My tribute to Bob Munden

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Bob Munden, the best gun man that has ever livedBetter quality version available here...

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#Devil #LuckY
This is called real cowboy
This dude was the reincarnation of John Marston and Arthur Morgan, dudes dead eye game was madness
Inconceivable!! (Prince's Bride quote)
Acid for blood
This guy just turned your Glock into a boltaction
Aj Johnson
He should've been one of the gunslingers in red dead 2 😤
Allen J Bowers
If I had to get into a gun fight with him -- I'd take my chances on running.
Amazing Fan
Ban assault revolvers
Arcalias Giants
Long time ago a friend in my HS shot his own kneecap trying that.
He is using dead can clearly see that:p
Austin Dyer
At the end of the day, these people are literally just grown men playing cowboy...
Avocado Sauce
This guy has deadeye
Axel Foley
Word of advice. Don't get into a gun fight with this guy.
Jitter modding like a mfer.
Bardan Malla
Real arnold
Barney Miller
Why is his big toe missing
Better Than You
*Arthur Morgan left the chat*
BlyatGaming 9
Nerf pls.
Brandon Hudson
Texas Red had not cleared leather
CJ Devil's
The deadeye is real
Certabonun certamen
My uncle was the slowest gun in the West.
Colton Hanson
Its ok he got nerfed in v3.12
Duel with Lucky Luke plz ;)
Dillon Aguirre
Who watching this after red dead redemption 2 released
Doge Gomez
0:39 when you see an epic porn video thats 5 seconds long
Don Dada
Oh my god its Arthur Mason
Don Solaris
The American Way!!! Shoot first, ask questions later! 🤠 😎
Me in red dead redemption 2.
I would hate to run into this guy in Red Dead Online
Eduardo AlCaminó
Lucky Luke in real life
Eros John Delos Santos
He is John Marstons reincarnation, he even kept johns dead eye\n\nUnbelievable truly unbelievable
FagMan 69
2 words: Yee Haw
I thought He was John Marston .
3:20 R.I.P. cameraman
Greg B
*john marston wants to know your location*
Halfdan Ingolfsson
Fancy that - a chubby, middle-aged man with fantastic eyesight, reflexes and eye-to-hand coordination. And a lot of practice...\nThere is still hope for the rest of us old farts!
Horiole ?!
Its always high noon for this guy
Ivo Smoky
Gun Fu master.
no joke
J. K.
Man he was fast. No one could out draw him in a gun fight but what killed him was heart disease. So sad. Not many more out there like him. Take care of yourselves people. Diet and exercise.
Jack Barrett
Can we play as this guy instead of Arthur in RDR2\n\nI fixed it\nThanks for being nice about
Jackson Pereira
Slow motion .
James Carter
Geased Lighting that hits the Mark.. unbelievable how fast he is...
Jesus Christ
Plz nerf!!
Joseph M
I had the honor to meet Mr. Munden at an exhibition. He called on me from the audience to verify that two bullets were loaded in his gun while he shot two balloons (as was shown in this video) and after to verify both bullets had been fired. He's for real,\nand a true gentleman. Rest in peace Mr. Munden, and God have mercy on his soul.
Knife Nut
Greatest gun man to ever live!!! R.I.P. We miss you greatly. Bet your showing God some gun tricks up there.
Knott Reel
Obama will ban your hands.
Kuba F
L Petillo
Dude... You'd be F U C K E D back in the days... Even now still
The real life revolver ocelot
Liam Catterall
Imagine him during the 1800's! He would of been amazing during Mexican standoff.
Lord Jiren
If that is Bob then where is vagene?
Lost Alien
The real hero here is the camera guy at 3:15
Mapuia Fanai
Bob munden vs jerry miculek
Mariusz Wróbel
If he shot me I wouldn't even know what happened.
This man was born about 200 years too late.
Maximum Mayhem
Method Man
Off course this is recommended when rdr2 is out
More Passport Stamps
There is a HD quality version here
The one and only Fastest Gun in the West
Nidia Nora Cardenas Acevedo
This guy will make R Ocelot blush = )
Patrick star
When you play to much rdr 2
Paul Meeuwissen
it's high noon
Paul Shearer
Im on Bob Munden's side!
His great-grandpa is arthur morgan
3:30 wtf cameraman look where he's standing 😂
RangerAshton 2.0
To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day\nHardly spoke to folks around him, didn't have too much to say,\nNo one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slip\nThe stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip,\nBig iron on his hip\nIt was early in the morning when he rode into the town\nHe came riding from the south side, slowly lookin' all around\n\
Rob K
Is the cameraman really standing on the business end of all this? Plus, the ring trick was bullshit because you can stand there long enough and even a PICKLE can be a \
Rocky Mountain hermit
Someone robs a bank. *Bob Munden is the security guard* RIP
STG Zodiiac
You mean fastest alive.....
Sandeep Shonik
Son of a Gun ..
Sebastiaan Koome
Had he lived in the Old West, he would have made one hell of a sheriff. The legendary kind.
This man really makes you *FEEL* like red dead redemption 2
Slavic Lemon
The Arizona ranger with the big iron on his hip
The Fathers Game
Is that jack marston when he’s old?😂💀💯😆
The Moisture
Dead eye
The Rockstar Gamer
When you find out how to use dead eye in real life
Timepiece Enthusiasm
When you’ve been playing too much Red Dead Redemption 2
Tree Climber
Bob was fast, very fast. But, against Bill Jordan in his prime... my money would be on Mr. Jordan.
Truth Seeker
In those spaghetti westerns, this man would've shot Clint Eastwood. He would've at least met his match.
Red dead 2 anyone?
Winchester Repeating Arms
If he were alive in the 1800s he would've kicked everyones asses.
Younqin List
Y’all think this is impressive but the thing is 200 years ago there was tons of guys like this, it’s just people won’t dedicate years of practice to this and now worry about straight wins in fortnite.
anshul kumar
He can be in Avengers team....or in Justice League...
dulez ninjaman
Real life dead eye
Dead eye user for sure. Legendary gun slinger.
When you watch too many red dead 2 vids so this pops up on your feed
hood nigga juju
He's the boss fight in red dead
i Nuttyyy
Since rdr 2 ive been getting a lot of these kind of videos in my recommended
joshthemlg pro
Imagine him vs a Mexican gunslinger
Is this real life?
Some people are born in the wrong era
Imagine trying to mug this guy when he’s open carrying 😂
old Goblin
If anyone got in a gunfight with this guy, they would surely die.
this guy is cocky as hell, but goddamn he's earned that priviledge.
whamboiii the last
Is this mcree\nAlso he obv has a aimbot
z3eM P̷r̷o̷d̷u̷c̷t̷i̷o̷n̷s̷
What time is it?