For a few dollars more - smoker scene

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Fabulous scene with Lee Van Cleef,Klaus Kinski from the movie "For a few dollars more"(Per Qualche Dollaro In Più)Directed by Sergio LeoneMusic by Ennio Morricone

Clint Eastwood Ennio Morricone Klaus Kinski Lee Van Cleef Sergio Leone For a few dollars more

So cool under pressure. Probably a psychopath.
Adnan Türker
My beloved father never skipped L.V.Cleef's movies , at 1985 he showed this movie to us with cinema machine when I was child
Anna Gavenčiaková
'It's mighty strange'. I'm only just learning to really read. X's for instance, with background 'right on' noise composed into it. Mighty strange.
These are real men... when Hollywood was actually good...take note of it Hollywood, these were great films, enough already with the sjw bs! It doesn't work and it's wearing thin... I have spoken!
Jesus no wonder Zippo lighters got so popular.
Arunachalam Sivasubramaniam
Look at the actors today...waste....
Bender IsGreat
Just for trivia: Sergio Leone had seen Van Cleef in several westerns and figured he would make a good foil for the quiescent Eastwood. By this time in his career, Van Cleef's prospects had plateau-ed. He had an injured leg, was living on unemployment (like most actors) and the salary his wife took home from being a secretary at IBM. When Leone asked him if he wanted to be in the Dollars sequel, Van Cleef jumped at the chance and the rest is film history.
Lee Van Cleef lighting his pipe has the same intimidating look as Samuel L. Jackson when drinking Sprite in Pulp Fiction.
Cody Lakin
And John Wayne thought he was the best...
Whoever told me smoking doesn't look cool, never saw this movie.
David Gaffney
One of the greatest western scenes ever.
Derrick Mitchell
This shit gets funnier everytime i see it. Dude wanted to kill him so bad, lolol.
Lee Van Cleef was the ultimate bad ass.
Didier Nisma
Being born with a pair of beady eyes was the best thing that ever happened to me. \n\n- Lee Van Cleef
Dwayne Wade
This is one of the best scene of all time
Edwin Baktanian, M.D.
0:53 the bartender ducks.. classic!
When your going to smoke, smoke - don't talk...
I love how at the end he offers the cigarillo to Klaus' friend like, \
Gary Macintyre
One of the best western of all time
George Smith
I saw Lee Van Cleff on the Rifleman and he must have learned a lesson on being cool and totally in control!
Guillermo Garraton
Angel Eyes was in total control all the time. And Kinski knew it.
Harrison Yates
I love that spring sound they use every time something significant happens
Hugh Jardon The 3rd
Lee Van Cleef....Chuck Norris's meaner older brother...
István Sárosi
Clint Eastwood példaképem- minden lemezével. Imádom!
Jackbone John
I tried that exact same thing in my local pub after watching this. The consultant said I should able to feed myself again within the next six months.
Jean Struyf
Lee van Cleef is naughty.....LOL :)
Trolling. About 100 years before the internet. :D
Joseph Cloutier
this is one of the best examples of visual acting on film imo
Khazar Milkers
They don't make them like this anymore, I wish I had been born a few decades earlier, when the world was in it's prime.
Even the way he throws away the cigarillo is crazy badass
Lilla Sked
that music is really fitting.
Litivious Spartus
Lee Van Cleef was awesome
Louis Laszlo
Lee Van Cleef never had to ask for a light. He simply took it.
Mack Roebuck
It is very rare for a character, played by Clint Eastwood, to show that he is impressed by someone else.
Mad Katt
Can u imagine a political official tell you can't smoke in those days. He would of die of lead poisoning.
Miguel Campins Abildgaard
If he had exploted - it would have been an atomic bomb.\nThat was the most provocative and insulting scene of all times in the movie histori!
In 2:48 Leone told more of a story than most modern movies do in 2 hours.
Hunchback's neck must be mad of sandpaper to light a match on it!
I really like this scene, everything is in the gesture ... Lee Van Cleef was a great actor!
Val Kinskis' best role.
Name Withheld business
1:30 its Tuco brother Father Ramirez
Nick P
Notice when Lee Van Cleef takes the cigar and the Hunchback goes for his gun, but is prevented from unholstering it, his head shakes violently like a devil wanted to burst out of his skin. Even his face grimmaces. But he is the lucky one. If he had cleared that gun from the holster, Cleef would have pumped him so full of lead, his dick would be magnetized and point north, like the needle of a compass.
Colonel Mortimer is now my favoutite movie character of all times
Nripen Chandra
no matter how many times u watch this movie its not enough
Looks like they were having group therapy.
Paul Amaranthe
most bad-ass scene ever
This totally in character for Klaus Kinski, he was a psycho in real life.
Paulus Gonzales
Those were the days , when men were men , hard , tough , determined , brave , adventurous, gutsy Types and Weapons Tomar, Free to conquer Earth and dominate you want to summarize the Man in his natural environment. Not now as cowards Men, weak and pusillanimous , domesticated , and effeminate , by capitalist Judeo-Christian Civilization .
This is why I love the old movies... the actors were so good they didn't even have to talk to get the point across. Facial expressions are everything man.
Peter Walker
Van Cleef is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Hollywood Hills, California, with an inscription on his gravestone\n \
What he did to that hunchback - that's a hate crime! ;)
0:47 in order: Klaus Kinski, Luigi Pistilli and Mario Brega (plus Aldo Sambrell), you won't find death-row faces like these in a movie today, no matter how much CGI you put in it (same goes for Van Cleef of course).
R.C. Collins
It's hard to believe that Lee Van Cleef was only 40 years old when this was filmed.
Racoon Kyle
best scene ever.
Clint is cool, but Lee Van Cleef is quite a caracter
Roger Demaine
Smoking can be very dangerous.
Roger Fournier
That really gave him the hump!
Scott Atkinson
Brilliant--the idea of intimidation and high risk--and not a word of script, just great staging and music, the classic spaghetti Western
FYI...only U.S. Veterans can get away with´ve been warned Amigos...aka ¨The 1 mile Stare¨
Terry Graham
I love that very brief look between Klaus Kinski and Aldo Sambrell at 0:10
The Legion
That era of attitude. Superb.
Vera Evans
Impossibly, Lee Van Cleef was actually better than Clint Eastwood in this movie. A uniquely brilliant performance in the history of Westerns.
Vine Wood
This is how i'm going to put in my two weeks notice with my boss when I find a better job...
The toughest man on the planet.\nWho else would strike a match on a gangster's face...\n\nLMAO
epic! this is why I love spaghetti western. lol
a culiar a culiar q el mundo se va a acabar
Lee van cleef es el don vergas del oiste jajaajajaaj
allBS 2050
Love how when Clint walks in you think it's going to be his scene and then he just ends up observing as Lee Van Cleef totally steals the show.
badmiyagi .s
You just can't beat the facial expressions on both these slingers. The music really builds the sentiment to a peak where the pipe wins out, hahahaha!
brah ket
Ain't easy being a hunchback in this cruel world...drinking beer just minding your own bizness and then Mortimer just had to fck with him...twice!  Then later kilted him by jumping the count!
the eye contact\nfantastic acting and score
Really fine acting .
182 guys had that bad smoke experience...sad.
dom uncl
Mortimer offering the cigar to the big Mexican after the hunchback refused it was a nice touch.
gary jess
Whisky 🥃
Ah the good ole days when you didn't have to watch dainty models beating the crap out of men in the movies. Most movies made today make me want to throw up, let alone pay to see them.
Since they banned smoking in bars , it has made it harder to start a gunfight .
Lee Van Cleef goes back a long way as a bad ass. As far back as High Noon.
josh heaton
in my opinion Lee Van Cleef was the real badass in this movie
kurgan highlander
the western Saloons in the good old days: where you could get a cold beer, a straight whiskey, a cigar and a match lit on your hump
lavar trey
Classic!!!! Love this scene. How far can one push & how much can one take??
ha ha the best scene ever!
2:35 You've got mail.
nadamejazenterprise nadam
the coin sound at1:54....they paid before leaving lol...such small detailing to sound level that wasnt in screenplay
Van Cleef... Grim Reaper's spookier brother.
Takes one sip of whiskey, leaves it at bar and doesn't pay.
WTF?? What kind of man wastes a perfectly good cigar, all lit n everything?
russell brown
Love  the  bit  where  he  offers the  cigar stub to  the  other  baddie. Van  Cleef's  subsequent  confrontation  with  Klaus  Kinski's  \
why, oh why, don't they make films like this anymore?
Lee Van Cleef is a certified BAD ASS.
Owning a saloon in the old west was a risky business.
steve Fowler
Mr. Van Cleef is one of the Hollywood actors who was a certifiable badass in real life too...I remember watching him interviewed on Johnny Carson, or it may have been Jay Leno and even at his age then you could tell he was a bad man.
Lee Van Cleef was the man but I give kudos to the hunchback; actor Klaus Kinski, he sold the hell out that scene.
the Sententious Vaunter
Just goes to show that you should never bring a cigarillo to a pipe fight.
One of my favorite scenes from this movie. Klaus Kinski is brilliant here. You can see the hatred in his eyes while Lee Van Cleef is cooler than Eastwood with that smug look in his eyes as he puffs on his pipe. Pure Classic...
I bet Klaus Kinski got mad for real.
In a movie with at least 20 solid superb scenes - each one incredibly shot with great drama, without question this was the prize of prizes.
Great scene. I love the way even Manco is nervous of what is going to transpire. Great cinema.