Ennio Morricone - For A Few Dollars More [HQ]

Official theme song for "For A Few Dollars More" by Ennio Morricone.Keep it trippy cowboy warriors!I do not own the image or audio in this video.

clint dollars eastwood ennio few for more morricone soundtrack

R.I.P. Moving Forehead 2007-2018
Abel Kooij
What is the omving forehead
Abrahem Samander
After Stan Lee’s death I imagine this song playing with Stan the man riding into the sunset. Excelsior! Now I’m worried about Clint though. Oh well there’s 2 kinds of people in this world those who are Clint Eastwood and those who are Stan lee, either or is great.
Alex Mayer
You can see the forehead moving if you hover over the video thumbnail before watching it, I don't get it...
i work at a Fast-Food and i want to dedicate this song to my girlfriend who left me for an IT Manager
Get 1,000 coffins ready.....
Andrzej Andrzej
Anyone in 2018 is listening???\nEnjoy while you can...
Andy Cigars
- \
Antreas LZF
I need a horse and and a gun.
Beli Omerovic
This man is a GENIUS!!! He gave us so much beautiful and memorable moments, that everyone knows him and listen to his music!
Billy's Workshop
my math teacher has this song as his ringtone and i searched for it for *years*
in this world there's two kinds of people: those who dislike this & those with taste
Brian Kelly
I can whistle like this no joke. Lol I learned when I was a lad herding cattle and stuff to whistle loud. But I’ve started to try different tones and I’m no where here as good as this but I’m getting the structure and tempo and pitch correct just need to work on volume. Then I’m a Ƒʉͫȼͧкͭιͪηͣ op whistler.
Carlos Diaz
Chiara The Original Me
As Italian... I'm so proud of this full beauty, art, history that my beloved country made in so many ways... These incredible artists Sergio leone and Ennio Morricone are genies and incredible talents, I love my Land
Chris B
Sergio Leone posthumously is now officially an \
Devrajsingh Balyasra
I think when i am going to die i just want to listen to this music when my death approaches me ................
Erenay Aykurt
2018 ?
Fabrice Braun
2018, still listening this awsome song, like 42 775 660 people before me.\nennio forever!
When I was a child I asked my father 'why are there so many jokes about Chuck Norris but none about Clint Eastwood?'\n\nHe leant forward look me straight in the eyes and said 'because Clint Eastwood is no joke'.
3000 people have no soul
Freddy Carrillo
Kick-Ass anyone?
Fucking Peasants
This video just turned 10 years old, Reached 40 million views, and today is still one of the greatest themes for a half century old film, and is one of my first videos i have watched on Youtube. Congrats man.
Gary Hewitt
The Dollars Trilogy has the best soundtrack in the history of the universe.
George George
I want to be a cowboy right now.
Clint is so old man. Hope he never dies tho :(
Haithm Alsoufi
Anyone in 2019 is listening??? \nEnjoy while you can
Henrik Rónai
his face moves or am I tripping?
I'm Tiny Riiick
2019?\nThis song is like fine aged wine that gets better the older it becomes
Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming!
Iulian Brok
Ennio Morricone ... great composer of music for films
James McGill
Long live Arthur Morgan !
Jim Clarke
Kaz Brekker
this trilogy has the best them song ever
King Byrd.
Someone should play this theme infront of a beggar...before giving them a few dollars more then what they ask....if they get the reference give em more money!
Lawrence Of Vocelli’s
Don't worry people, the moving forehead is just how Clint dances. Though he is physically incapable of smiling in a non-threatening manner, he is still able to get his groove on.
Lorenzo Mida Batacchi
Shoutout to everyone who was here before the forehead stopped moving
No matter how hard I try, I can never whistle this high.
August 2018.
Mack Tosh
Mad Mike
Nothing better that listening to Ennio Morricone while watching the pulsating forehead of Clint Eastwood.
why is the forehead not moving anymore?
Madara Uchiwa
Playing this while playing red dead redemption2
Marcus Duguay
I Put all These Songs like a Fistful of Dollars & For A Few Dollars More & The Good The Bad & The Ugly Soundtracks all on My Music List on Spotify for The PS4, Now Your in a Movie.. Just Waite Till The Online Comes Out, Legends Will Be Created.
The moving forehead was my reason to live.
Mert Uçar
0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 2:50\n⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Mongoloid Mike
Godam i wish i was a cowboy
Morgan Jones
Is it just me or is the face moving? I better not be tripping.
Ngan My
Legend never die
Nigel Sheldon
Honestly, and im not the only one, I love this theme and I have it in some playlists, its just awesome music that makes you smile....but I when I first came here there was a moving forehead. Unintended prolly. But it was a perfect match. The moving forehead has to come back. Pls bring it back. I never could stop myself from laughing whenever I listend to this and saw the godless, fucking funny forehead that simply enhanced what is already awesome.\nBring back the arrogantly, rhytmically, stoically twitching forehead.
The most memorable and iconic western soundtrack of all-time.
Paradox Messenger
You see, there's two kinds of people in this world, my friend.\nThose who have moving foreheads, and those who don't.\n*This forehead doesn't move*
Pavol P.
The forehead is not moving anymore noooooo :(((((
Planet Gaming Studios
when we play Red dead Redemption 2, we should have this music on :)
Pussy Gangster
2:09 - 2:22 WOOW
Rafex Atomic
Raul Gutierrez
I love this song
Red bolshewiki
everytime when I take a chewing tobacco this Song can play and i can feel like a Cowboy
Man With No Name's hat seems to enjoy the music?\nCan't blame him.
Back when I was a kid, there was a moving forehead that accompanied this song. Those were good times son....
Sajjad Gul
October, 2018 😍😍😍
Sebastiano Di Ravello
I wanna be a cowboy
Ready for RDR2??
Shaolin Style
When i was kid, i bought the album of Morricone. This movie wouldn't be the same without his musics.I love it, like Clint.
Sir Kobus The First
I constantly hear something about the moving forehead. Can somebody explain?
Sleuth Entertainment
A desert, a man riding a horse in the horizon, a whistle, a rifle shot...and the Morricone's music\nOne of the most emblematic openings ever seen in cinema
Smooth Operator
John Wayne could only hope to be the bad ass cowboy Clint was.
Why is his forehead not moving anymore
1.25x thank me later
Stu Thompson
Who's listening to this while playing Red Dead Redemption 2 🤠😎
Superintendent Chalmers
2286 didn't apologize to his mule.
T T.
One of the greatest films ever made and my personal favourite out of the mindblowing dollar trilogy. The story touches me the most, plus the casting of the lead trio is one of the most kickass line-ups in the history of moviemaking. Not only the often-hailed badassery of Clint and Van Cleef, but also the incredible portrayal of a total psychopath by Gian Maria Volonte. One of my favourite villains, for his complete ruthlessness and intelligence.
I have the sudden urge to ride off into the sunset
18 days away from RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 , whos with me , 2018 ?
Played intro of red dead 2 while blasting this a couple times! Wwwwwoooooooo!
Tino Brugmans
I wish i lived in America do i dont look stoopid wearing a cowboy hat
Old but GOLD!♡👌👍
Tor B
Hasta la vista, moving forhead. 👋😥
El Indio... what a villain :O
Wolfram von Vyller, the Wizard
Who fixed the forehead? \u003e:^(
I miss the moving forehead.
Yoshi Yoshi
The best part is from 0:00-2:50
Youssef Assem
Greatest trilogy of all times
ch ma
WTF ? give us the one wher his head moves :)
Chuck Norris looks under his bed for Clint Eastwood before he goes to sleep each night.
This isn't what I came for. The forehead. Where is it?
ez u tu
this is my phone's ringtone music
fabiola Janaina Silva
Whos in 2018?? I Loved
jose waldemar gamboa meza
genios italianos bella musica geniales films de el sr leone
why aint the face moving no more
pyro lopez
God I want to watch the movie now...
r o t t e n
Qué buen tema la puta madre. Antes movía la cabeza al ritmo de la canción ¿qué le ocurrió? r.i.p
Çeçen Kızı
I love you Clint Eastwood.👍❤💗💓💕
Özgür Açıkgöz
Pazar sabahı trt 1
العراقي السومري سيد العرب
I'm Babylon city in Iraq. I'm loving Ennio Morricone.
الکساندر Александр
more than 45 million. It says a lot, and in this case, not surprisingly, what a masterpiece Ennio Morricone created back in the day. The masterpiece that stood the test of time, like the film it was created for. Those were the glorious times...
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