Western essentials vol. 1 (dark country/folk/frontier)

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blues country essential frontier music rock western блюз вестерн кантри музыка необходимое рок

second amendment music and I am if so for Smith & Wesson shopping,  I know if in USA than I can get good barge for ...........   perhaps it all Norht American life stile
Of course everyone came from RDR 2 hehehe
Adilio Vieira
Muito bom.... Só faltou as cervejas e as carnes e muitas motos.....
Alfonso Guerrero Estrella
Well known ancient version by Clarence Ashley + Gwen Foster in 1934. \nAshley , learn it from grand pa.\r\n\r\nMany New Orleans places have been inspiration for the song,\n\nBut only two seem to had historical bases in reg to \
Alfonso Miguel Cataldo Alfaro
fome no tiene nada de western como la musica de Ennio Morricone
Angel Hernandez
The Reverend kicks azz all the way to hell, strong moody riffs soundtrack!!!!! 👿🎭🎸🐯♎:)!!!+++
Anibal Ortiz Morales
excelente un super mix con canciones muy buenas
B.A.D. and Proud
Didn't realise Brom's book \
Beatriz Bianchi
Good music, a good book and... lâchez les chiens!!! El paraíso está aquí, yeahhhh!!!
Used to play House of the Rising Sun with my dad before he died. Good memories and a haunting song about lessons learned too late.
Brad Smith
big damn band 2nd song...
Bruno Pfeiffer
Muy Buenas!
I was chilling, then Arsonist's Lullabye started and I decided this is the one supreme playlist to rule them all here on YouTube
Carolina Caglieri
So fucking perfect!! Thanks!
Diego Jose de Souza
muito bom.
Diogo Soccol
Muito bom
Douglas Pires
very good music, congratulations
a lot of these songs end where a solo should start
Edimilson Guterres
muito bom
Emilios Powerballer
listening to this makes me feel like clint eastowood during his western movies he did with sergio leone, one of the most badass protagonists of all time
First Unearthly Loner Grey Existence Grey King
▲★† ♥ Seizing a masterful line of an ecstatic masterly spirit of seduction, that attracts females, and cause them to be enamored, because the spirit fills all the females with wonder and delight, holding their entire attention, and fill them with sublime emotion cause the spirit is a feminine aphrodisiac ... I'm only someone who exhibits great independence, or someone independent in behavior and thought. Capable of standing syntactically alone, a neutral or uncommitted person. Free from external control and constraint and THIS MAKES ME TO BURN ETERNAL IN HELL DESPISES MY HELLISH NIGHTMARISH REALITY HERE ON EARTH??? NO FUCKING WAY BECAUSE I'LL CHOOSE ETERNAL SLEEP WITHOUT DREAMING I HAVE TOTALLY NO BUSINESS WITH THE DEVIL OR HIS HELL BECAUSE IF I HAVE TO GO TO HELL WILL THE DEVIL BE UNEMPLOYED ... This is a wonderful dark country which may be an independent sovereign state or one that is occupied by another state, as a non-sovereign or formerly sovereign political division, or a geographic region associated with sets of previously independent or differently associated people with distinct political characteristics. Regardless of the physical geography, in the modern internationally accepted legal definition as defined by the League of Nations in 1937 and reaffirmed by the United Nations in 1945, a resident of a country is subject to the independent exercise of legal jurisdiction. So I post this prodigious production in my \
Francisco Rios
Friday Pie
Should have been ended with Highwaymen :P To make it 13
Fеtte Ratte
где же коугёрлские сиськи??)
I remember growing up, as a kid never had an interest in this music genre, now reaching my middle age, it has grown on me, I appreciate it, feel it, relate to it, I'm hooked.
Increible!! 😍 Y me encanta que haya puesto el nombre del track y del grupo, eso ayuda mucho
Heavy_ hate
Great! \u003c3
Reminds me of the songs they have on the show Peaky Blinders
Jefferson Lucio
good choice to start the list. i was like haha nice.... about as good as a reaction you can hope for when playing a song that is not expected
John Irish Padilla Santoscoy
Very good! Well done!
John Weyne
Jordan Appleton
Jumping in my motorcycle put the music on and I’ll be gone for hours just me and my dark house
Jorge Martínez
Happy to hear your compilation... good taste!
José Avelino
CONGRATULATIONS for choice of musics.\n\nVol 2 please!
Juan Pablo
Genial!!! Muchas gracias, me encantó!!!
Kamehameha 1.
Awesome taste of music.\nThanks and greetings from Germany.
Kamil Jakóbczak Art
NICE ! :)
KanChi Memo
This is very very Creepy!!!! CHeckthis ! @
Kevin Waller
You have a new subscriber. great job with the juxtaposition of old and new on your essentials list.
Kirill Rozhkov
Kostya Fisina
Lafe James
Excellent selection and credits man!
Latras Tikras
The best collection of these genres that I've heard so far. Vol .2 is no less AMAZING. I wonder how it has so little views... I listen to it almost every day. Getting closer to 30 years of my life I have abandoned all heavy metal and most of hard rock, was looking through various musical styles, just to find something new, more heavy or more peaceful and this... This is my almost every evening after work. Eases my body and lets my mind to travel. Good to listen with a bottle of booze or just simply in the darkness, with eyes closed. I've found more, really good collections of dark country/folk/frontier etc. These are now all that I listen to. Love it very much. I only skip Johnny, because it brings back sad memories.
Louis Guerre
Westworld intensifies
Lucas Gabriel B.
What a nice playlist
Mahen Bhookhun
Remember of my old good days ,thanks guys for the compilation
Maja Majernyik
Martin Hodek
Matheus Silva
viva ases do asfalto
Miguel López
picture... Jesse James?
Mikey Finggaz
i wanted to feel dark and brooding not funky groovin snap snap snap heyhey
Mosh Sigit
Incredible mix.
Mr. Smile
Excellent ! Excellent !
Really enjoyed the mix you put together.  Also I am very pleased how you set it up. To have the Track name and artist come up during the song and the timer in the corner.  Nice set up!!
Nestor Alvarez
true music right here
Oriol Martínez Rossy
Brutal! Esta música me mantiene con vida, me da valor, ganas y ansias de vivir. me revive y me salva .. siempre agradecido 😍
Oscar Flores
Now wait a minute, what in the word just happened I have finally found what I have been looking for, amazing colección of music, thanks for the well done job, keep up the good work!!!
Pietro Striano
Why The Animals here? I mean great song not exactely on topic but ok.
Radio Magma
Hey, very interesting your compilation. I would add the song from the film Dead Man, by Neil Young.
Rj Denzki
CD please!!
same songs on all country videos mixes.. :(
Spy 4 You
Loved it💪🤘
TIM Trzoska
Taylor Crain
I ain't the perfect man, but no where will you find in my words written that I have cast upon your eyes stated me as such!
Tezza proud caucasiain
Johnny cash....poet....
Thanks for discovering me some artists. Great!
Red Dead Redemption \u003c3
Tiago Oliveira
Tony Reali
Thank you.
Tracy A Stephens
Started out with one of my all time favorites. Good tunes throughout!
Wanderson Batista
top de mais
Wei Shen
00:00 The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun\n04:28 The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Something For Nothing\n08:06 Brother Dege (Aka Dege Legg) - Too Old To Die Young\n11:49 Blues Saraceno – Dogs of War\n14:45 The Heavy Horses - Pale Rider\n18:21 The Unseen Guest - Listen my son\n22:19 Johnny Cash - One\n26:12 Nico Vega - Beast (Folk Blues Version)\n29:13 Hozier - Arsonist's Lullabye\n33:35 Buffalo Fuzz - Perfect Man\n39:01 The Unseen Guest - Let Me In\n43:29 Devil Makes Three - Ten Feet Tall
Williams AG
Wonderfull the Best
WolfPrincess Tanja T.
My gratitude,  Sir MaXuS, for putting up together this great list and labelling it with titles and times, so that we can enjoy it fully. 'Twas well thought out. I wish other YouTubers would follow your stellar example... By the by, \
You have great taste of music :).
Nice quality.
christine JAUTEE
Magnifique!!! Superbe musique!!!
nice one
diogo harrison
tremendo mix le mandaste! muy bueno
What is that first pic from?
ice 751
Music for RDR2)
kaio silva
The best 🤣
marco cardillo
Pale Rider- Music from the Overwatch's new animated short 'Reunion' 😄
minimal minimal
I skipped the first song
mohan ahirao
For all the dislikers ...go. watch animated movies with kids .. you got nothing to do with music
how did you manage this list without john the revelator?\nhell of a list though
vida de univesitario s2
All in one band, I'm Brazilian!!!!!!
Вау крутяк и Лайк, нет Лайк не будет . 2 первые песни норм остальные нет так себе
Владимир Уткин
очень и очень
Роман Иванов