Dollars Trilogy (Themes)

The Dollars Trilogy theme songs.A fistful of dollarsFor a few dollars moreThe Good The Bad & The UglyStarting Clints Eastwood n somefing van cliffHope you enjoy

and bad cliff dollar dollars eastwood few fistful for good more of song the theme trilogy ugly van Clint

A Random Dude9000
i bet nobody here is from the 1960's mother fkers
Отличная музыка
Actarus Fleed
514 Yellow bellied cowards. Start digging!! You don't deserve to be around.
*Starring: Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cliff
44 people didn't have loaded guns
Ak 74
Best Movies in the World👍👍👍👍
Ali Connor
Loved the Western films while grown up\nStill love them now\nYou can't beat a good Western
Annapoorna Rasam
First 2 films had way better soundtrack.
Antonio Kuloshvili
Legendary trilogy...
Apoena Menezes Barbosa
It´s Lee Van Cleef. And you forgot the genial Eli Walach, who played Tuco in The Good... ;-)
dat audio compression
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Grande Clint Eastwood, Idolo y Leyenda!!!!!
Saloons, music, ron and mi horse
Danny Daemon
Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cliff Dude, how can any lover of Westerns forget his name? The man who believed in the long muzzle revolver for accurate shots as compared to CLINT'S Fanning the trigger shooting to get shots off faster.
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Davilson Negrisoli
Ennio Morricone - The Best of The Best
Dr cacatua
Aaaa aaaa aaaa wua wua wuaaaa
Ejhecatzil Inukaze
This is music:\n1.- When you and your friends realize there is just 1 beer left\n2.- When you and your friends realize there is just 1 pizza slice left\n3.- When you and your GF/BF are fighting for see who gets the reason\n4.- When your mom says \
First was good. The second was better. The third was the best.\nThat is with the songs and with the films(for me at least).
Oscar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morricone is God!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Esteban Jimenez
Eva Crouzet
Omg I love this soundtrack and the Dollar Trilogy is love and life and and and Ennio Moricone is a god.
I can't be the only one who hears \
Francisco Roig
the man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed
Their are two types of people my friend those who take the last pizza slice and those who leave it, you leave it i take the pizza
Fuzzy Bunny
I love everything about those movies. Casting - check, humor- check, great tunes - check, over the top machismo- check.
Guilherme Jorge
Guillermopatt Luis Patt
En casa tengo la peli el bueno el malo el feo
Harry Callahan
3rd song is not original
Harry Oldaker
Am i the only person hat thinks that For A Few Dollars More is the best of the trilogy?
Heroi Rruges
Legend ,how long will humanity exist, this music will not be forgotten
Hichem Medaghri
waw elle est magnifique
Hiroshi Sama
How dafuq can u dislike this ???
I am Comics
LEE VAN CLEEF\nELI WALLACH\n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ivar Simonsson
Chuck Norris looks for Clint under his bed every night before he goes to sleep
hermosa musica ....
Jean Scott
Has there ever been a more handsome man than Clint Eastwood
Jed Farley
Ringtones all day
Jewel Jardine
The good the bad and the ugly has the best theme song
Jim Land
I air play this
Joaquin Ortiz
Jose Assunção
Jose Marroquin
Just beautiful!!!
Jose Miguel
me traen buenos recuerdos en mis tiempos estas peliculas son las mejores
Joshua Wood
Ennio Morricone is right there with John Williams as one of the greatest film composers of all time. Absolutely incredible.
Juan Rodriguez
recuerdos bellos cuando hacis hasta lo imposible por conseguir el dinero pars mi entrada.....
Jukka Koskinen
Tuco has been here 512 times...
2018 ??
525 so far are worth a Rope ^round their necks!!!!
Kaelen Hitsman
Kent Taylor
Hey Blondie, isn't that Angel Eyes...\n\nYeah, and you better be Bill Carson....
Kirill Subbotin
Lake Chocolate
Gosh, I just LOVE this 😁!!!
Latimer Fam
Beautiful just beautiful
Lorenzo Mida Batacchi
Luis Enrique Suarez Palacios
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Luka Mihailovic
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Manuel Horacio Velasquez
escuchar esta musica me remonta al pasado
Mark Bowman
Lee Van Cleef, was to spaghetti westerns what Clint Eastwood, was to the U.S. productions. Those piercing, and squinting eyes. \
Martin Kay
anyone thinking of doing a remake of these films wants a rope round his neck.
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Michael Sethna
one bastard comes in and another comes out
Norse Wolf
Isn't it strange that the Italians have made much better westerns than the Americans?
Omkar Bhatkar
when u get high...
Where life had no value, death, sometimes had its price.\n\nThat is why the bounty killers appeared
Paska Jonne
My mistake, 105 coffins
René Sigma
Clint: -sixteen... seventeen... twenty-two. Twenty-two? \nBANG!!! ...Twenty-seven\nCleef: -Any trouble, boy?\nClint: No, old man. Thought I was having trouble with my adding. It's all right now.
Robert Foo
I wanna be a cowboy
Ruben Tiago Silva Alves
Sergio Leone and his epic westerns
Ryszard X
trochę smutna ale porusza serce ,ein wenig traurig, aber berührt das Herz ,a little sad but touches the heart
Scully 101
Treasure Hunting\nMexican Standoffs\nGuns\nFistfights\nDrinking\nGold Digging\nAnd other manly stuff inside
Shahnawaz Mughal
CAUTION: These songs may cause unusually rapid growths of chest hair, immediate growth of a beard, whether male or female, the sudden immediate and uncontrollable urge to whistle along, to start a bare-knuckle fist fight, and to be 400% more manly.
Solomon Town
Some of the best movies ever made
Stephen Dawe
It's amazing what you can do with a rubber band.
Tanveer Ahmed
Anyone 2018??
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Thomas H
I don't know where else to post this, but I've found something interesting within the dollars trilogy. In The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, when Tuco is tracking Blondie by finding his cigars, the location of where he finds the first cigar IS THE EXACT SAME LOCATION that colonel Mortimer shoots Manco's neck in For a Few Dollars more. You can see clearly that it is the same path and same mountain.
Thomas Mcphail
Hey, Doureo, the third tune is not from the GBU soundtrack. It's a different recording.
Tim Christianson
Mr Eastwood for president!
The Good the bad and the ugly one is not the original!!!
Varsha Patel
Tucos thi man
Vicente Pm
Sigue y seguirá siendo una música. ..cojonuda...
My name is Eastwood, Clint Eastwood.
Willie Finn
ennio morricone`s music is epic, evocative, atmospheric and timeless....really made those dollar, more celebrated than ever.
No moving hat?\n;-)
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jay s
there are two kinds of people in this world tuco, those with loaded guns... and those who dig
ligther chacin
earphones paradaise.
naim djellali
Superb music, I wish there were better quality tracks
val demar Mauricio
This was such a great idea and video!!!!!!!
waz outdoors
there are two kinds of people in this world tuco, those that upvote and those that dont.
Theis is also famous in Taiwan