Fastest Gunslinger Ever - Bob Munden

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Bob Munden, the best gun man that has ever livedBetter quality version available here...

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RIP. The town was only big enough for him
the greatest shooter I've ever seen
7 44
Inconceivable!! (Prince's Bride quote)
Acid for blood
This guy just turned your Glock into a boltaction
Akaaraq Hansen
He's faster than his own shadow.
Alain Christiene Mendoza
The way he shoots is as fast as Bruce Lee or even faster than him.
Amazing Fan
Ban assault revolvers
Arcalias Giants
Long time ago a friend in my HS shot his own kneecap trying that.
Artur Papiernik
Master!!!\nThank you
Just Wao
Barney Miller
Why is his big toe missing
This is avenger worthy skill considering hawkeye...
Brandon Hudson
Texas Red had not cleared leather
He may be fast, but faster ever ? LOL
Duel with Lucky Luke plz ;)
Daniel Mesery
No words
Justice ain't gonna dispense itself
Don Solaris
The American Way!!! Shoot first, ask questions later! 🤠 😎
Edwin Algarin
But there is all ways someone faster
Electric Eye
imagine if this guy was in old west and as a villian thats gonna be nightmare for the sherifss or bountyhunters
Emp Ty
Someone drank Nigel West Dickens Tonic!
Eros John Delos Santos
He is John Marstons reincarnation, he even kept johns dead eye\n\nUnbelievable truly unbelievable
Easy way to loose weight REALLY FAST, Just aim a little closer to your stomach hahahaha 😂😂
Fermin Valdivia
John Marston is still faster then him
First Name Surname
3:20 R.I.P. cameraman
Geovani Amor
If I had to get into a gun fight with him -- I'd take my chances on running.
Hakim Chebbak
It’s HIGH NOON........
Halfdan Ingolfsson
Fancy that - a chubby, middle-aged man with fantastic eyesight, reflexes and eye-to-hand coordination. And a lot of practice...\nThere is still hope for the rest of us old farts!
no joke
J. K.
Man he was fast. No one could out draw him in a gun fight but what killed him was heart disease. So sad. Not many more out there like him. Take care of yourselves people. Diet and exercise.
Jack Mcdonagh
he should be in red dead redemption 2
Jackson Pereira
Slow motion .
Janet Bernanke
i see the courier in goodsprings made a full recovery
Jeff Gilligan
Amazing Bob
Jonas Kolousek
How the hell
Joseph M
I had the honor to meet Mr. Munden at an exhibition. He called on me from the audience to verify that two bullets were loaded in his gun while he shot two balloons (as was shown in this video) and after to verify both bullets had been fired. He's for real,\nand a true gentleman. Rest in peace Mr. Munden, and God have mercy on his soul.
Shooting a gun isnt as bad as it seems, criminals shoot and kills people, bob munden the legend shoot.. balloons
Knife Nut
Greatest gun man to ever live!!! R.I.P. We miss you greatly. Bet your showing God some gun tricks up there.
Knott Reel
Obama will ban your hands.
Leovigild Rekkared
with this guy trump doesn't need a wall
Lil Tic Tac
Im pretty sure he has a custom made gun so its probably lighter and the hammer is probably alot easier to pull down. But he still has incredible speed
Mapuia Fanai
Bob munden vs jerry miculek
Marreta Do Zoio
He is faster than a aimbot lol
This man was born about 200 years too late.
Mike Moore
I can attest to this mans speed. I saw him perform in Kansas City years ago and he is truly faster than a rattlesnake! The old time gunslingers would have never had a chance against him.
this guy would've massacred ryan kwanten and micky rourke in the movie \
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There is a HD quality version here
He was the very, very best. Won't ever be another like him. Rest in peace, Bob. You're missed!
Paul Shearer
Im on Bob Munden's side!
Quadcopter Crazy
he would of been the best gunslinger in the west lol
When you use the trigger finger perk
3:30 wtf cameraman look where he's standing 😂
So your telling me this is McCree's dad?
Rob K
Is the cameraman really standing on the business end of all this? Plus, the ring trick was bullshit because you can stand there long enough and even a PICKLE can be a \
Robert Severson
He's no gunslinger he's a gun cheater look at his holster
Rogerio Santos
O homem mais rapido do gatinho do mundo
STG Zodiiac
You mean fastest alive.....
Sandeep Shonik
Son of a Gun ..
Its high noon.......
Simo Koistinen
This guy is in real life Lucky Luke :0
Sir Mythical
This is about how fast I bust
Sjimmi Gill
I'd like to see this recorded with a high-speed camera.
It's HIgh NoOn!
Stefan Sharak
He’s super human.
Steve Crain
though! he had no one shooting back?
Stim Patch
Watching this right before RDR2 lmao
The fastest hunter ever to pop gold gun
The Gaming J.D
I bet his great great great grandfather was a U.S Marshall in the old west.
I wish he got to live in wild west times. He would have kicked so much ass.
Thomas Weeden
Lol did not expect the fastest dude ever to look like him
Tony Pham
Does he have a permit for his hands?
Toxic Gamer19
Am the best gunslinger in PUBG🤣🤣
Tree Climber
Bob was fast, very fast. But, against Bill Jordan in his prime... my money would be on Mr. Jordan.
Truth Seeker
In those spaghetti westerns, this man would've shot Clint Eastwood. He would've at least met his match.
The way Bob put the goddamn Aspirin on the back of that nail as if he's putting a pint of beer on the coaster leaves me no doubts whatsoever that his iron nerves which renders in zero shakiness in his fingers are capable of delivering the outstanding brilliance that he truly does!\n\nI just wish he was hanging out in the bars in London on the night when the Pakistani scumbags were out on a stabbing spree!
Why doesn’t he fight Isis
Winchester Repeating Arms
If he were alive in the 1800s he would've kicked everyones asses.
Wrongy Wrongerson
You'll shoot your eye out kid.
[90thIN] Seth Prather
Someone robs a bank. *Bob Munden is the security guard* RIP
alwaysalone soki
the guy is a legend
anshul kumar
He can be in Avengers team....or in Justice League...
knew Bob personally.......him and my dad shot a lot of matches, and did some exhibition shows in the 80's.......a lot of what you saw was filmed just W. of Butte MT......that range is still there......his old lady wadn't a bad shot either......He passed a couple of years ago.....I went to the memorial shoot.......It was great......
cris rose
so how many times has he shot himself in the foot?
Ed McGivern, Temple Houston, Bill Jordan, Munden and Miculek are up there.
fabian Athiah
Ok....this dude got me in awwe....i wanna challenge but I just have a feeling I'm gonna lose😆
jay w
Destroy  all modern technology, burn down big cities, time to go back to the old west,rebuild old west style!
magnum mesiona
master shifu
Anyone one planning to rob him?
mister smith
Send this guy to Chicago. Let him shoot all the Skittles out of all the hoodies mouths!
Some people are born in the wrong era
this guy is cocky as hell, but goddamn he's earned that priviledge.
tristram gordon
And pie eating by the looks of his gut
your boy
i bet he mains mccree
『 weebZe 』
I bet he plays a lot of Counter Strike.