The Star Wars Suite - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)

On June 2017, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) hosted three orchestral concerts called Galaxymphony which included some of the soundtrack from various space and sci-fi movies. This is their version of some of the Star Wars soundtrack across all seven movies.The concert was hosted by Jakob Stegelmann and conducted by Antony Hermus. The performance was orchestrated by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra with help from the 'Camerata' and 'Hymnia' choirs. As told in the video, the host, Jakob Stegelmann, is very passionate about the Star Wars films and therefore evidently the main event of the concert. Therefore, I have shared this extra long video (what a horror it was to render) for you to enjoy.TIMESTAMPS:[] - Encore: Cantina Band*SUBTITLES ARE AVAILABLE*Sorry for the crackling sounds, something must've happened rendering it.The original soundtrack of Star Wars was scored by John Williams.No copyright intended. All rights go to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Danmarks Radio).

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Superb.....multumesc ......
910AM Superstation Funnies
Real Musicians! Incredible all together, in sync, masters at what they do! 48k +
Abcdef Ghijk
And this, kids, is how contemporary music becomes classical music
i was waving my hands alone in my room the whole time!! and it was amazingggggg
Leia's theme and Cantina were my favorites
Anders Mathiesen
I was there on row 6. The whole concert was amazing but I’ve never got as many goosebumps as I did during the Star Wars part. It was magical! The musicians were brilliant, the atmosphere in the hall was amazing... It was one of the most overwhelming musical experiences I’ve ever had and I’ve been to everything from large festivals to blues bars to no-boundaries death metal concerts. It was epic! The surprise for me was the Interstellar soundtrack played in the first half of the concert (Star Wars was the entire second half). That really struck hard too. Nothing will probably ever be as good as the soundtrack to Star Wars though.
Andreas Schulz
Do you guys in Denmark plan to elect Jakob Stegelmann for President?
Andrés Vlad Doménech Alcaide
I'm sure Mr. Williams would be proud if someone showed him this performance. Outstanding. Looks like Denmark is a place one must visit ;P.
Anthony Adams
What a great orchestra. Makes me very proud to be a Dane.
Anthony Edelmann
I am truly speechless. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but no words can describe this music- you can only listen
Aténogenes Rojas
The enthusiasm and performance here has brought balance to the Force. Fantastisk arbejde.
Bob Leroe
There were a lot of things George Lukas was not happy with on the original Star Wars, but the music was NOT one of them. He was completely satisfied with John Williams' score.
Brad Doan
Bruce Ahlheim
its inhuman to go out of your way to dislike this
Bryan Bonner
New goal: learn this speech and deliver it regardless of the context.
All in the background of original battlefront 2 menu screen :,(
Cavedog uk
Watched this so many times. Listen to it when I'm cooking. awesome. Love the Danish orchestra for things like this \nBRAVO
Yep, I always cry at the first note of the main theme. I was 13 when I saw Star Wars for the first time (then an additional 7 more times over the next couple weeks). What are the odds that a filmmaker would make such an epic and grand film, and then say, \
Clarissa Morgenstern or Tobias Prior (I'm in too many fandoms and I DO NOT ship Clabastian)
I literally bought every single star Wars movie soundtrack the other day. This is like listening to all of them at the same time. Glorious. My favorite movies of all time.
Sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr geil!!!!!!!
David D
How beautiful to see the violinist with her hair like leia. :)
David Osborne
Absolutely majestic and stunning!! Fantastic tribute to the franchise..well done💞
David Reibelt
The whole orchestra must love, or understand the love of Star Wars, to be able to bring us such moving and original orchestrations of Star Wars music. John Williams is a legend but you have done him, and every true Star Wars fan, proud and taken us back to a time before our beloved movies became a mis-understood cash-cow....thank you DNSO!!
David Smith
I am firmly convinced this is the greatest music ever created.
Duel of the fates blew me away
Edward W. Hood
If you don't get goosebumps, you're deaf or your sound is off.
... noch NIE so eine unverkrampfte Perfektion und leichte Ernsthaftigkeit gehört. UND ich habe viel gehört. ALLES wie aus einer Gussform. Hier hört und sieht man, dass manche Kompositionen tatsächlich noch besser zu interpretieren sind, als das Original. Hier, martialisch-wuchtig ja, (im tiefen Blech) aber ganz ohne übertriebenen Pathos. \nEventuell liegt es an der demokratischen Gesellschaftsstruktur der Dänen und deren angrenzenden Anrainerstaaten, die seit 250 Jahren kaum militante Kriegstreiber waren ... (lass ich mal so stehen, mein Bauchgefühl als Semi-Musiker). \n\nDie Dänen waren im Jazz auch schon unkonventionell immer Spitze (That Jones), als WIR noch marschfox-verseucht waren. WIR unterscheiden konservativ-christlich in den Rundfunkgremien, IMMER NOCH zwischen U- (Unterhaltungs-) und E-Musik (ernste Musik). Wenn Deutschland nicht zwangsweise Rundfunkgebühren einfordern würde, so wäre die Vielfalt nicht gegeben. Wie ist dass bei den  Dänen finanziert wird, wäre auch interessant zu erfahren. Die Qualität ist immens.\n\nDeswegen würde MICH würde interessehalber folgendes interessieren, wie  von - Danish Broadcasting Corporation - ein Richard Wagner - neu-begrifflich - rüberkommt ... \n\n Ebenfalls ein großes Lob an die professionelle Aussteuerungstechnik.\n\nGrüße aus Bayern / Franken
Enrico Fernandez
the SCORE is strong in this one...
Eric G
Say what u will about the actor, Anakin's theme is just beautiful and sad.
Eric Stevens
8:29 - Merryl Streep on the flute.
Have to comment on the english subtitles. A very accurate translation.
Gaming Life
Guy Science
13:06 Please select a fleet to command.
The host during the introduction:\n\n\
James Keyes
God, it's no wonder the Danes have been voted the happiest people in the world. With an orchestra like this, who wouldn't be happy ! Just magnificent.
Jan Estalilla
THE greatest starwars compilation ive ever heard, But dudamels throne room was just beyond this world. Williams will truly be proud.
Jar Jar Binks
Why meesa a negative charakter ?
Når man ser ham så savner man sku Troldspejlet :/
Jove Joved
No Binary Sunset?
Juan Bermudez
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.
When they screened the first Star Wars before Japanese audiences, when the film came to an end there was dead silence. The producers, many of which were in the theater, thought they hated it, but they found out later that silence is the HIGHEST honor that an audience can bestow upon a movie. For me, as a 10 year old kid, I was thunderstruck with awe. I just sat there and tried to absorb what I had just seen, and tried to figure out a way I could see it again...IMMEDIATELY!
Kasimir Hauptman
This is by FAR the best Star Wars Suite Orchestra compilation i have ever heard - Goosepumps all the way through ...
Imperial march is spinechilling. Pure evil.
Lex Tan
When they showed the top of the sheet music for Princess Leia's theme at 46:10, Bar 5 says \
The music is great, but the way Disney is turning the whole Star Wars enterprise into a cash machine while neglecting the story line by popping out one movie after another makes me crazy.
Lisa Garrett
love it
Loanword Eggcorn
Wow, these guys can play! Nicely done!
M Lau
It would be better if they include the theme of Star Wars the clone wars.
Main Frame
Men musikken giver mig nostalgiens tåre i øjet!
There's just something so magical about Star Wars music. God bless John Williams.
Massimiliano Vaselli
the only possible comment is: WOW!!!! Amazing!!
Maximilian van Vliet
Listening to this was the best hour I've spent all week!
I don't want to say this but could it be better than the original?
Michael Jordanoff
Beautiful performance that stirs the soul and brings tears to the eyes, played with unbelievable passion by the members of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Miguel Angel Romar
¡Just magnificent! \nOnly applause for this delight...
Nogle Danskere?
Mike Freeman
These are actual people, many types, many darn (damn) good at what they do, but all these people working together ... I once played trumpet in an/several orchestra'. I played solo several times but to be part of an orchestra ... to me was like being a portion or part or organ of a kind'a living organism. To hear the music is one thing, to be a part of playing it is another. I have no idea or concept what it takes to write this \
Mr. JustAGuyWithALightsaber
That's no disco ball. It's a space station.
I am no expert by any means but for me this is by a long ways the single best interpretation of any movie music I've ever heard - a trip to Denmark to see, hear, and experience this orchestra is now on my bucket list ………….. very high on my list
Murilo Gomes
Very, very beautiful!!! The best show!!
Nick Maydanis
This was the first time that I ever heard it from the Danish orchestra! Awesome job and great singers too.
Oyun Seyir
38:56 It's over Anakin! I have the high ground!
Paul Hickey
This orchestra has a high midichlorian count
Phil Rounds
The Force is strong in these musicians! :)
TIMESTAMPS:\n[00:00] - Introduction by host Jakob Stegelmann\n[05:10] - Star Wars Main Title Theme\n[10:57] - Anakin's Theme and Across the Stars (Love Theme)\n[16:39] - Duel of the Fates\n[21:21] - Luke and Leia\n[27:40] - Imperial March\n[31:22] - Yoda's Theme\n[35:49] - Battle of the Hereos\n[39:04] - Finale and Throne Room\n[45:08] - Tribute to Carrie Fisher by host Jakob Stegelmann\n[46:10] - Princess Leia's Theme\n[52:25] - End Monologue by host Jakob Stegelmann\n[53:06] - Encore: Cantina Band\n\n*SUBTITLES AVAILABLE*
Ralf Dietrich
so wunderful!
Rich Mond
25:00 just sounds like the pianist is banging away playing another, completely different piece. More noticable with headphones I guess!
Richard Ensey
Amazing how a movie and a set of music can mean so much to so many people all over the world. In just the first 100 comments or so I counted people from over 20 countries commenting! This brings out the best the Human race has to offer.
Rick O'shay
Antony Hermus is brilliant here... With one of the hardest scores to conduct .\nAs you can tell by the sweat pouring off him! BRAVO!!
Rod DeShong
Incredible performance by incredible musicians.
Savage Mister
John Williams. Modern day Mozart.
Yodas Theme always makes me smile.
This is so awesomeeeee! Sound so good on my headphones.
Uffe Jørgensen
imagine being the saxophone guy, he had to sit through entire that and just wait :D even though i know listening to that music is still awesome, its quite funny
Virgilio Ebajo
1.6 thousand storm troopers missed the like button
Vitória Evelin
It's STUNNING. Not to mention the awesome host. Greetings from Brasil!!!
William Kimbler
One more reason we need more funding in American schools for the arts.
Zachary Simpson
Hmmm, needs more love into the music there. It's played well and with that extra Love I'm talking about the song would burst in fantastical ears of greatness.
alexander the great
Seeing all of the people clapping and having a good time during the Cantina song brought a big smile to my face. I love the Danish.
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! even tears are coming out!!! WTF!!!????
When I lived in an apartment several years ago my neighbour, an Italian man, was a teacher at the music conservatory and he played all sorts of instruments to perfection and sometimes he would have several people come over and play The Cantina Band etc. I didn't mind at all I just laid in my couch next to the wall and listened :D
jean Crikke
THIS IS MUSIC...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ken short
Only one word magnificent
When I hear the Star Wars Main Titles I can see the whole Star Wars: A New Hope infront of me.
leonel mora
I truly love the Six Star Wars movies.... and the music helps a lot
8 year old me just got teleported off this rock...
msv productions
Hvordan i hede hule helvede, kan 1700 tilsyneladende hjernevaskede faderhus personer, finde på at give denne fantastiske video dislikes???
That was beautiful Denmark. Absolutely stunning tribute to the passing of a beautiful actor and the evolution of a franchise. Thanks!
my hope your hope j hope
enjoyed every second of it...the force is strong with that orchestra
normie twice removed
The horns in this orchestra sound so bombastic and amazing! 7:27 LISTEN TO THAT MY GOD.
pass iton
Awesome rendition of a classic!
the Cantina Band saxophonist...sublime!
i went to a live ilm performance of sw. .
warum nicht entwickeln
5:36 love it