The White Tiger (with subtitles)

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белый тигр война советское кино танк т-34 танк тигр танки танковые сражения шахназаров мосфильм

I am a World of Tanks player and when i first saw the movie i knew from the very beggining that it was worth to be watched!(I like soviet tanks)
The \
This is a good movie better than I had imagined it would be. I wonder how many of my countrymen (American) realize that The Soviet Union defeated Germany with some assistance from the allies? By the time the Allies conducted the D-Day invasion Germany and its armed forces were already pretty much spent. In that light one can say that Joseph Stalin and the Soviets saved the world from what could have been a very bad Nazi century. My hat is off.
It is important to perceive movie properly. This movie - a movie allegory. A survivor of the tank crew member with 90% body burns - is the personification of the Russian spirit, which was neither morally nor physically broken. And he revived. White Tiger - is the personification of evil. No wonder the main character of the movie at the end of the movie said that the white tiger (evil) must be destroyed. Otherwise it will come back again. And after 20 years or 50 years later. In my opinion it is this is the main message of this movie.
Many people missed point that this white tiger not the nazi Germany or fascist spirit of some sort or other shit , white tiger it is evil itself was born in horror of the war and being object that concentrate all negativity anger rage etc , on another hand we have person who survived and opposite to all this negativity and also concentrate all but good things like bravery, self sacrifice for greater good and staff like that , and when he said that- it must be destroyed he talk not about nazi ideology or Republican or Democratic Party or liberals ... he talk about Evil that is evil must be destroyed! Just change name white tiger to name Evil and you will understand whole movie.
Acoustic Dream
4.1k dislikes are from fascist ghosts
Aidow Marwan
how can they spot with 3 crew men only.. a tank commander at the top can spot and track tanks.. something the others inside cant do given the limited sight they got.\n\nbesides that.. its a rare combination in a movie.. all this \
Al Senior
This is a thoroughly imaginative, poetic, and beautiful fairytale, which makes me want to view the original Russian version. Considering that the Russian version of this film was intended for Russian viewers it shows surprisingly open-minded arguments by Hitler's final speech. Almost like offering an understandable excuse for what he was trying to achieve.
Alex Postma
Great war movie There are many good soviet/russian movies, but this is one of the best soviet/russian made war movies ever! I've seen a lot of classic soviet movies on the satelite dish, lots of series as well, very well made. Btw i am from the Netherlands and understand/speak russian as well. people should also watch banditsky peterburg or bely bim, tchornaya ucha. tue classics. the last one is a real good movie and i could't keep myself from crying about this poor doggie and his boss..
Alisa Selezneva
Давно смотрела этот фильм,и помню впечатление тогда.Фильм интересный,можно посмотреть один раз.необычный сюжет,с подтекстом.Сначала,подумала,муть,но посмотрев до конца ,поняла,что фильм захочу взглянуть еще раз,через некоторое время.Думаю оно пришли,и сейчас в виду сегодняшних событий , фильм очень актуален.Советую кто не смотрел ,посмотрите.Фильм -интересный,но на индивидуального зрителя.
Andrew Ludlam
This movie is superb. Is it possible for a country to have a 'spirit' ? Whoever runs Hollywood......well they cannot touch this Spirit. Thank you for posting this Gift.
White Tiger is a symbol of the evil that hides and rises up, it can't be destroyed\nAt the end Ivan says it will come again
Ashish Bhatia
Hi I am from India. This is a truly awesome movie
Bernie Zelvis
Excellent movie. The whole thing is a metaphor for the human condition... \nand it took Hitler to decode the message...\nwho would’ve thought?\nHauntingly good.
C L Van Horne
Excellent cinematography,...But the ending w Hitler discussing Philosophy with lucifer,...was gravely mistaken! Those that take-away even freedom, life, progress from human, humanity are those that need be eradicated, more precisely, their backers;ie bilderBURGERS & FRies...\n\nOne day there shall be a Barbecue for our cats & dogs...The bilderBURGERS & Fryers!!\nie those secret societies...Masons Shriners Eastern Star,...and their leaders! Our Princes are roaring Lions,..our judges evening wolves!(from Holy Scriptures).
Charlie D
It should of won an Oscar Award, fantastic cinematic and color effects, brilliant actors, superb dialogue and storyline! Magnificent foreign film! Hats off to the Russian film industry and namely the creators and producers ! 😇
Chester Pulido
The tiger's gun sounds like megatron's guns haha
Cristobal Torres
Awesome story, way better than Hollywood's \
Ed Cook
A great film. Thanks.
Flavien Royer
Great tank movie of 2nd war world , good story with a ghost german tank … Nice picture of tank fight . Very good Russian movie . Ce Tigre Blanc fantôme sur le front de l'est trop cool. En plus voir des T34 en action c'est génial . Belle histoire étrange du suspens et de belles scènes de bataille et de bons personnages et de très bons acteurs .
Furor Frisii
Liked this movie. Good symbolism. War seems to be the default mode for us Humans..\n'Good'and 'bad' constantly fighting each other-but neither cán win; the one can not exist without the other.\nAgain; liked it. I knew there were some good Russian movies; would like to see much more. \nAnyone suggestions. title wise?
LOVE IT! I was trying to find Russian movies to learn Russian and stumbled on this masterpiece.
Irina Fomicheva
Бердыев это круто. привет Британским танкистам!
Isupport DonaldTrump
This is an awesome movie, you guys did a fantastic job. Love old war movies, nice to see the Russian front. Wish I knew where this all took place
J.S.M. Media
Шедевр! Один из моих самых любимых фильмов о войне... пересматриваю снова и снова и не надоедает
I liked this movie very much as it does have messages about war and the evil that does perpetuate it. But I do haved 1 question. The war was over at the end and we do know Adolf Hitler did killed him selfed ined Berlin before the end. So then at the movie end they haved Hitler talking to some of one at a table and he is keept ined the shadows. Is that dude at the table ined the shadows representing the Devil? The great perpetuator ofed war and evils? Or is that being the future wars just waiting for getting loosed again? And are they ined Hell, because Hitler is all ready being dead. May be this is knowned stuff but I am 15 and I cand not figure that. I think I do geted the rest ofed the movie but ecxept the end.
On the surface this is a story about soviets hunting a rouge enemy tank. A little deeper there is the metaphor of tracking and hunting, but that serves only to enrich the combat scenes, the true meaning is something along the lines of the White Tiger representing fascism, war and chaos, and Ivan represents the millions of common people that fought and died and still fight and die for the ideal of peace, however elusive it might be. I think?
Jarwin Guilas
thanks awesome movie \
Jeff Sartain
This is one of the best war movie ever. The Russians know how to tell a story without all the Hollywood BS.
Julian Budiono
Funny how War Thunder do this to players,, players can't destroy houses by simply hitting it xD...
вечная память и слава героям!!
Kevin Hullinger
Excellent movie!!! Very clean, well written with wonderful acting. I started watching foreign movies years ago when Hollywood started to consistently produce trash. Well done 👍. I have watched this movie 3 times this year.
Fuck, what a superb movie. And I love this philosophical, fictional end, when they let explain Hitlers Ghost his view of the world and his motives. Even I don't agree with him. Still those Russian movies sometimes blowing me away. No comparison to those low class Holliwood shit that we in the West get served all the time. Cheers and thanks for the upload.
My great grandfather was drafted to fight in Operation Barbarossa, he was an Italian communist, my grandma told me lots of stories on how he wanted to run away before enlisting, at the end though he was drafted and sent there. He actually survived the war, was kept as a POW for a while, then sent back to Italy, but it was years after the war had ended according to my grandma. There were lots of Italians who were ideologically opposed to fascism that were drafted during the war, hence why so many deserted. Respect to the Russian people. The anti-Russian bias by Western media and politicians sickens me, sanctions are a joke. Great film by the way.
Luke Maney
Pretty good war flick, and a good price too! The Russians are so under-rated, they excel at many things and this movie is just one more example. Cool theme and seeing the old tanks battling each other on what looked like actual Russian soil was very authentic and interesting, well done.
While I'm not that interested in WW2 too much, I seriously enjoyed this film. This is what I call a true work of heart.
Marcel Bork
This movie is the most remarkable, the most deepest I have seen in my life.
Mario Campos THE FAM
That was a great time when Russia and America where like brothers! Thanks to those globalist its all broken !
Mauro Mastro
A tank-film better than Brad Pitt's Fury.
Mega M
Well, I get that he is weaker, but there ghost Naydonv's T-34/85 somewhere, waiting for \
Michael McKinley
«Я помню, что я русский и человек танковой команды, что еще мне нужно знать?»
Very good movie *!*\n\nI am not so much into tank, i prefer u boat kriegsmarine thats for sure x) .... ( dont know why oLoL ) \n\nBut fuck this movie was great *!*
Mr. Mike
This film is loaded with symbolism that's provocative & poses universal questions that are to hard to answer.  We can debate what Naidyonov & the White Tiger symbolize regarding war & evil & none us will be entirely right because this film has multiple levels of possible meanings.  A masterpiece.   Vastly superior to Hollywood war movies which are mere commercial pandering overloaded with fast action, gore, & special effects.
39:32\nSomeone get that loader a beer
Great movie. He did not get the Tiger in the end, I wasn't expecting that but it's certainly more meaningful that way. The war will never end for him as it never really ended for many others.
Wow!! What a movie!!! What a story!!!! Amazingly epic!!!!! \nFuck Hollywood with their cheap thrills...THIS right here is HOW you tell a beautiful story....
Officer KD6-3.7
Hollywood should take a lesson from this Russian MASTERPIECE of a film. I must have watched Belyy Tigr 8 times and I'm blown away every time! This truly is a PHENOMENAL FILM!
Olzhas Kazakhstan
Спасибо создателям этого фильма! Давно ждал чего-то подобного про наших. Стальные нагрудники, атака советских танков с десантом на броне, настоящие (не картонные) ИСУ и танки, натуральные актеры, нормальные диалоги, и многое другое просто выгодно отличается от помоев последних лет. Без этих театральных рож и диалогов как в михалковско-бондарчуковских фильмах. Клас!
Paul Dunlop
So I guess the \
Piter Ivanov
Белого Тигра... танка-убийцы... танка-чудовища. Возродился В Украине и возродили его либералы-демократы на доллары США и под иж управлением! очень дальновидный фильм!!!!!
Rashad Gurbanov
Танкист Асланов Ази Ахад оглы - дважды Герой Советского Союза: командир 55-го отдельного танкового полка (2-я гвардейская армия, Сталинградский фронт); командир 35-й гвардейской танковой бригады (3-й гвардейский механизированный корпус).\n\nРодился 22 января 1910 года в городе Ленкорань (Азербайджан) в семье рабочего. Азербайджанец. Член ВКП(б) с 1937 года. Образование неполное среднее. Работал на Ленкоранской кирпичной фабрике.\n\nВ Красной Армии с 1929 года. Поступил учиться в Закавказскую военную подготовительную школу (город Баку). Окончил Ленинградское кавалерийское училище, курсы при Военной академии бронетанковых войск. Служил в строевых частях на Украине и в Белоруссии.\n\nУчастник советско-финляндской войны 1939-40 годов.\n\nС началом Великой Отечественной войны на фронте в составе 10-й танковой дивизии. Был командиром 10 автотранспортного батальона. С августа 1941 года зампотех командира 20-го танкового полка. В декабре 1941 года назначен заместителем командира 55-й танковой бригады. С 1942 года командир 55-го отдельного танкового полка, сформированного из остатков одноименной бригады. В конце 1942 командир танковой группы уцелевших танков 3-го гвардейского мехкорпуса.\n\nПервый бой капитан Ази Асланов принял в городе Злочев Львовской области. Сражался под Москвой, в Крыму, под Краснодаром, в районе Калача, под Сталинградом, Ростовом и на Курской Дуге. Участвовал в освобождении Украины, Белоруссии и Прибалтики.\n\nКомандир 55-го отдельного танкового полка (2-я гвардейская армия, Сталинградский фронт) подполковник Асланов особо отличился во время Сталинградской битвы. 15-19 декабря 1942 года умело руководил подразделениями, отражавшими натиск противника. Танкисты полка подбили и сожгли 30 вражеских танков, 50 автомашин и уничтожили до пехотного батальона, преградив путь врагу в районе хутора Верхне-кумский (ныне Советский Октябрьского района Волгоградской области).\n\nЗвание Героя Советского Союза с вручением ордена Ленина и медали \
Sam Jirschele
One of the greatest tank movies. Hollywood and Vancouver can learn from this. You do not need to make a complicated plot to make a nice film.
Sergey Solopov
Снято отлично. Нормальная военная мистика. Люди, часто видевшие смерть, и не такое расскажут.
What an incredible film, I am from England and I love watching movies from other countries, you get their perspective on different historical events and boy is this different.\n\nThis film feels very much applicable to what is happening in Europe today, Fascism is on the rise and will only end in another war, this is the day I wait for since I was 13 years old, I am 29 now... waiting for the \
Shinyone Incarnate
BE*RE*SHIT, 7225, beginning of, chief, from rosh. Could be: \
Finally, a realistic and brilliant ww2 film. Fury \u003c White Tiger
Stalker Craig
Сколько бы не восхищались за бугром, а у русского душа все-равно лучше плачет !
Super Dope
The story is mindblowing as well the movie! When the white tiger 1st appeared it looks so badasss
This is one of the FINEST WAR MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN! And I've seen many! For me to stick with a movie with subtitles it has to be stunning! I will watch this movie again!
The Maximum Gamer
This is why I find foreign films alot better then Hollywood somyimes. Movies like this and my way both have meaningful messages and themes. The mystic feeling from this one is so much better then if Hollywood did it because the cgi would ruin in. Russia made it look real
Thomas Never
I am a German born 59 and I have already several times apologised in person towards Russians for the damage of WW 1&2 and also for the current idotic economical embargo.
Thunderbolt 1000 Siren Productions
I was so intrigued by this film. It really shows that war never ends. Its an eternal factor of life that will never go away. No matter how many you kill, documents you sign, or how much land you gain war will not end. There's no such thing as victory or defeat, only survival and death. The end with Hitler still chills me on how true some of his statements are. This is like Fury done right if not even better. Tanks are sometimes more than machine, they can feel and communicate as if it was alive which reminds me of things like steam trains that sometimes have that vibe as if it was some giant creature that breaths, feels, and communicates but not many people can hear it as clearly as others. People seem to underestimate Russian films or practically most films outside of Pedowood. I am especially interested in Naidyonov's character since it's like he's been to hell and back and can now sense things others cant notice. \
Tom Bombadil
Amaizing ending. Hitler explaining to the Devil (that's what I think this guy in the shadows is) the terrible truth: Europe did hate the Jews and Europe did and still does hate the Russians
Хочется сказать режиссерам подобных фильмов - вы хоть амброзию по обочинам дорог скашивайте, когда сцены на военную тему снимаете! Тогда в армии было полно лошадей, которые съедали траву под корень. А проходящие войска и техника вытаптывали все в хлам, оставалась лишь колея в колено глубиной! Нужно бы интересоваться деталями. Кстати, курили махорку, делая из неё самокрутки, а спичками практически не пользовались - в основном, огнивом, которое называли \
Amazing film. My grandfather was a Soviet army tank driver. He was wounded once and then came back to the war. He died in a battle in 1943. He was then 32.
Please create more movie's like this one. I love this one.
Yunus Balı
Greetings from Turkey. This film is very good compared to the films that do the Germans speak English, more realistic.
adnan almalohi
ajay jadhav
After Das boot ,This is the best WW2 movie I've seen.\nAny other good movies suggestions? (strictly german or russian not hollywood heroic movies)
chiranjib chanda
Totally fantastic movie.... I can watch it again and again.. A realistic movie.... Nice casting
The Force was strong in Naidyonov. That was why he was able to sense the presence of Darth Tiger in the forest. That was also how he survived the 90% burns, just like Anakin Skywalker in that planet of lava flows.
fetuso fetuso
Nice movie, up until they dragged Darwin in it...
gabriel samonte
Russian is Powerful,\nMother Russia never loses.
georg wachberg
master piece in the tradition of great russian film making.
gerald miller
i think the white tiger tank represents war itself. it will survive and kill again in the next war.never ending war. just like it is today.
“The German people will be the scapegoat for everything”. Wow, the Russians, the people that defeated Germany in WW2 are literally the only people willing to admit what has been done to the Germans for the last 73 years. Amazing. I now have so much more respect for Russia.
kari kiuttu
That tank is like a something real evil...
meng Elliot
The last part is the most wonderful part of this movie.
mykemaui groovey
check out the comment from 72FOG to truly understand the message of this fantastic film. a great take on the state of humanity . this is not a 'war movie', more a psychological profile of mankinds dark side done with cinematic beauty, and top notch acting. thank you, and get this movie to.........everyone ! aloha, have a great day....
no name
I can say without doubt Soviet Union was the major force determining the outcome Europe in WW2...not the USA . The Russians were going to steam roll Germany regardless of the US and Britain
I am Italian and I proudly stand with Russia. Russians are not our ennemies, Russians are our friends. Stop provoking Russia with stupid NATO bullying. You've never seen an angry Russian. Don't mess with him. The victory of Soviet Union over the German power, technologically much superior, it's a will of a people who stood up and wrote the history with its own blood, every page, every km towards the bunker of the Devil. And if you want to understand the movie, learn Russian language, as it will appear completely real and different, specially the dialogue between Alexey and Najdionow
Лучше, чем предвзятое голливудское дерьмо\nBetter than biased Hollywood crap.\n ~из Филиппинца\n ~from a Filipino
Enjoyed this film. Unlike American films of its type not gung ho and an original idea. So refreshing to see the war from a different perspective. Very poignant ending. Hitler's lament with the devil perhaps?
Excellent commentary by Hitler at the end. Europe never loved Jews, and always feared and hated Russia. Those words still ring true today, except that Germany now dilutes itself with Islam out of guilt from WW2.
Pretty much the white tiger is like fascism that won't die, very powerful.. it will come back again, kind of like now, how its slowly creeping back with the rise of Antifa and other groups, they are the true fascists once again.
Ádám Sasfalvi
At the beggining the Hungarian soldiers who are laying dead in the mud shocked me, but there were russians as well I know.\nAt the first step both of my grandpas were on the eastern front, one of them was captured and was brought to working camp after the war.\nHowever he became a friend of an old russian man who lost his sons on the front, they worked together in a factory and learned some crafting skills from each other with metal and woodworking.\nThe old man has got very bad shaped boots, one day my grandpa bringed him new boots, he was very happy.\nHe came home in 1949 in one piece, but the luck and his crafting skills helped him out.\nNever told me any bad thing about the russian people, just the system what tortured them and put together many of them as civilians to camps like the POW's.\nThis movie is little bit too fantasy, but the beggining was stunned me and that was all just I have wanted to say.
За последние 20 лет это лучший фильм который я посмотрел.\nЗловещие и страшные слова Найденова в конце фильма.....\n - \
Вадим Тютюн
Судя по комментариям -тем кто пишет что Фильм дерьмо, скажу так: - эта лента создана для людей Далеко не со средним умом!
Василий Таратухин
фильм явно для фанатов танков снимался, за 15 минут уже видел т-34 разных видов, БТ, ИС-2, Матильду и даже М3 Lee
Вася Пупкин
Мой дед прошел всю войну с фашистами, у него все ноги были изранены. Но он посцал на рейстаг и я искренне этим горжусь.
Владимир Порфирьев
Смысл в последней реплик Найденова. Если не сожгу., он проявится., через 20, 50, 100..... Лет. Это не о танке, а о фашизм.
Григорий Шишацкий
Очень отрадно видеть столько положительных отзывов о российском фильме и о России за рубежом. Хорошо, что на Западе есть много адекватных людей. У Мира есть шанс. THANK YOU
Stalingrad (2013) and Battle for Sevastopol (2015) felt like westernized garbage.\nWhite Tiger on the other hand felt like true Russian cinema. \nExcellent film.
Зоя Шикало
Пока мразь жива -такие Русские танки в полной боевой...... Низкий поклон, вам , ребята...
Макс Волков
Спасибо Деду ЗА Победу
Саша Проценко
спосибо нашим дидам.и бабушкам
Сергей Литвинов
Сначала всё не мог понять: зачем они при осматривании вокруг, постоянно поворачивает башню, это же не целесообразно, есть перескоп(как он в танке называется правильно не знаю). А потом дошло! Так человек крутит головой, когда осматривается, так создатели фильма хотели показать, что танк \
Слыш Светлана
в сиферополе на улицэ калинина в 1993 году жил дедушка глухой с войны и у его двора росло и сейчас растет я видела три дереаа плакучей ивы они ростут вместе стволы переплелись и дед говорил что это живой памятник его экипажу который сгорел в танке и у каждого дерева было имя и он разговаривал с ними как с живими
Юрий Терский URETS
Фильм Шедевр!!!!! Не Каждому дано его понять....В том то и смысл.........
влад луков
Почитал комментарии. Вот любопытно. Комментарии соотечественников - не все конечно, но многие - \