Top 10 Movie Shootouts

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Battleship Potemkin Desperado Django Unchained Hard Boiled Heat Hot Fuzz L.A. Confidential Scarface Shootout (Crime Type) The Boondock Saints The Matrix The Untouchables best films greatest gunfight guns insane movie shootouts shootouts movies

A Cruz
What about the end of The Replacement Killers? Chow yun fat and dual berettas = awesomeness
Alex McCart
Who thinks the django candyland shootout she have had a better ranking on this last.
Anthony Duck
Heat! was amazed the first time i saw it.
Untouchables stairway shootout at #8? I'm surprised. It's a classic.\n\nWait a second, Django Unchained? I thought you said no westerns? Or are you fudging the details again by saying only \
Armando Rosa
What???? How did Hard Target, Face Off, The Big Hit, The Demolition Man, True Lies, and the 5th Element not make the listP.S Desperado should have been number ONE!!!!!!!, but I agree with 2 and 3
BeautyOnTest should have waited for John Wick to be released before publishing this video....
Benedikt Graf
7:27. Oh, I love \
Bill B.
No mention of Tombstone? I'm your Huckleberry. ;)
Bill c
A Better Tomorrow 1 & 2
Calum North
Where on earth is the Police station shootout from T1?
Casey Vee
I'd like to see something like \
Cevahir Ileri
I love you, Tarantino.
Cobolt Blue
What about the bar shootout in Inglorious Bastards?
Comatose Gamer
Well, it's a good thing the cops in Hot Fuzz confiscated that shed full of weapons and ammo from that old guy
Connor Brennan
The shootout from Commando (1985) should have at least been an honorable mention.
Johnnie To deserves to be mentioned as well. The Mission, Fulltime Killer, Breaking News, Exiled, Drug War etc.
Daniel Hesse
Heat is easily one of my favorite movies of all time, and definitely my favorite crime drama. I don't understand how anyone could dislike it.
Daniel Kennedy
john woo shold be on here like 30 times
Daniel Sanchez
So glad they gave love for that Heat shootout
Darth Vader
good list but no The Killer A Better Tommorow A Better Tommorow 2 The Expendables The Expendables 2 Robocop (1987) Hard Target WTF
David Spring
Why the fuck is Hard Boiled in English? Great film but seriously I would have chosen the hospital scene over the tea house scene. Brilliant and very underrated film.
Realistic. Django unchained. Realistic. Really? How do they know what a real gun fight is like? From all their experience in shotouts right. Like the list but don't say any of these are realistic not even heat is.
Dojo Manus
I find this really easy to masterbate to.
Dragontooth 678
I feel that the crow shoot out was supposed to be in the count down. Most movie shoot outs have the person trying to avoid bullets while shooting. In the crow he took the bullets and did what the matrix refined. The crow shoot out was honestly one of if not the first matrix shoot out. And the song used during the scene was played by an industrial rock techno band. That actually made a cameo in the crow during the scene. Yes that band in crow shoot out scene is the actual band, that wrote the song that was used for the scene. Come on how could you miss that one.
Eddie Nieves
the replacement killer ending shotout was crazy too
Fallen Knight Tyler 007
What about Way of the Gun or The Veteran?
Guillermo Joaquín Bello
Another terrible list by, as usual. The only one that really deserves to be on the list is Hard Boiled and there are at least five more shootouts from this film that can be included, all of them much better. As usual, WatchMojo continues to ignore Asian action cinema. In terms of shootouts, Hong Kong and Korean films are superior. It´s a bad joke just to choose one scene from John Woo, the real master of heroic bloodshed. And in terms of acting with guns, there´s nobody like Chow Yun-Fat. Al Pacino and Robert de Niro pale in comparison with him. Heat is one of the most boring, pretentious and overrated action/thriller of all times. I also love Hollywood action films so don´t get the idea that I don´t like them. I could easily name lots of better shootouts from Hollywood action films that aren´t here.
Jantipo 80
Van Damme vs Lance Henriksens customers in Hard Target (1993)
John Cool
hard boiled still gets my gooses bumping.
Jonathan Stone
I'm happy to see John Woo get a little love, but the Hospital scene at the climax of Hard Boiled and any of several scenes from The Killer and the hallway fight in A Better Tomorrow (which has been ripped off repeatedly) ought to have made the cut. The first Matrix entry wasn't really that good
Jordan Cann
True Lies with Arnold had some dope shootouts
JoseAlberto MoSo
I miss :\nTrue Romance\nTerminator police sation\nInglorious Bastards french bar.
Josh Vance
The Hospital shootout from Hard Boiled is way better than the tea house one.
Joshua Bulloch
I think Dredd should get at least a mention.
Joshua Tunis
Predator, Ronin, Reservoir Dogs, Total Recall, Commando!?
King Théoden
Luke The Duke
You didn't mention the movie \
One of my favorite movie shootouts are ''The Rock'' Shower scene. Epic as hell.
Martin Rodriguez
Pacino is a real badass, two positions in one countdown. THIS IS AMAZING and pacino is a living legend.
MeMz L.G.
My favorate is Scarface
Michael McDonald
Western movie shootouts have their own video\n*puts Django Unchained at 7
Michael Podlisk
since you mentioned John Woo's Hard Boiled, I think A Better Tomorrow deserve a spot on the list.
I guarantee they made this whole thing around that Heat scene. 2-10 were all lazy after thoughts just so they could get a video out that praises Heat. I knew it would be #1 before I even clicked play. I don't think it can be beaten. Especially everything being fake Michael Bay stuff now.
Mikelange Ngakala
update the list #1 church fight scene kingsman
Moe 4777
Robocop when he goes into the drug warehouse.....Terminator when he goes into the Police station they should one and two
Saw Heat in the theatre, the echoes of the gunfire radiating through the theatre...whew...why can't they do this today???
wtf no Commando???
Mr. Zubwolfer
Terminator, police station shoot out
Kinda surprised True Romance didn't make this list. That had a pretty epic final shootout.
I deeply believe that the club scene from John Wick would be on this list if this video wasn't newer than the movie.
Muhammad Habib Zaman
All the hard boiled shootout are epic
What about the firefight in True Romance?
Peni 5
Please watch the movie \
Seriously no \
Qasim Mir
No particular order. RoboCop vs drug gangs, Fury vs SS Battalion, Iron Giant vs US Army, Khan vs Klingons Star Trek Into Darkness.
Exactly. Nothing beats Heat.
Ik they mentioned the puppy shootout in equilibrium, but what about the final battle
Roberto Giammattei
Shame John Wick was released later, the movie may be a 8 ish, but the action scenes are pure brilliance, especially the club shootout.
Rowan Vincent
Bad Boys II with the Haitian drug pushers? Where the camera is constantly spinning round through the two rooms?
Ryan Cox
Ones I would add:\nThe Killer-end church shootout\nRaiders Of The Lost Ark-Bar shootout\nTrue Romance-Movie studio shootout\nBatman (1989)-Axis chemical industry shootout\nThe Punisher: War Zone-Opening scene shootout\nDredd-any of them\nThe Expendables 2-airport shootout\nThe Departed-Apartment shootout\nDeath Wish 3-end shootout\nLethal Weapon-End shootout
This list was bull shit come on now no last man standing, 3000 miles to graceland, The Town, Jone Dilinger, The Way Of The Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samuel Pena
Terminator 2 Judgment Day
Sangye Mututsang
the # 1 spot should go to hard boiled when Tequila and Alan storm the hospital...
Sani Mesic
Hard target - Van damme
I would have put scarface as #1
Stefan Marstrander
The Killer church scene is number 1 and Hard boiled hospital scene is number 2. Those two movies alone are John Woo at his finest.
Steymar Stark
What about the Assault on Precinct 13
notice that none of these are recent movies.
Thanasis Choul
just watched to see if they have \
The Hound
Equillibrium was an awesome movie
no mention of the crow or v for vendetta??
Thor Odinson
I saw \
Tom Dylan
Says westerns don't count.\n\nPuts Django in there. \n\nNice one, WatchMojo
Tony Montana
Say Hello to my Little Friend
Travell Davis Jr
Should have been Inglorious Basterds bar shootout scene instead of Django.
Victor Kane Sandor
The Terminator?!?!!?\nPolice Station Shootout!!!!\nMy top list:\n1.The Terminator - Police Station Shootout\n2. Léon - Léon vs EVERYOOONEEE\n3. Heat - The Run n Gun\n4. T2 - Cyberdyne Shootout
Haven't watched this yet, but the Django Unchained Candyland shooout better be number 1, or at least high on the list.
adopted in hell
Scarface should of been number 1 \n\nSAY HELLO TO MY LITTEL FREIND
No, police station in Terminator is not here. Why?
I am surprised that \
Not even a mention of Smokin Aces and the two girls with the artillery gun?
The police station shootout from The Terminator should have at least got an honourable mention.
jose garrido
true romance and the gateway are not here shame
The Hotel Roosevelt shootout in \
Terminator 2 Judgement Day\n\nMinigun shootout
I would have added the last shootout scene from Mr & Mrs Smith. That was awesome.
The Ranch shoot out in Shooter, the big shootout in 4 Brothers, the shootout in The Way Of The Gun, The Crow. The shootout in django didn't look realistic at all, and neither does the desperado shootout.
mike s
The hotel shootout from Way of the Gun
How Robocop, Face/Off, T2, Way of the Gun, Lethal Weapon get no love is ridiculous.
orhan tezisci
thumps up if u were waiting for HEAT on final!
Not even an honorable mention for 3000 Miles to Graceland?
roshan ahmed
Disappointed no scene from the movie Face Off made the list. I think it had some great gun battle scenes.
You should include another clip showing movie shootouts from the 1970s and 1980s. The sound effects sound so more realistic from those old movies.
I would put the ending shootout in Way of the Gun in there somewhere
not to even mention The Wild bunch. Are you sick?