5 Guys With Completely Different Styles Talk About Fashion

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Yo guys, we've spent a long time on this video - so hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it!Make sure to check out the 4 other guys in this video, without them it wouldn't have been possible to shoot it.FREDDY:

5 guys with completely different style talk about fashion 5 guys with different style different style fashion mens fashion mens style ronning style magnus

Louis is a g.
Alberto Lahrmann
But magnus the closest you come to style is 'shit' style???
Amber HP
Magnus and his 4 lesbian alter egos*
Andrey Arronet
Wait is this Buzzfeed or Magnoose?
Ari Cagan
Hi my name is Ari\nMy personal style consists of Black T-shirts, Black Shorts & Red Vans
Asbjørn Ølgaard
Yo, is this the Suicide Squad of the PAQ?
30 seconds in and this already looks unreal
Bob Schroeder
is this the lost marcus butler?
Hell yeah s/o antwon and my tech bois!
Buster Lykken
Yes yes yes..... Im here again. Just want to clarify that
Calum Smith
good to see anthony on other channels!
Calvin Ure-Jones
omg literally the best video, i watch sangiev, magnus and andrew like everyday omg so good
damn, this production
Cem's Palace
Would‘ve been cool if you made episodes, like going Shopping with the or things like that
Charles Terras
2 bowl cuts 1 video
lourd ta vidéo magnus. on se retrouve tous dans ce que disent ces mecs
Chip Robeson
Where is frugalaesthetic 😡😡😡
Cool Dog
That was actually a really good video, more like this!
Crab Kek
Just looking at the hair and think about the title...\n“Completely different”. I don’t know
5 guys 3 styles
Daniel Simmons
Loved it bro.
Dawn Breaker
What bomber was Magnus wearing?
Dead meme
*4 dudes and a lesbian.*
Declan Morgan
magnus is the person who got me into fashion
Confirmed: Supreme is entry level fashion.
Really enjoyed this. High production value without the overly forced and disingenious vibe you get from Buzzfeed videos. Pls don't completely abandon the memes though or I'll spank you 😎👅💦💦💦
Ty for this video Magnus! And respect for Freddy for experimenting at such a young age✨
Antwon is kool
Frazer M
Frugal Aesthetic
great concept and well executed magnus. really doin big things out here boi
Goob Is cool
The tech wear guy is so practical I love it
Grace Kandelaars
freddy is a soft spoken angel boy
H Hunt
Humza Qureshi
Damn the quality on this versus the fiver video whew good job mate
what happened to your fiverr video?
Jaffar Saba
Upset it’s all lowkey more mainstream clean and cut styles. Would of been nice to have had a grunge or rugged style with bait brands?
the trench coat kid is me 100% my guy
Javier Pacheco
aw Freddy ♥♥♥
best vid in a while
John Matheson
That blind t shirt is a huge sin if that kid doesn’t actually skate
Karl-Anthony Towns
3:34 you have been blessed by tsundere Antwon, watch for good luck
Kein Fame
Thats some quality content right there! Well done Magnus
Kimberly sue
I would always think men's streetwear is pretty much only that \
Why'd you not get a \
Just to not pull a joke, genuinely thank you for experimenting w ur content Magnus. Will always watch your videos, but it’s great to see that you are finding new ways to illuminate the things in fashion & style that interest u without being corny as💩✨
Leonard Hoch
This could have been way more diverse. What about a guy wearing formal outfits/suits most of the time and not just \
5 guys at 5 totally different price points. But who's style is Worth it?
Lukáš Witzany
Yes, Antwon!
This video was great. I loved the concept, big up Magnus. You are the king.
Marley Barley
Freddy I want to kiss you !!
Marlon Strauch
Wow how rare. Actual quality content from magnus
Matthew Berent
Sangeve style is so trash idk why people think it looks good
Maxx's World
hello im maxx and i copy the fits that the noah look book models wear #GAMERSRISEUP
Imagine a reupload of BuzzFeed
Niccolo Carcereny
Social media is the place where people post their good life. What youre doing magnus is very brave by expressing yourself. Keep up the good work
Nicki Aabank
Buzzfeed really stepped their game up with this vid
Oscar Segergren
More like 4 guys and 1 girl talk about fashion
Oskar Munk Madsen
When will you restock the beige trousers?
Pakistani Mario
Get some C.P and style it with Sort of retro high end fashion and you can't forget the Air Forces.
Patricio Perez De Leon
Thank you for the good video. Keep making interesting and thoughtful content like this!
Phil T
mangoose looks like a really chill antifa chick
Phila Mlaba
Saw your instagram story,hope your feeling better mate.💚🙏🏿
this is some quality content
very inspiring video, great job and concept!
Reuben Vaughan
‘Completely different’
Rigo Mortis
“4 guys and a lesbian with completely different styles talk about fashion” fixed the title for you
Rubén Torres
Awesome quality, this one is going to blow up. You are going viral booooooooooiiii
Damn actually thought Freddy was older than 17
Saad Ehsan
didn't expect to see antwon here, really good video magnus
Sam Streom
Sexually attracted to techwear bois here
Samuel Guy
Trench coat dude had the best outfit (sorry Magnoose)
Big up Freddy
The Chocolate Kid
Finally you're taking your channel in the right direction, no more clickbait shit please and more of this quality content. Much love \u003c3
My boy antwoooon esgeeeetit
This Is Antwon
TOP 10 ANIME CROSSOVERS\nSuper cool to meet everyone at the studio and talk about those different perspectives, thanks again!
4 Guys And 1 Lesbian With Completely Different Styles Talk About Fashion*
Top Comment
Just gonna comment this here before it blows up
magnus is fine af
“Completely different styles” ok sure sis
a i t o r
\u003esocial media\nantwon definetly was lurking 4chan for days
Well done, buddy.
Only liked this video because of sangiev
e usana
It would’ve added more depth to this video (not that it already does have it) if magnus included jerry boys and someone from menswear, and they’re all sitting in a room discussing what fashion is lol
eL sERGIO awa
Anthony gives me Christian Bale Vibes
el b
Sangiev: how would I describe my style? ..... gay pirate?
francesca zammit
Back at it
k a m u i
showed this video to all my friends
antwon reminds me of christian bale
This looks so good. This was definitely not made by Mangus
luca kennedy
I was kind of hoping for Ari Petrou to get a feature
maties lopez
If you don’t use mmnl jeans & supreme *you don’t know about style boooi*
get rekt with freddy and magnus
one of the best fashion video on yt from a while...just sharing thoughts and not judging anyone!! nice content!!
0:41 nice GuM on The OUtsOle
Wow editing step up
ya boy Eric
damn this paq episode sure is weird
Magnus bringing in his lethbian looks to the group 🙏