Firestorm in Dresden The Bloody 100th Bomb Group Documentary

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The murder of civilians.
Dresden, and other civilian targets in Europe and Japan, were selected in an effort to cause the enemy military leaders to conceed defeat. They were carried out to save american lives and bring the war to an end. Decisions like that were way above my pay grade, but when it came down to me or them, I always picked them.
They just killed women, elderly and children in Dresden in a coward revenge. The British are proud of it.
There are so many fake stories and half truths coming from war veterans of all armed forces that i don't trust too much these stories. It's better to follow confirmed documents of that time.
Alam Udesky
This is a description of the worst allied travesty of WW2 ,Dresden had no military value. ,old men women and children.coo coo clocks\nAnd China .150000k peopled died in a attack that had no military justification.\nTo confirm this Read Kurt Vonnegott,s first person account of this in Slaughterhouse Five
Alex Teperev
Those bombings was allied atrocities against German civilians
Austin Brasher
Lt. Colonel Harold C. Brasher shot down over North Africa December 15, 1942 . . . Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Purple Heart . . . 18 months in a British Hospital . . . Left Army Air Corp. 1948 . . . Died December 27, 1976, at the age of 57, never fully recovered from physical or mental wounds, and never considered himself a hero . . . RIP
Bob Mitchell
Fire bombing any city is a war crime...period! ⚖
Bobby Paluga
500+ cities were destroyed by the German Air Force from Warsaw to Coventry, London to Rotterdam. The Germans did not attempt to avoid civilians. The Brits bombed at night, this was so inaccurate that only 10% of their bombs landed within 5 miles of their targets. Unlike the US, they had no way to avoid bombing civilians. Don't cry to me about the Allie bombing without speaking of the horror the Germans brought to world.
Bubi Ruski
One point should be mentioned. The English bastards never declared war on Italy even though the Italians made war on the Greece, which were friendly to the English, and also the Italians und threatened the English in Africa. But the Italians did not confiscate jewish property, therefore no need to declare war on them. The Germans expelled the Jews. Jews that fled to London. Most probably these Jews used pupet Chamberlain to start this global war that cost in the end 70mil dead - 3% of the world population of that time.\nThis to all these stupid guys that believe that this was justified.
I am 88 years of age, as a boy I lived close by one of the bomber stations, and I saw them fly our and fly back. The numbers coming back was always very much less than those who flew out. We children [as we were then] really looked up to the men when they were off base. They were kind and generous, to our call of \
Catatonic and Gin
Sickening.... they should have been dropping bombs on Rothschild's bunkers of gold in Switzerland...These devils start all wars and need to be removed from earth...
Charlie Abbot
An 87% chance you wouldn't make it through your tour? \nAnd today's 19 year olds are worried about whether or not a freak can pee in the women's restroom.
Cole Wilds
Bombing Dresden was a war crime.
Craig Pennington
All those guys has steel balls-the right stuff-they gave their all for our freedom. My great uncle flew P-38s and my other uncle was in the Battle of the Bulge. A bullet went into his jacket, traveled all the way around his waist and came out the other side. He did come home. Needles to say that his Guardian Angel was with him. I have the utmost respect for those who fought that war and all wars before or since.
David Krater
Yeah that's why it's called war not play. And Germany did exactly the same thing, except they did it first. \nAir Marshall Harris said if the Germans thought they could go around bombing people and not be bombed in return they were foolish.\nAnglo American forces just had more effective equipment than the Germans.
David Pigbody
Fantastic documentary.
Dingle Stingle
Lucky that America and England won. Many would have been killed for war crimes but the winners survive and also write history. Ever notice that in most wars almost always the winning side somehow end up being called the good guys?
Djong TM
Bombing of this german city was too brutal.
Lucky few? What dropping bombs on a civilian city with no military presence makes you lucky? A city of culture and art, some of the most beautiful buildings in the whole of Germany and over 1 million refuges makes you lucky? It makes you a monster.
Dream Catcher Man
Bunch of Cunts Bombing Dresdon its was a Historical Town.
Eric Stevens
By the time of the bombing of Dresden, Allied relations with the Soviets began to wane. Bombing a city located in the future East Germany presented no loss of collateral for the Allies, the Soviets would be responsible for rebuilding the city (which they delayed on doing years after the war). It was a major rail hub yet most of the military rail traffic had already moved through the area hours and days before. After the war Churchill did not want to discuss the topic of Dresden.
Esteban Morales
Seriously, these people were basically murdering women and children. There was no \
F Huber
Don't want your cities bombed to rubble?\n\nDON'T START A WAR.\n\nWe didn't start it... but we sure as hell ended it.
Frank Bowman
Remember, Millennials: When the US bombs people, it's \
Ganja Claus
Funny how they say dropping bombs on \
All things considered, war is hell.. and when you have a relentless foe bent on destroying everything in their path, you can only stop it by turning the people against those who started it to begin with.. and it was working. Just not fast enough. Sadly, when all our vets are gone, there will be no more witnesses to the atrocities committed. Why do you think Patton brought in photographers to the death camps.. because some yahoo is gonna say it never happened \u003c- I'm paraphrasing. Doesn't any one remember the reports of ME262 pilots firing on SS Panzers for shooting their own ground troops on the Russian front? Yup, Hitler told them too. \n\nI have a great respect for all vets. They did the job a lot of others couldn't or wouldn't do. Most importantly, did we learn from it? I sure as hell hope we did.
When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.
Harry Kikehammer
Good thing \
Harvey Keitel
Jude is devil
The irony of a man who dropped Phosphorous bombs on a town undefended, only women and children, while the burning phosphorous clung to their skins and turned them into human torches, subjecting thousands to the most painful death imaginable, then going on to prosecute nazis in the Nuremberg trials is hilarious.\n\nI guess it takes a monster to identify another monster.
Ja Ads
As an English man who's grandfather fought in both world wars I must admit I'm ashamed abt what when on in Dresden , and Hiroshima,
Jake Law
no nazi uprisings for 70 years....along with the trials, overall success for the world....
Jake Yaboi
Jeff Schumacher
The Allied veterans of WWII are absolute hero's to the world. God Bless them all...
Jim Porter
Well, then Hitler shouldn't have started the whole bombing of civilian cities mess by bombing London. He asked for it. He got it. (And no, I don't for a minute believe the first bombing of London was a mistake. The kraut bombardier knew exactly what he was doing based on the orders he received.)
John Smith
The Russians were almost at Berlin and the war was all but over . Bombing Dresden civilians was a war crime.
You start horriffic games, you win horrific prizes...
Jt Williams
Just maybe, the development of nuclear weapons has prevented wars between great powers that would be fought on a global scale. Nukes have made military conquest politically unpalatable. At least, between nuclear armed nations and their allies.
Ken Havens
War is terrible, children and civilians pay the price for the hubris of heads of state and fanatical leaders.
Les Sanders
My grand mother was killed by a V2 bomb in London sent over by the Germans. \nWhere her house had been before, there was a massive I need to say more? Thank god for our brave men and women (our mums and dads) who fought against them. \nHow sick it is that Germany are now the hub of Europe!!!! They hate that the majority of us British don't want to be dictated to by them any more, they seem to have won the war via the back door but there is hope to stop the united states of Europe (part of the new world order) now before it gets too big..... Thank goodness for Brexit.
Letocetum sulley
Very very sad, All those brave boys and men gave everything only for politicians to open our borders to 3rd World Terrorism....... Shame and Disgraceful, as an Englishman I have to add many innocents died, It's not in our culture to glorify suffering on any level, most veterans here never talk about the war, we know Germans weren't all Nazis ....... RIP
Lynn Daugherty
My Dad was in the 100th and completed 47 missions. Hes gone now but his service will never be forgotton!! I LOVE YOU DAD!
Mark R
My Dad was in the 100th. (Gilbert Luster Langdon) His plane was Blackcat 13. He was the belly gunner. 30 missions and a lucky bastards award. His last flight was the day before D day.
Martin D. Rand
Before (yes, BEFORE) Dresden, the Germans bombed civilians to terrorize them and destroy their will to resist ---- in Guernica, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Warsaw, Beograd, Bilboa, Wielun, Coventry, Portsmouth, Stalingrad, Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham, Belfast, Gosport, Sheffield, Cardiff, Manchester, Ipswitch, Nottingham, Southampton, Swansea, and Plymouth. The Germans themselves invented the bombing of innocent civilians -----their first (and history's first) was London in 1915, bombed from a German dirigible, killing 7 and wounding 35. \nBut why did the Allies do this to Dresden? It was surely an atrocity for its timing and ferocity. To paraphrase Nietzsche, “When you fight monsters, you become one yourself”. The level of hatred the Germans created for themselves in WW2 was so intense, it destroyed reason. The bible fortold it for them: “He who sows the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”. That was Dresden.
Mason 777
In Dresden there where no Wehrmacht !! Only refugees! \n\n No reason to bomb!!
Michael Neel
My Uncle mike who fought in the battle of the Bulge, he never came home . Not because he was killed but because he feel in love with a German girl named Margo & lived his life in Bremen . He loved the German people & he would always say the French ere the True SOB ;) . My Grand parents & my parents would travel to Germany many times after the war ... Can't help who you fall in love with :) ...
Michael Towler
I'm not going to watch this as I'm tired of hearing about Dresden . Terrible yes but the Germans only got back what they loved dishing  out , they were quite ok with that !Bombing British civilian's and the Spanish civilians in the Spanish Civil War.
Mihai Voiculescu
This is called terror bombing against civil population and it is punishable as war crimes. But , they won the war and they are considering themselves as heroes.
Morris Rose
Oh my Good... \
Mr. Snrub
Nachtrevi 82
No more brothers war
Patrick Guinnane
Dresden was a war crime, its just a consequence of the victor writing the history of events. History reports 25k dead...more like 100k or even more...imagine...a European city that saw the same level of carnage as the atomic bombings of Japan...nope...have to scrub that info from the history books,..25k is a reasonable number apparently. 25 thousand men, women and children.\n\
Ralph Bernhard
At 43:30 mins\n\
Randy Nixon
A good friend though junior high and high school's dad was a belly gunner in a B17. In his 50 missions his plane went down 3 times. As a belly turret gunner you can't clamber out, put on a chute and bail out. He rode it in all 3 times without injury. Some crewmates were killed but he never even got the Purple Heart. I was a Pall Bearer when he died in his mid 50s. He had some great recollections, a 17 year-old boy that bombed Dresden. He said he never got too scared because he never thought he would survive anyway. His son, my dear friend was a Marine Sergeant and would laugh and just say his dad was nuts from the high altitude flying. Old Stan was the only WW2 combat veteran that never drank nor smoked and was an atheist to boot. Too bad the WW2 vets are gone now. My 37 years with the DoD were interesting to say the least. Some heroes that didn't seem to care. They just did their job and went on with Life.
Robert Jensen
Kraut Nazis had it coming.
Robert Lane
+ History Of Wars; Shame that you didn't have any-more \
Rosemary Lusty
30,000 US airmen lost! The German army was 14 million men - so the \
Ruben Escobar
Terrible! This documentary looks to be in honor who survive they suicidal job. But important point is to kill civilians and destroy the city on purpose to send the 2nd mission half hour after and next day. City was like big hospital. Full of refugees. Not war industries are working there like use to. Not defens at all. No excuses and reasons for this. Only killers. Both sides. Nobody care about civilians, art and culture
SassyHershsey SassyHershey
mass murder hidden into a video
Shawn Sitaras
They don't raise men like this anymore true countrymen with one thing that AMERICA is missing today BALLS!!!!!!! This guiness is for you men God bless the USA
Snide Pete
War is an activity which can only be indulged in by humans in a psychotic state of mind. Hence the history of warfare is one of whichever country can put the greatest number of its citizens into a psychotic state of mind is the \
A massacre on civilians!
Steve Fowler
Mr. Rosenthal seems like quite the man...
Susse Kind
I've studied the bombing of Dresden extensively over the years. My conclusion to the matter: it was outright mass murder. I don't blame the pilots and crews, I blame the individuals that knowingly gave the orders to kill, mostly by burning alive, mostly women, children and the elderly. But the Allies won the war, so nothing ever happened to those responsible. In any halfway decent military, They should have, in my opinion , been held accountable, court-martialed and executed, for violations of the Geneva Convention and crimes against humanity. - Peace and love to all.
The Falconaires Orchestra
Again the same old BS about Dresden! Somebody should go to the Air Force Museum at Maxwell AF Base, and the National Archivdes to research the intelligence covering the raid on Dresden and WHY the Americans and British decided on the mission. Also, some one should research the Russian archives and research their REQUEST for the mission. The idea of the mission being \
Thomas Sutherland
The Germans had a unique system for aircraft identification. \n\
Troy Mccane
It was allies who first started bombing German cities. Germans eventually responded in kind. Throughout the war and after Luftwaffe stopped flying over England, German cities and their civilians remained a major target for allied air forces. There is no comparison in the scale of the two. During Nuremberg trials, Goering was tried for bombing civilians. Not a word of the enormous scale of the crime allies committed on German civilians. German civilians never even received an apology for crimes committed on them let alone having anyone answer for those crimes in a court of law. The message we send to the rest of the world is that when you are comfortable about winning the war, you are free to commit atrocities without the fear of prosecution. Look at almost all wars and major conflicts after World War II and you'll understand the consequences of this. Instead, we watch videos and documentaries like this one, where crime is glorified.
Do it again bomber Harris!
W Zen
Why fight WW2 and then just hand over Europe to Islam? Globalism and its open borders must now be defeated. Merkel must go.
War Child
Hardcore History. The British declared war on the Germans 1939. This is sufficiently documented. All other animosities occured just by fuelling this unnecessary war by the Brits. This war ended with 70mil dead. It is completely clear that the British try now to blame the Germans to have started this war !
William Larson
'Nordam' bombsight? Is that what they said here? Believe it was called the 'Norden' bombsight, based on numerous other docs I've seen on this subject. Otherwise, good presentation, certainly of the hell US and British bombing aircrews went through during this war, to say nothing of Germany's many civilians who experienced their own kind of hell. My great-grandparents lived in the Essen area, their fate unknown even today; also a local pilot where I grew up in Minnesota lost his life, ship and crew on a B-24 bombing run over Munster, in early Nov '43. His plane was only recently discovered off the coast of Holland. War most certainly is hell. Why start yet another?
rule no1 never start a war may not like the end case closed
The mentality & sanity of those on here that say the Holocaust couldn't have happened because the number of dead is just to high clearly don't know much about other Genocides from the 20th Century as the Rwanda Genocide took place over a period of four months in 1994 & the death toll from that is between 500,000 & 1,000,000 & the main weapon used in that was machete's.\n\nThe Nazis had at their disposal Automatic Weapons & Concentration Camps & a period of SIX YEARS to murder six million Jews & five million non Jews.\n\nThe mentality & sanity of Holocaust deniers must surely be put under a microscope & examined as they are clearly not the full quid & are the type of people the Nazis would have eliminated in their Action T4 Programme for being mentally disabled..
Being young and learning about ww2 I can honestly say this generation was the best America as ever seen. So proud to be American and thankful for those who gave their lives to make this happen.
My uncle flew on most of the missions shown in this video.   He managed to survive.   He passed away last year, in his 90's.     He was one of he most humble, decent men I've ever known.
brian critchley
Dresden was a overkill mistake, didn't need to be done, Germany was finished, the children who died is totally evil.. The Allied forces had taken control.. A good artist knows when to stop..
Bombing Dresden was plain murder. The war was over and the city wasn't a military target.
And America elects a criminal like trump and his gang! Stand Up America. Throw trump in prison.
david hollinghurst
Dresden the payback for the bombing of Coventry
maria cornwallis
At least Churchill wasn't a drug addict like Hitler
mccolock maq
Indiscriminate bomings of London ? Casualty only 1100??
nashi nash
The mass bombings of civilian targets in WWII has always been a controversial war strategy that caused untold sufferings on non-combatants whether in the western theater or in the Far East. Its supposed to break the morale of the warring nations but evidence have shown this is not really working.
A good friend of mine's father was a \
rene sanchez
the only Question is 'WHO'S WAR ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR?'
War is the most terrible and horrific thing. The enemy wants to kill you no matter what, so we have to defend ourselves and that's what our brave soldiers and pilots did. We didn't choose to have to do this, but the enemy will just keep on slaughtering and murdering decent folks. We cannot have this and we will fight and sacrifice our young men and women to achieve victory over the animals that started this. I can't imagine what our soldiers went thru but they saved us and because of those efforts we are safe in America and Europe is safer.
sean m
My recently departed grandmother escaped Dresden 1 hour before the bombing started.
I understand that mostly men of age primarily watch these as I can tell from the comments, my dad was one of them. Yet, he was wise enough to know as a solider, he only knew what was told to him about why he was fighting. Though I likely will not watch all this vid., It certainly told from the victors pov. Pushing 60 myself and ex army (not proud), many people are learning the truth about WW1-2. It was clear with Kaufman's book (1941) and the Morgenthau plan and others, not to mention the economic miracle that Hitler pull Germany from the deprivation of Wiemar. The attack on Dresden was the continuation of the genocidal plans to kill an many Germans as possible. This continue with a greater death toll for Germans after the war than during. Eisenhower Rhine meadow camps are just more proof to genocide Germans. Though about 2 weeks after Germany invaded Poland due to the slaughter of Germans in lands that were a part of Germany before Poland was created by the Treaty of Versailles, the USSR invaded Poland too, but no war was declared on them. Not only that, Poland had been baited by the Brits to not work with Germany regarding Danzig corridor as even FDR was also pulling strings and secretly backing the Soviets. \n\nSorry to all the good men that died on both sides and particularly Germans. Despite what the victors have taught, when WW2 ended, the \
I don't second guess the WW2 generation and their decisions. The German people should have never tolerated Hitler and the Third Reich...they received the consequences. Period.
The bombing of Dresden was a war crime, neither more nor less. Just like the bombings of Coventry or London. For a targeted attack on civilians, women and children, there is never a justification. If someone visits Dresden one day, he/she will find a golden cross on the top of the \
wayne s
Dresden was a disgrace.
willie otoole
It is easy now to call these fire storm bombing raids war crimes which I believe they were. However, after years of German bombing over Britain the desire for revenge was an understandable human emotion and inevitable. \