Wild West: Brothels (Documentary)

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Using coins as a diaphragm?\nGives \
God, I miss the good ol days when the History Channel used to show actual historical programs that reflected history rather than \
A nightmare
Alyssa Bгown
STEAM. \nENGINE. \nVIBRATORS.\n(too many emojis to even try to pick one).
Anita Mitchell
1869, the first vibrator?? What? Learn something new everyday, lol.
Ashalon Francis
The one dude looks like a recent Brendan Frasier...
i found a brothel token at a antique store in Pa once.
“That’s one way to pitch a tent.” Oh my god 😂
The gentleman from the east would walk up, \nsay howdy, and stick it in..\nCowboys from Texas would stick it in, walk up, \nand say howdy......
Biff Roberts
They were so uncivilized back then! Thank goodness it's just like ordering a pizza now
Bonella Marcotte
The comments below are just as entertaining as the documentary...!!!
Bronwyn Doyle
Hey! Some of those pictures are from the Yukon Archives from the Klondike era. I saw shots of Klondike Kate and Diamond Tooth Lil. They were whores in Dawson City....give them some dignity would ya!
California Golden
The word Hooker came from the train that made a hook at the end of the line in new yorks sleazy area
Candes Ok
Wads of horse hair=butt implants back then....interesting 🤔 Steam powered vibrator 😂 who knew.
It sucked being a woman from the early 1900s all the way back far in the past. There was a character in \
Dan Shilkett
That poor 70th customer.
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Weinzapfel
70 in one night wouldn't be too difficult, my cousin discussed this with a prostitute working during WWII and she told him the young sailors being 18-20 and at sea for 3 months didn't take more than a stroke or two and they were done. Next
David Billyard
I wonder if the anal option was on the wild west menu..
David James
It must have stunk of stale semen and sweat. Good think they had good bathing habits though
Deborah Bell
Is the one historian related to Brandon Frazier?
Debra Perez
This is making me uncomfortable on a creepy level.
Dennis Siple
No mention of male prostitution.
Derek Roberts
Does this mean Miss Kitty was a Hoe?!? 😮☹️
Des Troya
Never having sex again after this video. Thanks
Duane Locsin
a lot of the language in the comments sections is dirtier than the customers and prostitutes back in the Wild West.
E.L. Mrachek
INYERESTING!\nWell done documentary, \nFun to watch. \nNarrator very good. \nLots of fascinating \
Eric Grayhat
A night with Venus, a lifetime with mercury. Lmao
Fuck Trump
I'm in support of legalized prostitution. ;-)
G Perrin
I wonder if these places even had running water, I bet a lot of them didn't and that is a disturbing thought
Garden Tradd
If Kate called herself Mrs. Holliday while they were in Texas, while they were co-habituating and such, by today’s standards they would be legally married, no ceremony required.
Hellen Laespriell
I wonder what happened to all the babies born out of this?
How Trump's grandfather made his fortune...in Alaska during gold rush- supplying hoes and alcohol during prohibition.
The losers were prospecting for gold.\nThe winners were running a hardware store or a brothel.
Jason Phillips
Agent Lundy
John Thompson
John Wick
I'm lookin for some of that horizontal refreshment.
Karen K
Very interesting documentary... really puts the lie to the idea that prostitution is, or ever was, charming and sexy. BTW, I thought Marcus Duff 14:17 was Brendan Fraser at first.
Katherine Guthrie
Thank You For The Video !!! When I Saw \
This is what is up. . .money for a days, hours, minutes of work. . . Madames, Pimps on all levels. . .still like today. . .
Koofey McDonald McDonald
Linda Elliott
So sad for the horrible plight of women just to survive.
Lisle Michelle
ick...just ick
Lou Cypher
Wild west was wild due to the aftermath of civil war. Shell shock and trauma manifested for years in many many men, along with economic disaster after slavery was abolished. Then syphilis made em all crazy along with led omg what a shitty time to live! Freedom and all lol.
Marjorie Nardini
70 (ouch) men, how (heave) romantic...
Mayloni Minchew
Fasinating and Fantastic! I am thankful to be born in 1971 instead of 1871.
Melody Flores
Yes i know who the Carradine family as my siblings and i grew up up watching them in various movies n TV series Kung Fu but i thought he would be known by ppl better for Kill Bill that is known more and a great film not that Kung Fu wasn't but a lot of yrs ago . Very Talented Family .
Mike Taylor
they always placed the brothels close to the seamen lol
Mrs Meowkins
It's painful to read so many comments here about women from men that are so filled with hatred, depravity and abuse. How do you come to hate women so? What happened?
Mrs Victoria
These women were abused
Nerd Girl
Bahahaha! My husband’s modest upstanding grandma had a “peter pan” on her bedroom dresser. Its now handed down to us where it sits proudly displayed in my kitchen on a tea cart! 🤣🤣🤣
The women of Egypt used crocodile crap. Really they did. That must have smelled great and felt nice also. When you're in need of a hooker, any port in the storm will do !
P No
Abuse of women. victims of poverty. yek!
Patti Smythe
Ffs.... these poor women and girls.... imagine how their lady parts would hurt.... and then they caught STDs..... 😱😢
As an escort, I really feel for those poor women. I feel very privileged to have such amazing, healthy and safe working conditions. Thanks to modern contraception, education and medical care, I'm very lucky to work in this industry and have never even had a cold sore, let alone any of those other nasty STIs.
Rachel Forsyth
Would love to hear more of the woman's perspective on this...this whole presentation is by men
Randy Scott
70 customers in one day? Gross to say the least I’m guessing number 70 just fell in. Talk about well lubricated
Ray Razavi
I have far more respect for those prostitutes than today's politicians.
Rhonda Hancock
God I miss the great shows that they use to play this channel has really gone downhill
Billy the Kidd was Transexual? ive heard it all now.lmao..
Sharon DeMedeiros
Stomach turning! Just the thought of all those diseased unwashed bodies and rotten teeth...
Shell By The Sea
Typical men. Cheating on their wives and bringing home stds
Stan Mack
2:18 When they showed the lonely men starved for sex, why did they show that cross dresser who looked pregnant?
Steven Conroy
You know your close to rock bottom when you consider yourself lucky to be one of the 1st 25 Customers of the day.
Sunflower Socialist
Thank god for modern medicine
Suzi Monkey
Conveniently avoids the average age and life expectancy of these ‘women’. They were mostly young teenagers who died before they hit 18!
Ted Nugent
Thank god for pornhub.
The Scoop!
The Wild West was violent and criminal and yet many Americans look their nose down at Americans. Mexico had to send the military to the border because of all the cattle rustlers who went down there to steal their cattle.
Hahah laughing at the lady giving away her \
Tiffany Carter
The idea that beauty wasn't dictated in the 1800s the way it is now is laughable. No, women didn't wear cosmetics like they do now, but clothing and hairstyles and looking fashionable was just as important then as it is now.
Tomoko Abe
can you imagine the diseases..well lifespan was like 40 - 50 years so it didn't matter.
Trump4 Freedom
The poem goes as this... The miners came in 49, the whores in 51, they rolled around the barroom floor and created the Native Son.
Ulle Bishope
Uncle Quack
Man, the working girl's back then were not to pretty.
OH LORDY.........I can imagine the MUFF these gals had a big sweaty \
Today's pampered and spoiled health fanatics and feminists should be given a ride in the DeLorean and dropped off in history's various sleaze pits. Then they could have something to cry about. Wankers. Great documentary, though.
Most men seem just as pathetic and owned by their urges today.
Welsh Guy
Hahahahaha horizontal refreshment!!! That's awesome.
Brothels are the most sensible thing ever invented. men usually end up paying for sex anyways when they take a girl on a date. They pay for everything then HOPE they get sex at the end. So just cut to the chase and go pay for the sex at a brothel!
Zach Rides
Double Breasted Mattress Thatcher 👌🏼😂
God damnit I woulda made so much money back then for real.
fata morgana
the red light origin story was interesting
People did bath back then. they would pay for a bath in town often once a week. Laura Ingalls Wilder who lived at that time in history mentions that in one of her books.
Kick start vibrators. I knew they existed.
98% of woman today are clueless about history. They're completely unaware that a very short time ago woman had no rights. It's like history is forgotten. Very sad. The saying goes...\
I thought there would be a Lot more comments from feminists .
michael talas
Yep the Indians were cleaner by far than the civilized towns people.
mike wright
thanks for that. glad im around now, not then.
I saw paragoric on one of bottles. It was still available over the counter in 1950 to treat infants with colic. It probably had other uses like for teething,
osearth esp
laudium == sort of an oldschool heroin
Billy the Kid--not likely a transvestite, or effeminate male. He had a girlfriend who spoke about their relationship. She claimed he was nice looking (bad photo), and rather charming and funny. Her folks objected to him, but she did manage to see him and he came around her place when he could.
These girls seem to have played a most important role in their society, in getting each town up and running, regulating it and were instrumental in helping to build America. Why no recognition then? Why does society heap derision on them? There could be help from the state to recognise their place and legalise brothels as proper establishments so that the girls are safe from exploitation, STD's and drugs. Even a national prostitute day or other euphemism perhaps?
Hot female actors in this episode: 😍\n\nPics of actual Victorian hookers: 😲
Good to know more about what those women went through
saint kevin
This may seem harsh. And crude. But this. Is real deal History.
If a girl was orphaned, she either became a prostitute or killed herself. No Christian people came forward to help them. Then orphanages were instituted. But they weren't everywhere.
Men outnumbered women 50 to 1.....Ouch!...70 customers in one day...It's like chucking it up a cave!