To aru Kagaku no Railgun S opening 1

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Season 2 of To aru Kagaku no Railgun. Anime spring 2013 ------ second opening

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La railgum del rayo \u003c3
Adzel James
i want t download the song on anime music but i cant find it ( sisters noise)
Aesop Rael Lepiten
I am accelerator kamusta ka
Akemi Homura
anyone else who follows the manga REALLY want the season 3 made? gets pretty dam epic and gives more screen time to the rank 4 XD shes such a  awesome character!
Alex 5432
The second* better oppening of all to aru...
Alexander Hiroshi
Cool love this op
Alice Kim
just trying to comment while waiting on my slow internet.... this song is one of my fav when I am having a good mood. It just feels so hopeful.
Andy Torres
I want Misaka and Touma to be a couple
Asiatix Cross
But Touma never fought against mogino. And kuroko neither.
Baribefe Boss
flip the coin!!!!!!!
Basder Gimmy
should i watch index or railgun first?
Bonjovy Alfonso
The best arc of railgun
Bruno Schkrab
I need more of this history! I need more of misaka, touma and accelerator. I need to see my shipp happens.
I loved this opening😍❤
Candy Store
Wait... no Misaka Mikoto comment?? wtf
Chisaki Overhaul
Touma is deserves thug life
Christine Joy Galvey
what is the song?
Chum Lee
Vine por Misaka 😸😸
Crimson Gold Eagle
Really wish I could find a virsion with no vocals. The background is great on its own.
Mikoto is better than the Index girl ugh...
Denvic Del Rosario
Touma X Misaka❤ Forever.
*Accelerator for live!*
Dammit, I want season 3 (for both Index and Railgun).
Erza Anime
Ethan Yen
I'm confused, what is the connection between railgun and index?
Evince Chua
I like part 01: 22 !!!!
I still wished kuroko was there to help misaka on the fight with meltdown- like what happened on the video lol
Fikri Abi
G O T 7 - P A R K J I N Y O U N G
1:08 I really like Kuroko entry. So epic anime and openning song
Y yo aqui esperando Index III solo para que saquen Railgun III :v
Genomic Wizard
Imagine breaker is a no skill ability for noobs
Season3 announced baby!!!!!!!!
I ham the danger jpg
I need to find a Barns & Noble that carries the manga for Index and Railgun, or at least that will be willing to order them.
JMonmon Lamberts
How many episodes does season 2 have again?
Omg!!! I absolutely love this Anime!!!!!!!!
Jeffrey Agrao
sisters arc intersects index and railgun
Jose Garcia
When I finish Railgun I wanted more I knew it has to end this way
Julian Accelerator
Just another Otaku
I'm very confused by the comments😓. Should I watch Railgun or Index first?
Karl Arty
1:14\nFUNNELS! XD 
Touma steals the spotlight at last minute with deep gaze into her eyes
Kou Parker
Kurae Soushi
I ship Misaka X Kuroko 😆💓
Lakshya Sadasyula
After I saw this video, I knew the meaning behind the theme song, and..well... As the sister put it, there is a pain in my heart
Marco Setiawan
If only instrument this song will fit for wangan midnight maximum tune
Harasho ;v
I wonder why Mugino's meltdowner is green in the anime while in the novels its white. Mby to easier tell it apart from Misaka's electricity? There was no such problem as they didnt rly vs in the index LN so.
Mūn Crush
I can see many people prefer Railgun than Index😅, but wait..., if we look from the story, the index story is better than Railgun, its big and more plot 😏, BUT....the protagonist ruining it with his HAND😂 that make the action get boring, not like Railgun, Railgun have a better action, more EPIC😎, But the story is not so good \
Mαcy ℓαm
cheese sounds noice
Ng Fiona
Love this opening, what about you all?
NinaMadersi TextMessages
Me: This coin tossing is cool. \n\nMe years later: *starts drawing money tossing*\n\n\n\nAHHH I LOVE ACCELERATOR HE IS SO HOT
*_______* ♥ xD
Nnennaya Gough
The song in English isn't catchy
Nymphe des fleurs
Sister Arc \u003c3
Olaf Jorigson
Love it.......perfect.....if oiu saw the full season you know why I love it so......Rip in peace Sisters......
Am I the only one who massively prefers Railgun over Index (the show)?
Peter wilson Pyle
the 1st 12 episodes go on sale in US in July of this year!!
I both like index and railgun but railgun\u003eindex couz i love misaka, its rare to have a girl mc that have strong powers\nI wish they continue the series its too good and the story is sooo diverse i love it 👌
Roasted Lemon
Can't watch it anymore without hearing shuzo matsuoka in the background
This is actually one of the worst OP animations ever.......because they tease us with an AWESOME TEAMUP FIGHT that we know will never happen. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Absolutely love this song!\n(Especially with the little bit of Touma x Misaka shipping in the animation)\n\nAlso, anyone else notice how well they animated at 1:13 for the syncing of Meltdowner’s attack launches with the syllables of the song? I can’t praise it well enough.
Sir Loyd
yeah no for those of you who came from To aru majutsu no index youll be disappointed 1:20
Spicy Meme
I see that FripSide is written all over this side story.
The sister arc was the best part to watch, after that it was kinda filler. But still, i love this show!
Очень люблю связку аниме, Raildex,за то что здесь все опенинги шикарные 
Survey Corps Member
Oh my fripside makes the best songs. I love this anime btw
Sweet little otaku & FierceKnight
Never fails to give me goosebumps
who else noticed the lightning that strikes the subtitles?
The Ranting Squirrel
God damn Uiharu is adorable.
.Touma steps in like BOSS
0:11 , Mikoto shoots at Uiharu, haha :P (sorry, sorry, just never mind)
Wari Reku
I really like Sisters arc since Magical Index. In Scientific Railgun S where it brings up more emotion from Misaka's perspective is therefore my most favorite of all Index-Railgun anime arcs. \nI mean, near the end of an episode where 9982 was killed by Accelerator and the raging Misaka charges to him was fucking epic... Would totally be a fan of Scientific Railgun S if not for the underwhelming Silent Party arc.
Will Fikes
1:22 Get a room!
Winifred SK
This is one anime where all the openings are amazing..
Xerxes Break
L'anime est génial et l'opening aussi Thanks
Isnt railgun the prequel of index? Just wondering cuz touma still didnt have his memories cleared and index isn't so much involved in railgun
What is the episode called where touma looks at misaka at 1:22
The part when Mikoto was running around tired, hungry, beaten up, and mentally exhausted but still managed to beat Mugino was the best.\n\nShame, everything went downhill after SISTERS arc.
angie redulla
Hey guys, I have a thought. What if there's a live-action movie of A Certain Magical Index or Scientific Railgun? Its a random thought but I want to hear your guys opinion if that's a good idea or not. In my opinion, if they are going to make one, they should try to make some minor changes that should make this experience better. All in all, i think its a good idea.
cedric robertson
0:18 yes misaka wear shorts, I remember
channet cityt of movie
What is the titles of the story?
danang dwi anggoro
2018. And I still like all the opening songs from \
0:52\n\nDon't, it's a trap! It's just what she WANTS you to think!
ka ta
kimskerems cock bull
the first part of the opening was lit
law rence
Me before subtitles : \
marlice hakurei
touma kamijou is always ready to fall down from anywhere to save MISAKA MIKOTO
sakai dark
Been on meme show binges. This one any good?
takamichi H.
Any news for Season 3?
Needs more Accelerator.
The Sisters Arc is kinda dark.
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