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Deputy John Cooper is known for his lawful ways in the Wild West.Subscribe to Viewster on YouTube! ►

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Ab-Dhul Alif Qadr Muhammad
Pretty good modern Western.
Alice Kyne
Loved the current money used in the beginning of the movie.
Amandamay Hugger
story line is great.....never prejudge someone...........acting had a long ways to go tho......overall its a good movie
Anon Emous
The best part of this movie was the final fadeout if you got that far. I'm a die-western fan and I think I have seen two others this bad, but if they gave an Oscar for Worst All Around Western I would have to vote for this one.
Barry Roberts
To those who switched off after 5 minuets or so, shame on you. OK, small budget movie, I guess, so no big stars, so what, what do you expect for free,Tom Hanks or Will Smith ? do me a favour.Well worth a watch, it has a twist in the tale at the end.Enough said.
Bear 113
The story line was good and the sets and scenery were beautiful. The music however didn't fit into this semi action film, it put one into sleep mode and the over loaded drama scenes made for a sense of boredom.
Bill Howard
great movie!
Bjarke Reichwald
The new movie's do not have the same charm as the good old movie's, Therefore, I also like to see the good old movie's.
Bob Pinchbeck
Great movie, I was pleasantly surprised.
Candi Cox
Thanks for this 🎥. I loved it & will no doubt watch it again.
Charles Loving
The property people didn't pay any attention to detail in a lot of the scenes. Home Depot stuff, Aluminum pipe. Pretty sorry movie
David Bucklew
This was a great modern day western with a twist. I agree with Barry, shame on those who turned it off to quickly. The sound track was great, the scenery spectacular, the story line awesome. Although someone may say it is low budget or poor acting I disagree. The actors were perfect as to what their part was. Watch it if you don't wont some fast pace nonsense. It is an excellent movie all the way to the end with a great ending.
David Mann
They must have had a world class laundry service in the town.
David Paley
Nothing wrong with this all! Thank-you uploader, it was an enjoyable watch.
David Sutton
I realise investigative techniques were pretty rudimentary at the time but why did no one question why the mild-mannered mute suddenly turned into a brutal murderer?
David Wilson
Great western viewster. great up up thank you good story.
David Wolfson
I could not believe these negative comments so much that I had to give this a chance, First of all, this movie is very good because it is a realistic portrayal of ordinary looking people living somewhat simple, realistic lives. It would be excellent but unfortunately the writers do not pay attention to the minor details that are anything but minor more often than not.For instance the blacksmith is usually the physically strongest member of the community. Here, he happens to be a gentle giant, but in the fight scene he most likely would have administered a mighty blow to one of the ruffians' \
Demon Hunter
The acting is bad ... script don't make sense.
Douglas Chapman
Right Barry R., films are art. Some are masterpieces, some are like people, imperfect; some of the flawed ones, people or art, are lovable.
Eddie Friday
Plenty action
Erik Gunnar Gervin
Getting late, have to watch rest of \
Genesis Roberts
It was great, loved it \nNorma Mackey Nassau Bahamas
Greenlaw Mobile Home Park
Omg! /What an excellent movie! I thought it was well acted, and a very good story. Loved it. Both thumbs up! The main character reminded me of Leo Decaprio.
Is it a amateur team, who make this video ?
Hugh Jorgan
Most unconvincing bad guy ever.
Israel Vasquez
The movie is good, bitthe audio is poor ..pls put more volume...
can u please try to improve services cause sometimes it's boring
James Gow
I have to agree with Barry. This movie was well worth watching. Ty Barry. I enjoyed it very much
James Shipley
At 25:11 the four caps in the bullets are depressed. Which means they have already been fired. But it's only a movie.
Jim Ellison
Joe Debono
Great photography, abysmal acting, terrible dialogue, modern hairstyles, ridiculous plot, modern reproduction firearms not even genuine replicas.
Joe Slawson
I thought this movie was really WELL DONE by what appears to be a group of Cowboy Re-Enactors!!! I recently retired from a group like this! I must say AWESOME JOB folks!!! It takes a lot to film, produce, act, and edit and release a production like this!!! GREAT JOB!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
John Dwyer
This is a great movie and very good hd version thanks
John Fordice
Great story line, I could imagine Sam Elliot playing the lead role.. It would totally change the dynamics.
John Kunkle
Interesting script and plot line. Kind of funny the old bank clerk knew about the bad boys but the sheriff and his deputies didn't. That first red haired guy goes missing. A couple of bad actors ride into town -- they don't check them out. The old man tips off his old clerk about his plans but didn't tell his daughter -- who knew if the daughter wanted the bank. Some loose ends on the script but I like the sentimentality of the movie, but the deaf man not fessing up and confessing didn't make any sense either. The pace of the movie was okay and helped develop the mood, but the details were put together kind of slap happy.
Johnnie Dunkle
Awesome wish we had more like this one
Karen Mullen
Did anybody catch the murderer's name or the Actor who played him? I can't seem to find out. Google is getting me nowhere; IMDb is getting me nowhere; everywhere I go is getting me nowhere; even the site that says Name the Actor who played... Doesn't give me the Actor who played or the picture of the guy or answer any question I ask about it. I have seen the movie twice in don't want to have to watch it again waiting for the moment somebody's gonna drop that guy's name.
Kathy Carter
ten minutes in and there if nothing authentic about this. Who in the works was their historian?!! far enough for me
Leopoldo Aborque
good film nice story tnx
Leslie Ballard
good sound good picture good movie thank's
Light Dancing
This was a really well written, directed, filmed, and acted western... something I VERY rarely see.
Marcos Moreno
Mark Thompson
I enjoyed this movie a great deal. It was very unconventional, but that was alright.
Maya Guyton
Good one!
Michael Bush
just do not understand why they did not give Martin pen and paper for him to write what happened., otherwise entertaining movie
Michael Jackson Chauhan
एक्शन चौहान
Michael Johnson
As a history buff, I had to quit watching it at 13:47 when they showed a close up of Strong Ties - come on.
Mike Marley
I've been to Goldgulch ,Arizona ,never heard of Gammongulch..
Mohan Singh
Damn the negativity, a good film.
Im not a fan of westerns at all, but this one was watchable. The visual film quality is absolutely superb and the photography is as well. A real pleasure to watch visual quality for a change compared to the dreadful uploads seen everywhere else on you tube. Definately a thumbs up
Nerriza Garcia
Sometimes i ask myself why are some people do horrible things then blame to some good people and they still free do what they want.This movie sames real for now.
Nil Carb
This is embarrassingly corny. My toes curled up.
Noel Espirtu
original baby face
Outlaw Shaver
Excellent movie. Good story-line and and excellent cinematography.
Paul David Lee
Peter Blows
good story
Planet Monkey
Good Movie. Good v evil, crime and punishment, greed and guilt, pleasure and pain. Enjoyable storyline and good quality upload. Well done. I only wish there were more movies where the stories were not so fatalistic. We are born to die, but life does go on ... not for us individually but for future generations/ which is a nice idea. Anyway, sorry to go on \
It would be more convient, (? Sp) if our heads could be screwed offf, like a soda bottle, and just pour the blood out, am I describing from my imagination - omg stop that, people alredy think you are crazy, but they may be right, how would I know????!!!!!).\nYes my favorite color to look at, not wear, is all forms of RED.\n\nI like red.\n\nThank you for the entertainment.\n\nPeace
Sara León
Very interest movie
Sathyanarayana Narasimalu
A different movie. Nice
Don't even have to watch it, to know its lame just the opening  act can tell you it sucks.
Sseluwugge Ronald
it's really cool thax 4 uploading
Sunghee Lee
beautiful movie
T Bridges
Its good to see other no name actors and free that's cool I don't watch much TV tired of what's going on in the world today its sad but these movies I watch has been good have to say this I wouldn't be shot at I lay back in my living room have a beer popcorn salad any thing I want in peace thank you all
Tab Lature
The hanging scene is totally bogus. Obviously, someone unaware of the legalities of the procedure back then, and even into modernity, wrote this sham. To begin with, a proper, legal noose had to have 13 loops in the knot, which was a slip knot of sorts. I never got a clear picture of theirs, but it appears to have been adequately looped. \nWhen placed around the neck, the knot is positioned ALONGSIDE the head, not behind it, and tightened only loosely. The reason is because the sudden stop after the long drop (much too short here) will cause the knot to \
Terry Blanton
They may not be super star homowood celebrities, but neither are they telling us how to vote, how to live, whom to love and whom to treat as ordure plop as those mofos do. I thought it well worth watching, else I would have quit watching. Oh yeah, the butler did it.
Terry Booth
Good movie thanks for showing it.
The sawdust maker. David.
Personally I found that after watching 25 minutes boredom set in. Continuity was non existent. Big stars are not necessary if the story line is good. This comment section is just that, somewhere for viewers to voice their opinions. As with a lot of things in life, watching films and liking or disliking is subjective and for me, I didn't like it.
What time era is this?? I noticed he paid the dude with current one dollar bills.
Kevin Market gets my vote for best actor. True acting is when your expressions speak volumes without uttering a spoken word!
Thingy Thingy
I didn’t switch off, just watched something else, anything else......
Thirty-two Count
This movie made no sense. What was the connection between the gangsters and Earl that he would do what they asked? Or between the gangsters and the mine worker that he would also do what they asked? Or between Martin and the gangsters that he would be afraid to say anything about them? And that is just for starters.\n\nThis movie would have been a lot better if Martin were not a mute so that there would be time to fill in the backstory. as it was the script is 35 pages long but with mute Martina and the extremely dragged out scenes it was transformed into a 90 minute movie.
Thomas Kendrick
good film thank you
Tim Olsen
I loved it!!!
Vijay Kumar
America was built on a Bully system. The Bigger you are you get your way. Over 200 years it has gone from base public to Corporate Bullying. Man eats man Society.
Ziggy Mon
Saw it B4, OK. Vol Bad
yikes, this is horrid, can't watch,
allen schmitz
Dont let morman actors have go-pros and make these so called joke movies.. i made it to the 2min mark...argh!
alvin pawling
O.K started during the Koren conflict
amundsen Amundsen1907
Hello the movie's not bad thank's
art cook
chuck burgess
i like a good western.i have my reasons !
dianna muise
how come the sound has to be turned back on after each comerical
ed goering
I live around a villain like this until I we were unloading a forklift three stories up on a roof ! I couldn't help twisting some wire around his ankles as the machine was backing away from the roof ! {  The expression on his face ] PRICELESS
edi sosic
is goodddddddddddddddd
el mago
Gosh, I got 20 minutes into the film, and that was enough!! I've watched some bland films before, but This film was B L A N D.....
erim lucerna
Nice one!!
gary mcneill
If you watch this you will hate yourself in the morning.
Quality equipment and takes but the story line had logical gaps and the movie dragged all throughout. I do not know whose fault it is whether the director, scriptwriter. editor or the actors but there was generally no emotional appropriateness to the scenes. I wonder whether there is productive, artistic critiquing amongst the participants. That helps, you know. There is great potential ladies and gentlemen!
jim bishop
muley from gunsmoke had a son!!!
What a deal with the music ,totally not an appropriate to action,.
nunya buisness
This was painful to watch. Had to keep skipping through it. The only 2 people that could act were the mute and the sheriffs wife which had so few lines.
interminable, time sure goes slow out west
vikas joshi
Good movie , but it's slow paced , lot of drama , not a spaghetti , less action more emotion ..Different type of movie who are more inclined to emotions ..
zaini abdullah
Stupid plot and storyline plus bad acting
I knew this rubbish wasn't for me when i wanted to shoot Martin at the beginning.