, I have been bumping this song for weeks
Inugami Dalton
*gasp* I’m in the comment section of the Tekken clip at the end! I’m famous!
Push certainly is a skilled MC, but due to the way he handled that whole Yale situation I don't respect him as a person at all
Ishan Sadiwala
I'd be so cool if he reviewed Asian Jake Paul like, seriously 😂 there's gotta be humor, know what I mean?
Wish he could review Russel Westbrook on a Farm by Lil Dicky. Definitely his best track to date but there’s no music video so even if i paid his patreon, he wouldn’t review it
Plz do tee grizzley - first day out its way over due
John W
2:00 I don't the premise is too confusing. Whenever I listened to the song, I never thought that Clipse & Pharrell were dissing \
As far as the BEST rap duos of All time? We could debate about that all day. But the Best LYRICAL Duo of all time..............HAS to go to CLIPSE. No Arguing. No Debating. Their HELL HATH NO FURY Album, And Their WE GOT IT FOR CHEAP Mixtape series easily proves that. And BOTH brothers are equally as lethal by themselves who both seem to impossibly get even BETTER as they age. Like Lyrical WINE. Even No Malice as a now “Christian Rapper” is INSANELY dope. Maybe even BETTER Than he was as drug rapper which I don’t even know how that’s possible! These 2 brothers have been the ultimate blessing in disguise to Hip Hip Who we might not ever truly appreciate until they are gone. The GREATEST “Coke Rappers” That have been right under our noses the Whole time. (Get it? Coke rappers “under our NOSES”? See what I did there? Lol.)
Kiing Panda
Neon guts anyone?
King Darrick
Nothin New 21 Savage
Lance Rutt
Weird timing on this video given the hashtag that's been trending on Twitter and Facebook recently
Pusha T one of the most slept on rappers of all time
Lil Scoob
Please do mr. Clean by young gravy
Lil Sharm
I'm a big fan. Please do a review on Bravado by AllttA. They are a new music rap group and are very good
The hypocrisy in the hip hop Community. 44 years and it don't stop.
Matt Underwood
Good that you give this a higher rating than Bodak Yellow. I swear man, give another classic Clipse and Pharrel song lower than Bodak Yellow and we gonna have a problem
This is why I love listening to Pusha T.
Nathaniel Aguilar
Even though I know it probably won't happen, I would love to see you review Garette's Revenge by XXXTENTACION.
You should totally review Neon Guts with Pharrell and Lil Uzi
This song hasn't aged particularly well
Pooja Jhanvi
Can you do review of j.Cole 's album-the entire album - Forrest hill drive please!!!???
Psyent Coity
#metoo #Iwouldnteven
Wasn't this in part a Lil Wayne diss when Wayne started rocking a lot of Bape as well?
Anything with Pusha T will instantly get at least a 4/5 from me, just because of Pusha T, even if the rest of the song sucks
Regis Bodnar
That's why I listen to E-40! He's mostly talking about that sort of thing, but he does it better than most people!
RiceGum ·
Roadside Rick
beat reminds me of vans by the pack nostalgia trip.
Roberto Lanzone
I'm pretty sure when they said stuff like \
I should get on his Patreon to ask him to review Dan Bull.
Rowan Crump
Has anyone Patreon requested 'Man's Not Hot' by Big Shaq yet?
This patreon requests are relevant. Who even still listens to pharellel williams anymore more?
Sco Esq.
Great content bro
Son Goku
Awful song...
Super Saumon
there's not a single beat on Hell Hath Not Fury that's not knocking. added to fitting guest spots, a dope artwork and Clipse being slick wordsmiths, it makes for a solid classic.
Swave Gretzky
You know this was a diss to Lil Wayne right
Swirly Swirl
I understand this song. I have had people copy my career path just because they heard what I was going to do so they decided to do it too. I was really annoyed by this as it felt like they were stealing my goals.
https://soundcloud.com/user-153442294 homie
Tammy R.
Starting my day right with some Rap Critic!
Tehillah kangamba
this was dis track directed at Wayne and JIVE
Tha Swami
Clipse is such a legendary group.
I’m Mr. Me Too-look at me!
This Guy!!!
The Clipse and Pharrell are G.O.A.T.s. Their worst songs are better than most of these trash ass rappers(Migos, Two Chains, Lil Yacht, Lil Pump, ect.) nowadays best songs, if you can even call them good.
Now I remember I need to watch No Malice Fka Malice's Documentary
Tyler Frogg
Please review I’ll mind of hopsin
Unruly Rell
This was my shit back in the days , when I bought my Pharrell Reebok Ice Cream Shoes😁
Victor-J Music
Just seeing the title of this video made my day.
Yuri Lopes
damn used to listen to this non stop back in the day, stopped listening cause i thought it was some more brag rap bullshit, hadnt even paid attention to the luyrics. nice
Zeus La Gawd
I always hated the chorus
This is one of my favorite songs ever so I'm interested what RC thinks.
This song is still in my playlist to this day
This song was SOOOOO underrated when it came out. It wasn’t even on the 106 & Park Countdown that long either.
It's not my favorite Clipse song and not a masterpiece as RC thinks it is. \nHowever, I do like this song. But i prefer Grindin' over this anyday. \nPlus, when you are a guest rapper of a Birdman song (What Happen To That Boy) and make it sound decent, u know u are doing something right. #Justsayin'
5:45\nObviously some people can rap this good all the time, because Mr Me Too is the worst song on Hell Hath No Fury, and it's still fuckin fantastic
Wasn’t there a song like this titled everyone or everybody\n\n\nEdit by yo gotti
Brockhampton - Gummy or Junky? Would actually be a good video
This song was actually taking a shot at lil wayne and birdman...i forgot how it started tho
I'm not sure I buy your 4/5 for Fragile any more. Like, when 5/5 was a hard thing to obtain, it made sense. Now, it feels like 5/5 is a high school A. Fragile isn't a 5/5 in the same way Juicy is a 5/5, but compared to Bodak Yellow, Stressed Out and this, it feels like it's the same quality. I don't know.