Top 10 Epic Movie Sea Battles

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05_2_ ChaseKatona
Am I the only one who thinks “Sink the Bismarck” deserves a spot on the list?
100 Subs without videos
Here is the 4 days battle between the english and the dutch fleet
10second Page
Cutthroat Island never gets no respect.
I think Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end's sea battle should've been on the list instead of the first one
...a U-boat can even \
the battle in At Worlds End was way better
Andrew Yashar
Top 10 epic space battles please?
Anthony Lewin
sinking of the Bismark
Archer Queen
Why there is no BattleShip Movie Battle of the Aliensn
Arif Haidil
what's about battleship (2012)
WatchMojo forgot ''Michiel de Ruyter (2015)''......
Benjamin Brewer
Nothing from Black sails?
Blaze Theil
20,00 Leagues Under the Sea is my #1.
Brian N
Why isn't Battleship included? I mean the alien ship is still technically a vessel
Calvin Kwon
How is Battleship not on the list?!
The Hunt for Red October should be a close second.
in the book of red october they actually take a hit
Connor Mcsweeney
Admiral roaring currents really should have taken the number one spot, its sheer length, magnitude and portrayal of the battle blows all of these out of the water
HMS Lydia vs the Natividad from Captain Horatio Hornblower is one of my favorites.
Missing Sink the Bismarck, The Black Pirate, The Sea Hawk, and the silent version of Ben-Hur which used full sized ships. Also should consider In Harm's Way.
Daniel Kinder
Battle of the River Plate (British vs. German Pocket Battleship Graf Spee), The Cruel Sea, The Sand Pebbles with Steve McQueen, Damn the Defiant with Sir Alec Guinness about a British frigate during the Napoleonic Wars and Yangtze Incident about HMS Amethyst being ambushed on the Yangtze River in 1949
The Cruel Sea, an oldie but a goodie.
Diana Grell
Where is the Battleship final battle.\n\nUSS Missouri vs. alien mothership is the only thing that can win.
Why is \
Donald Lake
Final battle in Sink the Bismark.
Doreen Green
I would've put in here \
What about the film Battleship \n????????????????????????????
Fran De Las Nieves
and battleship??
Gareth Fairclough
No \
Garry The Clonetrooper
Wrong. U-571 was captured by American s- Oh my mistake. British soldiers!
Giel Van Veggel
why not the dutch movie michiel de ruyter that is just the best of all
Top ten space battle of movie and tv would be awesome
The Admiral: Roaring Currents have really good battles
Master and Commander is my favorite movie ever I am genuinely angry at Peter Weir for not wanting to make a sequel...
Jacob Tyler
All the sea battles in the Hornblower series are pretty good too.
Jared Betts
I really enjoyed the battles in the Hornblower series from A and E... Also the battles in Captain Hornblower.
Jeff Baker
I would have given at least an Honourable Mention to the titular battle from The Battle of the River Plate and the Battle of the Denmark Straight from Sink The Bismarck
Jim H
You forgot Otto Preminger's \
John Maccallum
Golden oldies that are far better(and more realistic) than half of the above--HMS Lydia v. Natividad in Captain Horatio Hornblower and the Battle of Denmark Strait in Sink the Bismarck. Amazing miniature work that stands up.
John Smith
What? No Black Sails scenes?
Crimson Tide 1995 USS Alabama vs Russian Akula
Khang KT
Is the sea battle in the god awful movie \
What, The Admiral (korean movie) isn't included? The one-hour long naval battle where 1 ship stood against idk 10+ ships and survived? Seriously, who did not even remember this when they nominated and voted -.-
B L A C K S A I L S ? ? ?
If you freeze the frame at 4:53 just before the ship explodes you will see something interesting. (It's not easy to do.) Captain Blood took some of its footage from a silent movie called \
Kyle Hagedorn
Technically #3 doesn’t apply to the rules because the first scene, the torpedo was launched by a TU-95
Larry Quick
Ya know.... your mouth ruins every one of these videos. We can watch the scene, dont need your crappy narration about what's happening in the scene were watching. Ffs.
Luc Turgeon
Waterworld and 300 Rise of an Empire? Might as well put Battleship on the list...
M Andrews
Honorable mention for \
waterworld was terrible in terms of story. but i loved the work at display.
Mandu mika
No mention of the sinking of the Bismarck from the film \
Martin Generous
this is a kinda cockamamie list. Some of the movies mentioned don’t even fit the category. And some of the movies are just plain bad - “Water World”...really. Some of the comments had some good adds. “Battle of the River Platte”, “Sink the Bismarck”, “In Harms Way” and “The Cruel Sea”. I’m surprised no one mentioned this one “They Were Expendable” John Ford’s epic about PT boats. And thinking about PT boats what about PT-109. And I’d add to this with “Victory At Sea” (I now that it’s a documentary, but it’s got the best archival footage of naval action of almost any movie
Michael Cohen
OK, How did these not at least get an Honorable Mention, Like 1959's \
DAS BOOT should have been #1 ... by far the most acurate film
Migzzy breezy05 Sordan
Top 10 reasons why Watchmojo is loosing subscribers.
water world was great
You should have included series as well. The most epic naval battles I've seen has been on black sails
Where is Nautilus vs Giant squid?
Paul Jenkins
finally a list where I agree 100% with no.1\nI LOVED Master & Commander.
Peter S
Sink the Bismarck should definitely have been high up
Pink Lamborghini
gol d roger vs shiki ??
Where’s Battleship?
Ralph Engstrom
Master & Commander is one of my all time favorite movies. other then being an incredibly well shot action movie, great care was taken to make the ships and crew perform as historically accurate as possible. The friendship between Captain Aubrey and Doctor Maturin is explored to add insight into the thinking of that time. The first time I saw it, I was so impressed that I read the book, then went on to read all 21 books in the series by Patrick Obrian, then went on to read everything he ever published. he's now among my favorite authors, as he is able to make history come alive like nobody else!
Rob Voncken
Ryan Hill
i'll take \
I hope master and commander is 1st tbh there isnt a better naval battle thats as realistic.
Squirrelman YT
No love for Michiel de Ruyter from \
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - HMS Endeavour vs Black Pearl + Flying Dutchman ??????
Trump won.
Terry R.
1. \
No John Paul Jones here.
Tim Lage
I always thought it was funny in the red October when the other Soviet sub is destroyed by there own torpedoe, imagine being in the Soviet high command and this happens. Sir our Soviet sub was just hit by a torpedoe, this an act of aggression! Allow all other Soviet subs to start attacking the Americans in Retaliation!, wait sir...... It was the ships own torpedoe that sunk it. Silence fills the Soviet high command, should we label it ...friendly... fire?
Off the top of my head, this list should have had Battle of the River Plate, Sink The Bismarck, Battleship, Damn The Defiant, Captain Hornblower RN and many others
Master and Commander! Wooh! What a great movie!
Voo Doo Tennessee
Sink the Bismarck, They Where Expendable, The Sea Chase, Away All Boats, The Cruel Sea, and The Gallant Hours to name a few.
Wargame Czirokay
in Das Boot those are Destroyers and corvettes NOT battleships...BBs do not have any anti-sub weapons...\nAlso no scenes from \
Will VonderHaar
I forgot this channel still existed
William Ogden
what about battleship?
Xu Te Rangatira
What about The Admiral: Roaring Currents?
Where is Sink the Bismarck?
Really great first pick this time! Master and Commander gets way too little credit considering how well made it is.
ashipnerd offical
What about a battle from sink the Bismarck?
U-571 nothing like the FACTS. Just more Hollywood stealing events from the rest off the World and trying to make them American's Own.\n 1st the British had Captured several Enigma Machines about 1 Year before the film is set .\nThe first in February 1940 when H.M.S Gleaner Captured U-33 of the coast of Scotland\n2nd HMS Bulldog captured papers, Cipher, Code Book and a Enigma Machine on a Abandoned U-110 this was in May 1941\n3rd The Enigma Code was Cracked at Bletchley Park 7 months before America even entered the War.\n4th U571 was never Captured.\n5th U571 was sunk by a Australian Plane in 1944 of the coast of Ireland.\n6th America did not enter the War until after Pearl Harbour on December 7th 1941 ( against Japan ) and against Germany on December 11th.
ctl eurocollege
giannis leontsinis
hornblower but is a tv series
What about Battleship from 2013? That had some great moments.
iCat Formerly iCrystalaxyCat
I don't know if this counts but the anime namedArpeggio of Blue Steel has amazing modern/slightly futuristic undersea submarine naval combat. It's really enjoyable and is only 12 episodes with 2 movies.
MIDWAY.\nThat movie is 1 long epic sea battle.\n.\nPearl Harbor.\nOk the ships where at anker in port but the battle was epic and brutal.\n.\nTora! Tora! Tora!\nSame attack as above.
kasra khatir
Surprised Star Wars Wasn't in there
mike vinas
there is no Battleship movie in there
pixel_face 24
I'm glad to see water world on this list. I loved that movie.
master and commander is an awsome movie
william hogan
das boot...