The White Tiger (with subtitles)

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белый тигр война мосфильм советское кино танк т-34 танк тигр танки танковые сражения шахназаров

I am a World of Tanks player and when i first saw the movie i knew from the very beggining that it was worth to be watched!(I like soviet tanks)
The \
This is a good movie better than I had imagined it would be. I wonder how many of my countrymen (American) realize that The Soviet Union defeated Germany with some assistance from the allies? By the time the Allies conducted the D-Day invasion Germany and its armed forces were already pretty much spent. In that light one can say that Joseph Stalin and the Soviets saved the world from what could have been a very bad Nazi century. My hat is off.
It is important to perceive movie properly. This movie - a movie allegory. A survivor of the tank crew member with 90% body burns - is the personification of the Russian spirit, which was neither morally nor physically broken. And he revived. White Tiger - is the personification of evil. No wonder the main character of the movie at the end of the movie said that the white tiger (evil) must be destroyed. Otherwise it will come back again. And after 20 years or 50 years later. In my opinion it is this is the main message of this movie.
Many people missed point that this white tiger not the nazi Germany or fascist spirit of some sort or other shit , white tiger it is evil itself was born in horror of the war and being object that concentrate all negativity anger rage etc , on another hand we have person who survived and opposite to all this negativity and also concentrate all but good things like bravery, self sacrifice for greater good and staff like that , and when he said that- it must be destroyed he talk not about nazi ideology or Republican or Democratic Party or liberals ... he talk about Evil that is evil must be destroyed! Just change name white tiger to name Evil and you will understand whole movie.
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4.1k dislikes are from fascist ghosts
Al Senior
This is a thoroughly imaginative, poetic, and beautiful fairytale, which makes me want to view the original Russian version. Considering that the Russian version of this film was intended for Russian viewers it shows surprisingly open-minded arguments by Hitler's final speech. Almost like offering an understandable excuse for what he was trying to achieve.
Aleksandr Fomin
Прислушайтесь к звуку ,когда.вылетает снаряд из ствола белого тигра
Alex Postma
Great war movie There are many good soviet/russian movies, but this is one of the best soviet/russian made war movies ever! I've seen a lot of classic soviet movies on the satelite dish, lots of series as well, very well made. Btw i am from the Netherlands and understand/speak russian as well. people should also watch banditsky peterburg or bely bim, tchornaya ucha. tue classics. the last one is a real good movie and i could't keep myself from crying about this poor doggie and his boss..
Andrew Ludlam
This movie is superb. Is it possible for a country to have a 'spirit' ? Whoever runs Hollywood......well they cannot touch this Spirit. Thank you for posting this Gift.
Arcaryon Xavier
I hope that one day, all Europeans will live peaceful together despite the hate many politicians fuel against Russia. All the best to the Russians ,\na German
White Tiger is a symbol of the evil that hides and rises up, it can't be destroyed\nAt the end Ivan says it will come again
Ashish Bhatia
Hi I am from India. This is a truly awesome movie
Beaches south of L.A.
This was a really cool movie. I have never seen a Russian movie before and this one was top notch. Everything, the acting, the production, the uniforms, the sets, the tanks, the cinematography, all first class.
Bernie Zelvis
Excellent movie. The whole thing is a metaphor for the human condition... \nand it took Hitler to decode the message...\nwho would’ve thought?\nHauntingly good.
Charlie D
It should of won an Oscar Award, fantastic cinematic and color effects, brilliant actors, superb dialogue and storyline! Magnificent foreign film! Hats off to the Russian film industry and namely the creators and producers ! 😇
Chris Anderson
Cristobal Torres
Awesome story, way better than Hollywood's \
Концовка фильма с очень глубоким смыслом
Damijan Ruzic
he is here again..white tiger
Wow. This looked like war. Amazing movie. I absolutely loved it. Thank you for subtitles.
Edward Lawrence
I must say this is one excellent movie. Sad to see that men cannot live without war! Can't we learn from our past! No more wars! Cheers from Canada.
LOVE IT! I was trying to find Russian movies to learn Russian and stumbled on this masterpiece.
Gautham D.hazarika
5 stars... This movie deserves an Oscar...
Gerald Ballantyne
What a brilliant movie.
Herman Labuschagne
This film was beautifully made. The story was interesting and the scenes seemed realistic, perhaps because it wasn't spoiled by over-dramatic Hollywood-type special effects. But the real magic lies in how the film succeeds in capturing the personalities of the characters. The artistic way in which it depicts facial expressions, and the contrast between light and darkness. Even the sound was pleasing and well-balanced. Great job and a handshake to the film makers.
Igor Enache
If anyone is interested in movies like this one I can suggest \
Indy Custom Made
There is something about this movie that keeps me watching. It has that \
Irina Fomicheva
Бердыев это круто. привет Британским танкистам!
Made me think of Moby Dick
I liked this movie very much as it does have messages about war and the evil that does perpetuate it. But I do haved 1 question. The war was over at the end and we do know Adolf Hitler did killed him selfed ined Berlin before the end. So then at the movie end they haved Hitler talking to some of one at a table and he is keept ined the shadows. Is that dude at the table ined the shadows representing the Devil? The great perpetuator ofed war and evils? Or is that being the future wars just waiting for getting loosed again? And are they ined Hell, because Hitler is all ready being dead. May be this is knowned stuff but I am 15 and I cand not figure that. I think I do geted the rest ofed the movie but ecxept the end.
Justyn Stevens
My summary would have to be 'Pleasantly surprised\
K.C. LeJeune
Hollywood should take a lesson from this Russian MASTERPIECE of a film. I must have watched Belyy Tigr 8 times and I'm blown away every time! This truly is a PHENOMENAL FILM!
самый хороший , очень интересный фильм! молодцы, все играют отлично,всем огромное спасибо 👍👍👍!!!
Ken Oconnell
Stopped just after 2 minutes , already can tell OUTSTANDING cinematography , back to the show .
вечная память и слава героям!!
Kevin Hullinger
Excellent movie!!! Very clean, well written with wonderful acting. I started watching foreign movies years ago when Hollywood started to consistently produce trash. Well done 👍. I have watched this movie 3 times this year.
Fuck, what a superb movie. And I love this philosophical, fictional end, when they let explain Hitlers Ghost his view of the world and his motives. Even I don't agree with him. Still those Russian movies sometimes blowing me away. No comparison to those low class Holliwood shit that we in the West get served all the time. Cheers and thanks for the upload.
Linda Lee
Hello!\nI'm back again to watch one of my favorite war stories. \nThank you for keeping the movie available.
Luke Maney
Pretty good war flick, and a good price too! The Russians are so under-rated, they excel at many things and this movie is just one more example. Cool theme and seeing the old tanks battling each other on what looked like actual Russian soil was very authentic and interesting, well done.
Maksim Luzin
In fact, this White Tiger is a symbol of Fascism and Dark Forces, which rise again, and again, and again... The monologue of Hitler with the Lord of Darkness in hell is a ominous warning. From this sinister monologue, the blood simply runs cold...
Marc Laplante
Outstanding realism with vehicles and equipment. The actors look like soldiers- gaunt, dirty, with worn kit. The stoic attitude of the soviet soldier is well represented.
Marcel Bork
This movie is the most remarkable, the most deepest I have seen in my life.
Mauro Mastro
A tank-film better than Brad Pitt's Fury.
Mega M
Well, I get that he is weaker, but there ghost Naydonv's T-34/85 somewhere, waiting for \
Michael McKinley
«Я помню, что я русский и человек танковой команды, что еще мне нужно знать?»
Wow!! What a movie!!! What a story!!!! Amazingly epic!!!!! \nFuck Hollywood with their cheap thrills...THIS right here is HOW you tell a beautiful story....
Картина высший класс!!!\n заверните
Olimpia Danilova
Хороший фильм
Olzhas Kazakhstan
Спасибо создателям этого фильма! Давно ждал чего-то подобного про наших. Стальные нагрудники, атака советских танков с десантом на броне, настоящие (не картонные) ИСУ и танки, натуральные актеры, нормальные диалоги, и многое другое просто выгодно отличается от помоев последних лет. Без этих театральных рож и диалогов как в михалковско-бондарчуковских фильмах. Клас!
Paul Dunlop
So I guess the \
R. Simpson
Very good filming, editing, actors unknow(?) but told the story perfecly. Good film!
Rus Tiling
То что белого тигра не замочили, фашизм угол в тень и вернулся в Украине.
Scott Fuller
The Russians were assembling tanks in Stalingrad during the Nazi attack and drove the completed ones right out of the factory directly into front line combat.....a remarkable feat of arms....Russian tanks had several strategic priorities.....first in direct combat assault supporting infantry......when those tanks were damaged beyond being mobile, they filled their second task, that of being a bunker and doing artillery type infantry support......when out of ammo, they filled their third task, by being a source of spare parts for other tanks to keep them mobile and operational.....their fourth task was to siphon their remaining gas providing it to those other tanks to keep them mobile and moving forward in their infantry support......their fifth task was that their tank crews were then provided to those other tanks which had suffered crew casualties as replacements......or serve themselves as infantry.......their sixth task as tanks were to be hauled to the rear to be rail moved to be rebuilt, each damaged tank providing available parts for their sister tanks, enabling the rebuilt tank to be taken back to the front as a working tank.....their seventh task was to serve as a source of scrap metal to be smelted down to aid in new tank production.....their eighth task was to be returned as a new task number one......
Sergey Solopov
Снято отлично. Нормальная военная мистика. Люди, часто видевшие смерть, и не такое расскажут.
Souless Deeds
I served in the US Army for 15 years as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle mechanic. But I also was a recovery vehicle specialist. I was deployed to Iraq 3 times. The first time I didn't do any recovery missions, but I did deal with removal of deceased crewmen from destroyed vehicles such as the Abrahms and the Bradley. Friends and fellow soldiers who will forever be a part of me and a pain I will never stop feeling. But the tour that most definitely reminds me of the scenes in this movie are from my 2nd tour. During that tour I was assigned to assist the 101st ABN 1/32 Cav as they had received 13 Bradleys from theater pre-po. During that tour I did my normal job of repairing the Brads. But since I had extensive experience operating the M88a1 I ended up becoming the primary guy the colonel wanted for Bradley recovery missions and other missions. Out of the 13 Brads they had received. 11 were coded out due to IED damage during the 8 months I was with them. I personally towed back to the FOB all of the Brads that were destroyed or compromised due to IEDs. 3 of the Brads had completely burned down to the point that the turrets had collapsed into the hulls. 2 of the Brads were towed in while they were still on fire. Only 1 crewman died and it was due to burns. Now all of this might sound like the Bradleys were shit or did a bad job. The thing is Bradleys were not designed to take a hit from the bottom. In fact most tanks are not designed to take the explosive impact of artillery shells going off under them. Which is exactly what the insurgents were doing. They were taking artillery shells and grouping them together in 3's or more and detonating them next to or under our tanks and vehicles. Before I had arrived at that FOB that unit had already had 8 HUMMV's damaged and needing to be shipped out due to IEDs in just their 2 months of being in country. They requested the Bradleys to provide them with Armor to conduct their missions. They received those Bradleys. The fact that they only lost 1 soldier over the next 8 months even though they still lost Bradleys due to IEDs is proof the Bradley while not designed to take that form of damage still saved allot of lives. I have seen first hand many of the things war movies have tried to recreate. I have been around Tanks and Tracked vehicles for many years and unfortunately due to Iraq I have seen and dealt with the horrible side of war. But I have seen the damage Bradleys can dish out. The complete power of the Abrahms main battle tank. They are machines that deserve the enemies fear. They didn't always bring their crews home alive. But compared to allot of other equipment we had out there. They were definitely some of the safest machines to be in. The M88a1 that I operated was created in the 50's. And had very thick hull plating. But my best protection came from all of the hydraulic tanks and heavy winches inside that added more steel between me and an explosion. I have driven over 3 155 shells personally when I was back spading the side of a road to clear away some suspicious gravel. It turned out that the gravel was placed there to hide the IED. I was lucky because I had ripped the detonator off the shells with my backspading of the roads shoulder. Iraq was just my experience with war and peoples intent to kill each other. There were plenty of other experiences I had over there. But that was one of the closer ones for me. But not the closest lol. Anyways watching this movie definitely reminds me of my experiences being a recovery guy and working on tanks and tracks. I tip my hat to all of my fellow soldiers out there who have been in Armored units, Russia and beyond It doesn't matter. We all know what a pain in the ass it can be. But for some reason being around tanks and such gets in your blood and you will always miss driving such incredible machines.
Star SevenBG
Good movie , for sure far better than this american-jewish propaganda movies.\nThat last scene was so true and so good.
Was that Hitler showing up at the end chatting beside the fireplace? The white tiger is still out there hidden in the EU.....
This film is the bomb.\nWestern civilization will understand this film in another 70 years or so when they have completely forgotten about ww2.\nWhereas the Russians understand the point of this film and what it portrays.\n\nКино классное
Thunderbolt 1000 Siren Productions
I was so intrigued by this film. It really shows that war never ends. Its an eternal factor of life that will never go away. No matter how many you kill, documents you sign, or how much land you gain war will not end. There's no such thing as victory or defeat, only survival and death. The end with Hitler still chills me on how true some of his statements are. This is like Fury done right if not even better. Tanks are sometimes more than machine, they can feel and communicate as if it was alive which reminds me of things like steam trains that sometimes have that vibe as if it was some giant creature that breaths, feels, and communicates but not many people can hear it as clearly as others. People seem to underestimate Russian films or practically most films outside of Pedowood. I am especially interested in Naidyonov's character since it's like he's been to hell and back and can now sense things others cant notice. \
Timotei Afanasie
A lot of Tarkovsky here. Which mean: excellent movie, 10/10. A kind of \
Amazing film. My grandfather was a Soviet army tank driver. He was wounded once and then came back to the war. He died in a battle in 1943. He was then 32.
Please create more movie's like this one. I love this one.
Yunus Balı
Greetings from Turkey. This film is very good compared to the films that do the Germans speak English, more realistic.
Вот, что надо на Оскар отправлять вместо Михалковской хрени
Excellent film, Russian films are always well made. “Come and See” is one of my favourites, well worth finding if you feel inclined.
chiranjib chanda
Totally fantastic movie.... I can watch it again and again.. A realistic movie.... Nice casting
Very good Film although im German. War is just terrible.\nRIP to all soldiers how had to die...
Great script blending very realistic military tank battles with this ghostly, invincible White Tiger was brilliant .All the action settings in natural wooded battle fields with real tanks very realistic shell impacts in this fictional WW 2 action movie are all top quality with inconclusive ending , the WHITE GHOST lives on, well done.
I am an Infantry veteran and the end of this bought me to tears, because it is so true. War is the natural human state and we can't seem to change it. We are doomed to destroy ourselves. This movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life!!
gabriel samonte
Russian is Powerful,\nMother Russia never loses.
georg wachberg
master piece in the tradition of great russian film making.
hurtig heinz
The last scene is very powerful! P.S.: I'm German and my great-grandfathers fought on all European fronts. One even fought in Russia, was captured but he survived. He was released in the early 50s and survived until 1976. I was named after him!
“The German people will be the scapegoat for everything”. Wow, the Russians, the people that defeated Germany in WW2 are literally the only people willing to admit what has been done to the Germans for the last 73 years. Amazing. I now have so much more respect for Russia.
meng Elliot
The last part is the most wonderful part of this movie.
mykemaui groovey
check out the comment from 72FOG to truly understand the message of this fantastic film. a great take on the state of humanity . this is not a 'war movie', more a psychological profile of mankinds dark side done with cinematic beauty, and top notch acting. thank you, and get this movie to.........everyone ! aloha, have a great day....
no name
I can say without doubt Soviet Union was the major force determining the outcome Europe in WW2...not the USA . The Russians were going to steam roll Germany regardless of the US and Britain
Un grand film !!! fantastique métaphore , oui seule l'immense culture russe pouvait réaliser ce film , merci.\nNous partageons tous un peu du \
As a Texan, I approve of this movie. It is worthy of an Academy Award for Best Foreign Picture!
Хочу написать всем, кто этот фильм не понял, и потому его обсирает. Смешно, что так же, не поняли его и немцы. Там в обсуждениях сполошные насмешки и удивления : что это за тип танка ? У него не такая башня, как у Тигра, у него не такой корпус, как у ...... , не такие гусеницы и вообще х... знает что писали. Пришлось мне встрять и обвинить немцев в тупости. Что они воспринимают все слишком буквально. И объяснить им, о чем этот фильм. Никогда не думала, что наши окажутся такими же тупыми, как немцы. Ну неужели, блин, нужно объяснять, что это фильм НЕ ПРО ВОЙНУШКУ ?! У нас и так до хрена военных фильмов с воплями, стрельбой, сражениями, техникой, маневрами....    Этот фильм - это фильм-сага. Сказание. И смысл его не в том, чтобы показать реальные события и секретную немецкую технику. Его смысл  -  понять дух и смысл войны и, конкретно, той, Великой Отечественной войны. Там же все ясно показано. Гитлер говорит кому-то, чье лицо скрыто туманом - оно скрыто туманом, потому что нам не важен собеседник, а важны слова Гитлера. Это его разговор с самим собой, или речь, обращенная ко всем. Он говорит : войны всегда были есть и будут. Далее. В фильме пленный немецкий офицер говорит : этот танк - это символ немецкого боевого духа. В конце фильма Найденов говорит : война не закончена. Она не будет закончена, пока я его не убью. В этом смысл этого фильма. Танк, который является, скажем так, боевым духом немецкой нации, остался неуничтоженым. И Гитлер говорит, сидя в здании, напоминающим средневековый замок ( как символ того, что он находится в вечности и обращается к нам оттуда ) : войны будут еще и еще. Ну, то-есть, опасность возникновения новой войны с Германией никуда не делась, так как остался неуничтоженным боевой дух немцев. Так этот фильм нужно понимать.
Amazing movie, thanks for uploading it!
Pretty much the white tiger is like fascism that won't die, very powerful.. it will come back again, kind of like now, how its slowly creeping back with the rise of Antifa and other groups, they are the true fascists once again.
Александр Хилков
Воспитали ЕГЭшную школоту млядь на свою голову. Спорят -говно не говно. А понять что это ФИЛЬМ-ПРИЧТА не способны. Самое главное в конце (подсказка). Хотя не уверен что до вас дойдет.
А кто-нибудь понял метафору о том, что когда пушка замазалась грязью,её сразу разорвало? Перевожу ,как только мы замажемся грязью в виде канала ТНТ , пьянством и блядством - бери нас голыми руками
За последние 20 лет это лучший фильм который я посмотрел.\nЗловещие и страшные слова Найденова в конце фильма.....\n - \
Вадим Тютюн
Судя по комментариям -тем кто пишет что Фильм дерьмо, скажу так: - эта лента создана для людей Далеко не со средним умом!
Валерий Демидов
Фильм классный, вся техника реальная и съемки отличные! Жалко, что Редкотакие фильмы снимают.
Василий Таратухин
фильм явно для фанатов танков снимался, за 15 минут уже видел т-34 разных видов, БТ, ИС-2, Матильду и даже М3 Lee
Вася Пупкин
Мой дед прошел всю войну с фашистами, у него все ноги были изранены. Но он посцал на рейстаг и я искренне этим горжусь.
Владимир Порфирьев
Смысл в последней реплик Найденова. Если не сожгу., он проявится., через 20, 50, 100..... Лет. Это не о танке, а о фашизм.
Stalingrad (2013) and Battle for Sevastopol (2015) felt like westernized garbage.\nWhite Tiger on the other hand felt like true Russian cinema. \nExcellent film.
Евгений Виноградов
прав был Найденов ...Выполз он на Украине!!!
Зоя Шикало
Пока мразь жива -такие Русские танки в полной боевой...... Низкий поклон, вам , ребята...
Максимус Меридий
Good!Thank you the USSR and Russia for victory in the fight against fascism, 20.000.000 million Soviet people died against fascism. Eternal memory.
Сергей Литвинов
Сначала всё не мог понять: зачем они при осматривании вокруг, постоянно поворачивает башню, это же не целесообразно, есть перескоп(как он в танке называется правильно не знаю). А потом дошло! Так человек крутит головой, когда осматривается, так создатели фильма хотели показать, что танк \
Слыш Светлана
в сиферополе на улицэ калинина в 1993 году жил дедушка глухой с войны и у его двора росло и сейчас растет я видела три дереаа плакучей ивы они ростут вместе стволы переплелись и дед говорил что это живой памятник его экипажу который сгорел в танке и у каждого дерева было имя и он разговаривал с ними как с живими
Юрий Долбня
Фильм КЛАССНЫЙ !!! Молодцы кто снял Душой снимали .Одежда....настоящая не лощенная .... техника и остальное....сама атмосфера фронта Верим !!! СУПЕР!!! ...ну все на 90 % ....не все сделаешь= время . А что фантастика =мистика то для интересного сюжета .... Но по правде ТИГРЫ ДЕСЯТКАМИ ЖГЛИ Т 34 .ЭТО ПРАВДА . Числом заваливали .Слава нашим дедам и прадедам .Вечная память .
Юрий Терский URETS
Фильм Шедевр!!!!! Не Каждому дано его понять....В том то и смысл.........
влад луков
Почитал комментарии. Вот любопытно. Комментарии соотечественников - не все конечно, но многие - \
федя федя
в каждом из нас есть Гитлер, в каждом из нас есть Найденов..... и только нам самим выбирать- кого из них\