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It's a heart touching story of an inspiring person named Liz Murray. Watch it, and feel it..Thank you..

Homeless To Harvard: The Liz Murray Story (Film)

2Day's Imperfection
Bean Town ⚾️🏀🏈🏒 Go Pats 😍
Abdou Damas
can I cry now in peace ??
Kids prefer to be on the streets alone rather than being taken by the shitty government facilities; Can you imagine the kids in Trumps prisons?!
Acac Acac
Ain't nothing wrong with this young lady. She just didn't have no supportive family
Action Motto
Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress
Her older sister got her nerve!!! Ugh! Sad. Well, that’s sad she’s going blind. I hope she finds her way through it, or found her way through it!!!
Amelia Rodrigues
its sad thinking that there are so many girls living this kind of hell in real life...
Amen Tube
Am watch this movie and I start to wake up in my life with out the support of other
Aniboah TV
U deserve an Oscar award\nI dont know how to describe it.
Anjali Jha
51:39 the journey starts!😃
Audrey R
I saw it when it first aired. I loved it. I was orphaned at 15. There are no excuses. Your past is a part of you, but it doesn't define who you are. You determine who you are. SELF-WORTH!!!😊
Ayanna Hutchinson
There was actually a girl who went to my high school who was extremely poor but worked hard and went to one of the top universities in my country. Proof that no matter where you are from or what you have you can achieve if you work hard enough.
Barbara Aragon
I like Christian they more deep interesting than regular even Christian they really speak too you
Benny Boss
This video has changed and improved something about my life! True inspiration! I believe things will work out for me! I just need to be committed and have faith. May God bless the maker of this video and all who took part in it not forgetting every viewer.\nWe'll make it in life. \
Blck 56
When u click on something by accident and end up watchn the whole movie!!! A happy mistake 2018
Brenda G.P.
I like how the social workers blamed her, what is she like 12?
People look at me and think that I have a perfect home and family. .. but to be sincere am the one who tries to be what I want. Am always smiling but when I remember my family i cry but no one knows how I feel and they keep hurting me coz I don't show the affections. Am 19Yrs but I will make it and be there for my kids if God grants me just the way I wanted my parents to be there for me in not money terms but listen, care, trust, comfort and love.
Carol Berwind
this was my life kept going back to school almost finished but the severe abuse by state run agencys had too many demons
Christian Merlin.
OMG Ellen Page is so gourgeous, that's Ellen page, right ?
Chronically Vlogging
“I knew at that moment I had to make a choice. I could submit to everything that was happening and live a life of excuses, or I could push myself. I could push myself and make my life good. “\nThis quote not only sits with me very personally but it's what i've been living by for a month now. Never say you can't do something
Connie Sandel
One would think that something like this doesn't happen in the USA. But it does. This is what happens when the world becomes so wide and diverse that no one is no longer paying attention to what's happening to their nearest neighbors. And our resources are taken to all the poor people around the world and right here where help is needed we can't provide for our fellow citizen.
Cosette K
The adults that worked for the system were disgustingly typical and cruel. They are nasty people who should not be working with children. I have dealt with adults like this, and because of my situation, I had to do everything they said, including taking all the medications they forced down my throat and had to have their filthy, grubby hands on me. Some of these people who deal with children should go through a strict evaluation process before being deemed they are correctly placed in their position. If there is a hell, these adults will rot in it.
This movie touched my heart, thank god she got Dr. David as help, the same things happened in my life too. Lost mother in very young age , I was the person who used to prepare food for my brother, sister grand parents, father. I was thinking always positive. I used to take only good things from any situation, I used to read a lot, most my time will be in public library. \nthings changed over period of experience-time, got seat in government medical college, now got job in Great MNC company, \n\n\nYeah. all I want in life is I want to go back to my family 👩\u200d👩\u200d👧\u200d👦
Dont Stalk Me
LOVE thora birch miss the 90's
Emily Okoth
I cried so much and so hard I had to wring my handkerchief. This is what I call a real movie. It's so real and true,i felt it in my bones.
Fatimazahra Fati moi aussi malheureusement
That was heartbreaking but motivating I did not stop crying the whole movie but I'm happy that watched it. hey you who is reading my comment I love you go and work hard ❤
Florence Ahiakpor
This is one award winning movie. I'm so so inspired. Great job uploading, thanks a Milli.
Gabriel Archer
I enjoyed this. Her positive , determinitation to keep going foward is important. I was brought up in foster homes and lived on the streets too. Now I'm a moviemaker/producer and singer and songwriter. and still have lots to do. I also find if we don't understand things , go back to the text books and learn till you understand. Thanks for uploding
Gladys Dark
What kind of sorry azz Dad was he? He had some serious mental health issues himself
God's child
SWEET JESUS!!!!! What a movie.....\n\nMy husband lived on the streets since he had 18....his mother choose to go at the country...long story....\nHe is 39 years old now, the past is gone; he still have nightmers sometimes, wake up crying..... But let me tell you he is the most kind, patient, sweet, hilarious men I ever met...\nI thank God everyday for him...\n\nTHANK YOU for this beautiful movie!\nGod bless you !
Hamza Adan
Awsome 😉 i like it a lot
Hector Manuel
This movie always makes me cry reminds me of my life, Ive been through homes and you name it. my dad died labor day weekend from being hit by a train when he was walking. I some times think he was just too tired and gave up I mean after my mom died when I was 12 my dad went back to drinking and got into drugs. I understand him more then my family can even though im in Florida and they are in California. Im wanting to write a book on my life and maybe even a movie to inspire others in the same situation. Big hug to all those struggling or going through tough times, you are not alone!
My parents were drug addicted and shot themselves while I was filming the suicidal scene. I never worked in my life, I had absolutely no ambitions,but Stanford and Harvard forced me to pursue the education even though I was not interested. Well I am now a black neurosurgeon and I was running for president 2016.\nI approve this message , my name is Dr. Ben Carson
Jamilah Palmera
Jc Collins
My dad died when I was 8 but thank God for mom. Mom never made it feel like we were missing a parent... She plays mother & father role so well😘 thank God for her.
Jherlyn Dastas
best feeling is when you have a friend to talk about your problem and always there to give you happiness.
Justina Marina
Awesome. Makes you think about your life choices; I'm glad it worked for this young girl.
Kasuga Pachaka
This movie got me inspired watching it with teary eyes thank God for my life
Kat Stephens
I watched this when I was 13 with my mother she hoped it would help me get some drive again bc we had become homeless she died about 3 years ago I'm turning 16 and I'm getting my own job finally to help my dad since we're in out of houses but I plan to go to college and finsh school
Keshav Melnad
Thank you all for watching this great inspiring, motivational movie.
Kristina M. Flynn
Very Educational and Understanding it gives me a boost on what to do with my life especially since I'm almost 45, it's time to change my life for the better and start taking care of me!
Kritika Dhiman
This makes me learn🤔 \
KyleMatthew Raven
I remeber this movie. Rewatching it brought me back to a very emotional time for me. Brought me to tears. Thus movie is very emotional very real and very powerful. It makes me motivated to do more for my myself and loved ones. Makes my depression and hard times fade and the sunshine Shine 🌞
Kylie Antonia
This is the only movie on you tube that I usually watch and re watch and never get bored..and I am so glad i found it ☺️☺️☺️it’s really nice
Ladonna Williams
I love watching lifetime movie so much girl under the bunk
Lashonda Tory
This is great movie ❤ i thought my struggle we're low but this is real thank god for what i have and don't because i was never homeless none of it but everyone be thankful for thangs yu have my mom was the real mvp❤❤
Lily Jay
I will never complain about my life again...
Liska Rony
Sometimes i mean about small things in life failures , money issues,someone hurt me .. \nbut Family is the most important thing, I have beautiful family
This is so amazing I thank this movie for the making this 😁✌️
Madhavarao Gideon
Great touching story of Liz Murray. God bless her to help people who are in such situation from where she was lifted !
Maral swift
Believe me or not this movie change my life ...
Marrisa Alexander
Who in 2018
Matilda Martin
This was a wonderful real life story god bless that young woman
Michael Breegan
If Liz can do that, what's stopping you?
Mike Tayon
Wow, this girl is an amazing actress!!!! She had to have won some awards for this movie!
Mizzy's Parrots
What gets me throughout all of this is that her older sister, who clearly got the \
Mohd Nizam
Homeless to Harvard: A bitter sad truth about pathological parenting. And salute to resilient children. Take away message: do not be parents if you still miss your bachelor life. It’s really cruel to the wellbeing of children you bring them to this world.
Mujahid Somalilander
Losers believe lucky. Dream big Make a Decision and Work Hard. Best movie ever. It makes me chance.
Naledi K
When you grow up with nothing you learn to appreciate everything
Nkanyezi Dlamini
Why are they blaming her😒😒 Her father is so useless
Odd ForexReality
After having many situations which may have resulted in Liz deciding to choose a different route in life, please explain the specific moment in the movie, in which you believe Liz's life had reached a critical turning point? Be sure to hand in a brain map tomorrow which coinsides with the essay you shall write below.
Oluwatoyin Miranda Olulegan-Bassagi
How legitimate are your excuses?
Paris Patterson
Why they don't makes movies like this on lifetime anymore
Poenkie Punksbear
Beautiful story, had me in tears 😢💔❤
Raffy Inning
Who watch in 2018? Leave a like 👍.
RasTon ______
Why everyone scrolling down to look at the comments
What I like about her,is she always saw good in her parents! Such a beautiful soul!
Sacred Society
I went from a homeless veteran to Havard to homeless veteran to Harvard again.
Sal Vice
Glad she beat the system and didn’t become an addict. I sorta wish she became more than a motivational speaker
Samson Gonson
Inspired alot
San Pedro Mharia
It's a great movie indeed, she's a survivor with a great and strong personalty,she never judge her parents but still she sacrificed and she loves her mother she keeps focusing on the brighter side of the world though shes an homeless,her life was full of challenges she works hard,striving and the most important she went back to school again,Education is Power,Knowledge is Wealth!!! Very touching movie,this movie to be recommended..
In case you're wondering: today, Liz Murray has masters in psychology (plans to doctorate in clinical psychology) and has an honorary doctorate of public service. She is a teacher and motivational speaker. She has an organization called Manifest Living. She is a bestselling author. She is married, and as to my knowledge, a mother of three. Inspiration is an understatement.
Saroj Dahal
Watched Today.. It's ..i mean.. i have tears in my eyes..o god. what a movie..what a life.. it's..it's beyond words.
Shelly Colson
Working in education I wonder how many of my students live in homes such as she did when she was young. I see cps talking to students constantly in our school and it just breaks my heart. I love my students and care for them so much . I hope the best for all of them as it is summer and they are home for the summer.. I will think about them constantly
Sim Kevin
Who could translate the words at the end of the movie in english, Thank you!
Sissy Myers
Watching this movie I think I cried too most of it it was like watching my childhood all over again only thing different was I wasn't smart enough to go to college. \nNow I'm grown both my parents are gone. For longest time I didn't know my parents even died cuz I lost contact with them I didn't want to be around the drugs or alcohol what are the party and they did so I just stayed away living in Fort Worth Texas big enough town they never even knew where I was at I always wondered if they even cared. \nBut now I'm turning into a be a old lady and I look back and I'm thankful that I'm not on the streets it just makes sense I am where I want to be but I'm not where I want to be\nI think a lot of kids that whose are on the streets they should watch this movie cuz it could give a child some hope hope and life hope for a future a better future
Sujata Sengupta
May god gives strength to LIZ and all the gals and boys here who have poured out their heart in the comments section....You all are true inspiration...Just an idea could there be an social media based support group for kids who are like liz and they can exchange their views...
Why are they blaming the child? Is this what it's actually like?
That graveyard scene when that baby started writing on that coffin with the marker!! 😭😭😭😭😭
Victoria Soto
but it so sad 😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭
1:04:00 excellent , simple sentence on how to learn and how to think to make decisions\n\nThanks Ms.Liz Murray sister\n\nThanks for uploading
Zain Abedien
i couldn't stop my ears to weep. Inshallah i will work hard and will become the source of inspiration for others.
Zy Deco23
2018 ?? 😍😍 great movie. Thanks for uploaded..
a goofy
What a lovely film, shame the write up at the end wasn't English. Would have been nice to know.
adolf bonga
I feel to cry
Liz came to my high school all the way in Hawaii and spoke to us at our gym. I thought her story was cool, but I didn't realize how amazing it was now that I'm facing homelessness and how its another big dream of mine to go to Harvard
brittany bell
I came from a abusive house led to ptsd. I was a unhappy child, it took me a while to learn how to deal with it after rape and being left behind with my father, and mother was always looking for love so she never paid no attention to me so I went to school and study psychology and writing my first novel dark butterfly.
The dad was smart but never put the knowledge to good use
emma g
This movie truly makes me realize how lucky I am. 2 parents, a nice house, the ability to go to school, clothes, electricity and food. Things I take for granted every single day. God bless to everyone who struggles.
I did a search to understand what happened to her in the end. Wikipedia says she dropped out (matriculated) in the fall semester of 2003, after one year and a half. Just when this movie was released. In an interview with the New York times, she declared that she left because she didn't fit, and because she wanted to be near her dying father. She had the intention of finishing college, but not at Harvard. However, it took her three years to return. In 2006, after her father's death, she returned to Harvard and graduated in June 2009. In August 2009 she started doing summer graduate courses in order to get a doctorate in clinical psychology in order to become a counselor. She earns her life giving inspirational speeches. In 2010 she published a book on her life story, titled \
lullabby hosny
When the movie started they were two girls fighting with there mom and im just seeing one
meave marca
This made me soft\nWho's watching from Kenya?
samantha Lang
I am curious what happened to her sister? I have to say this movie is a great example of how anyone can overcome the circumstances in which they are born if they want it bad enough!! Very inspirational
seru vakausausa
aww this movie bring tears to my eyes....she deserves a oscar..
thalathel puka
I was homeless to medical school.
ubah keyse
when ever i feel down i come back and watch liza's life 😔
wild style .j
My life hasent been one of the nicest, my dad got me in a foster home I was in the same house for a year and a half. then I went back with my dad for three months and came back to the same home but me and my foster mom are having problems and she is going to move me soon. I pray everyday that there will be a house in the same area that I live in because I have lots of supporters and friends at this school I go to. I would share to you my whole story sence I was a kid but that's too long. I want to go to Stanford university which means my grades have to be great, so I'm working on that. This was a great movie because I really saw how hard someone can work and accomplish things. Right now I have a 3.0 in school but I'm going to strive and work at a 4.0 and even higher to a 5.0. Wish me luck and every comment below I hope and pray you guys don't give up, GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
wu guangchuan
I also need to work hard even if my life is better,but I have my dream I also want to make it became truth
روائع الأدب ali
inspirational movie , I am from Yemen