How China Trains Its Children to Win Gold at Olympics?

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China has dominated the sports scene of the world in the recent years but the training program adopted by the chinese reveals that more often than not, it touches the inhuman levels. Small kids have to undergo rigorous training schedule that can also be described as cruel at times.Subscribe Us For Latest News & Updates ►

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Wow excellent
Abhijit Roy
agar India main aisa karte toh coach ke against police complain kar dete.. isliye India ka Olympic main ye halat hai..
Abhishek Saxena
Being an Indian I see this as a Chinese dedication which we need to promote rather than using a criticising tone.
Akshay Rangnekar
I see no wrong in this
Akshay Shirodkar
Indian news media and politics are two major reasons why India is still a developing country...
Alejandra patines en acciones Ochoa Garcia
Que malos son los maestros cin ellos\n😞😞😞😞😞😞
Alma Melo
No entendí absolutamente nada lo único que se es que la disciplina es parte de la base del exito....... Pero la angustia de esos niño mmmmm no me convence mucho
America Solis
Son completos me llega
Anen Phom
How nice
Anime is love, anime is life.
There is nothing wrong with way they train their children
Ankan Patel
No pain , no gain
Anurag Barai
In India human rights wale aa jaenge
Arun Kumar
Pata nehi hame or government Ko kab budhi ayega
Arwat Mulieh
Not like India concentrate on cricket only
Arzoo Haidare
I love this types of traning
Ashley Lau
why is it that china is getting stabbed in the back and scolded at for their training skiills, when almost every single other country does the same thing and nothing get said about them? For example USA, they get more medals than them, and why doesn't anyone talk about their training skills?huh?
Ashley Owens
I have no clue what you are saying
Ashwini Singh
In India much pressure in competitive ex st like kota that's why sucide cs inc
Asma Khalid
What is wrong with any of it
Ayan Khan
it is so nice for children
Ayushi Raj
For gymnastics u have to train from that age bcz with growing age ur body will not be that flexible...there is nothing wrong in that...if u want to achieve sth u have to pay for it...
Azad Shamim
Tera reporting per... Aaaa thuu
to acha hai na.....
Cambria Capps
Wow eso es que ir chino a traves de entrenamiento de gimnastia de alergo que yo soy americano porque aqui en America no voy a traves de la tanto en gymnastia me speak English
Catherine Lei
China gymnastics is abusing
Chingakham Achou
When. India didn't get anything
Dark Spirit Drago
This is abause to them and it needs to be stopped
It looks like all the kids are in pain
Thats why they are to short
Geraldine Lopez
Sorry future olympians but that is Corporal punishment
Guadalupe vasquez
meanwhile in russia and usa.......\nyou already know
Gymnastics and More
There is nothing wrong with there training but there is something wrong about them getting hit by a cane everyday
Hao 1
Happy to see you guys wise comment.
Isabel Escudero
Se pasan con las niñas que dueza
Joleen Shau
My parent were right, Chinese people are hard training and work hard also practicing perfect, but I feel bad for those kids in China who having struggles in gymnastic
i can understand hindi because i am from bhutan...
Kadi-Ann Blackwood
so amazing I will go they
Kamalesh Biswas
Whatever.i don't know.
Krrish Chandra
Laxmi Kinagi
Manoj kumar
to good
Moushumi Gongopadhyay
I think rather than finding faults in them, we should actually look at ourselves and be ashamed of our performance in Olympics. \nThey have worked very hard to where they are today. Something we too should implement.
Mukesk Kumar
I feel nothing wrong in that training.
Nair Aliane Menezes
Ai dom tu aim fai
Nasir Khan
Really Hat's off to you all Weldon
Neha pande
tough coach is necessary to make a great athletes
Nidhi P
Itne chhotu bachho ko aisa nahi krna chaiye
Nisha Agarwal
It is nothing bad or drastic bcz all the children who want to present themselves in the Olympics have to practice like this
Pahm Chanhsamone
What would you do to be the best ..think about it.. there's always a price to pay
Palomitas Kawaii
Like si no le entendieron ni jota
Piero Falsarella
Cina number 1..
Pilar Gamer67
No se entiende un carajo !
Rajshekhar Gudapaty
Far better than India! Ateast they are doing for their good. There's nothing inhuman here! Stupid media!
Rebecca The gamer
I didn’t know there force the kids to do the splits UGH
Rose Yao
Phew good that when my mom was pregnant we moved to Costa Rica. And China is a good place there stopping this things no hate.
Ruzan Ter-xachatryan
Оооооооооо боже мой.😿😫😫😣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Dhoti dusareki pragati dekhi nahi jati
Arey isliya to apna country h .jo saala 1 gold laapata h
Sabeel Awang
yah india waly q itny harami han ... har ak cheez ma nukus niklty han
Sakshi Kour
it so easy for me because I am a gymnast
Sandeep Kumar
Wrong harassment of baby
Sara Sperduti
Farli piantare non è educato
Satrughan Singh
This is called good pain
Sophie 3
I don't know why everybody is being so drastic about gymnastics traninig. What did you expect? Only hard training makes good athletes. There's nothing wrong with that.
Sourav Bhai
😠 beggar hungry chiina always want frist Place every where in the world but they can't ......
Success Stories
This is not cruel training they are just working hard....😏
Sunitha Raghu
Osm training
Syed Areeb
No pain no Gain
But there not hurting them or abusing so don’t blame them on nothing.
TheWombat PPC
VW Beetle Softop headroom. Be aware. That pole. Stick test. Later i found out those headrests go up.
Tiger Dura
oow very hard training
Tku Tkojng tiam 21
Paum tsi zô tag lâg
Tony Lee
you fool training happens in same manner china or japan america. it is just in china people send their kids at very young age to train so that they can develop muscle memory. gand main dum nahi hag ne ka or baat karwalo olympic ke chutiye.
Truth Finder
How much medals China has won in Asian games 2018 and how much by India????You lazy Indians should check it first...
Van Vu
So people think Olympic Gold medals can just be won by passion and encouragement?
Varun Kumar
Respect China.. Love from India
They never win anyway. So y does it say to win. USA wins bc of Simone Biles🥴🥰💋💀
Yumna Fatima
It so easy
alok kumar pain no gain
banu priya
We have to learn more and use to know our youngsters strength .want to happen quickly. tamilachi
daniella sophia Yong Tapia
ganga Damai
Wow lots of hard work that's why there is successful athletes are there in China ,lots of respect for their trainer and their dedicative player.🙇
john Michael
There is nothing wrong in this training,if you want to success then you have to do hard work
maria feldman
omg I kinda feel very bad for these girls.
Awful , kids that age should be having fun and they can learn much better when they aren't in obvious discomfort and miserable and are not even old enough to understand what they want to do in life.
raunak raj
Sale khud ka bhi video bana ..Chor sale
ronniee shukla
Media make their own fun as always....
sarbasish das
India me easa training hons chaye?
In the Western eyes. China can do nothing right
siva duraichamy
good china example for India and world..... India not need absolute liberty we need reasonable restrictions...
soleman khan
achha hai
sree suresh
Any sport needs training at a young age.. The younger the better !!
teacher talks
India me to bawal mach jata he
varun k
When India cannot win any medal in gymnastics they start saying this shit.
Poor children
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If you ever been to a gymnastic training you'll know that this is an average training nothing is drastic here