The House of the Rising Sun versión THE ANDES

Interpretado por:THE ANDESTEMA ORIGINALThe Animals - House of the Rising Sun (1964).Contactosfacebook: The AndesCelFrancia 0033788069261Spain [email protected]


Adam Mangler
... The broad progression as i recall is: Am, C, D, F, Am, C, E, Am. Lovely :0)
Angel Molly-Dollar
Anna-Maria Pierce
Human beings of all nations bring beautiful gifts; we can recognize this here once more with gratitude
August Hawks
That is so beautiful.
Branka T.
Predivan zvuk, hvala mnogo !
Cengiz Kamuz
Harika 🥂🥂🥂🥂
Clive T
I wonder if there are geordie buskers in Lima supermarkets?
Danny Doyle
Fantastic brilliant music, I used to play that music.\nWhen I was in a band it brought back memories.\nThank you Inka.
Denny Whipple
TRULY   A   DREAM SCAPE....!    THANK  YOU.................
Dizzy Lizzy
Edward Vigil
Excellent music. thank you!!!
Elva P
Sounds like I died and went to heaven . My all time favorite song never sounded so moving !! Thank You !!!!!!
Fabian M
Clint Eastwood is the first to come to mind when I first heard them...
Franco Roberti
Adoro questo strumento, sembra che viene dal Cielo portato sulla terra dagli Angeli.
Frankie Blake
Thanks ;-)
Gary Leach
Does anyone know why they blow into the insterment after each verse?? I love this sound, it is emotional.
Grazyna Fiedorowicz
I love you so much! This is my favorite song.Thank you because you are the best!!!! Grazyna
Gustavo Bedoya
Most of Ecuadoreans play very well the flute, wish they will come to Europe. they will make GOOD here, please come
Hello Kitty
I can't get enough of this!!!
Hidalecio Rodrigues
Muito bom
Ilyas Lee
OMG what a beautiful music the way they play it. 👏👍from Malaysia 😎
Jake Jakers
what is this instrument?
James Caldwell
That was amazing!
Joana Dark
Isso e MT 👍 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Johanna Kidd
Never heard the House of The Rising Sun played on Pan Pipes before...Beautiful
John Builes
The pan pipes is originally from South America, from the Andean Mountain Range.
John Daveridge
Wonderful. I used to play this on my Zither whilst my GRANDMOTHER PLAYED THE bAGPIPES. hAPPY DAYS.
John Kovac
I am loyal only to my heart
Kader Ben dodo je t'aime ambre
mon bébé ambre ton papa qui t'aime ma petite chérie
Kelly Diggs
One of my favorite songs I grew up with and also a favorite karaoke song to sing and these guys are amazing to have remade it with the Pan Flutes. \nExcellent video. 👍👍😎
Linuxoid и програмирование
Mario Maldonado
This was amazing, Respect
Beautiful video and music. 👍👏❤🙏
Meon Meon
I wonder why my neighbors are always angry when I play this song
Michael Doherty
Everything made ...of music.
Miguel trombettoni pipinich
A 1800 imbèciles no les gusta la mùsica...
Mike Preston-Engel
I keep coming back to this supernatural performance. What perfection Raz presents of how to play the pan flute...and his accompanying musicians are pretty damn good.
Otavalo Castillo
Otavaleños .Ecuador si no estoy mal
Patsy Boyd
that's great love that
Pedro Caballero
Great.!!\nWe should speak just one lenguage.\nM U S I C....
Pedro Y Varga
Sin palabras .Divina música para el alma!!...
So super wonderful! Eric Burdon! Go you guys. Beautifully Gorgeous!💟 that flute! I'm gonna scream!😃
Phil Lippert
Absolutely brilliant. Gives a whole new life to this very tired tune. Bravo!
Pro Mixing
Man, this was like from their souls to their hearts and thru their lips to our ears...just absolutely beautiful... you can feel this as well as hear it!!!!
Prof. Cícero
Muito bonito. Vim por indicação da belas artes.
Rajen Hazarika
The Indians are beautiful people and their music and choice is also superb.Thanks brothers!!
Raul Galindo
Beutiful people
Raymond-Trevor Twine M.A.
A wonderfull performance. So haunting the music isn't it? \n I would not like to guess the many hours \nThese brilliant musicians took to create such a perfect sound for our enjoyment. \nI played \
Refaat Farrag
This instrument telling the story of native Americans 😰😢😭
Ridz Ieyasu - Okinawa Japan
This song is only suitable for this instrument.
Robbie achmar
Omg,,,,, brought tears to my eyes,,,, unbelievable
Robert James
One of the best versions of this song I've ever herd if not the best what do you think people
Role Takke
Beautiful instrument, beautiful music.. Nice.. Awesome..👍👍👍👊👊👊
Romsn Gorbunov
Супер молодцы
Ryan Leonard
Amazing 👍
Saijai Cheunarom
You are One. World sicurity ©
Sami Abdulla
This song will be part of my life for ever thank you very much,
Sanjuana Gasca
Such beautiful people and Culture
Shreedhara Kedilaya
So sad...i feel the sufferings of native americans...
Silvia Rühsen
There is a house in magyarorszag
Siti Nor Hamid
must be lot of hard long years of experience to present such.wonderful music.tq
Sombat Bunmee
Srdjan Kanazir
Za sva vremena
Steve Logan
These fellows remind me of my favorite Peruvian band called Runa Pacha, if you have never heard them, you are missing out. They are outstanding
Taranu Marin
Gheorghe Zamfir (roman) sunt sigur ca ar fi cantat m ai frumos ca tine. Fatul ca esti sud-american nu-ti confera dreptul de autentic.
Thomas Scott
I want one of those!
Victoria Allah Verdi
Beautiful I 🎵🎼🎶🎵🎵🎵🌺🌺🥀❤❤❤❤🎵🎶🎵❤ it merci
Yen Tran
[ÐÕ]*Łüçhîk* [ÐÕ]*Łüçhîk*
Классно играют!!!!!!! Браво ребята, молодцы!!!!!!
begonia wong
Great work, Great sound. Thanks for posting.
daniël Crisafulli
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dhscpa1956 Smith
Two gentleman from Cuzco pay homage to a band from Newcastle on Tyne, how global can you get?
Wow! beautiful what tribe are these indians from?
gyulchora atanesyan
Wonderful !!! so romantic so very magic performance !divine music ! thanks! cheers !!!!
kaunda gume
These guys are aliens they're so good
maryla XYZ
Zaraz zacznę płakać to takie piękne.
nofly 28
The most haunting sound I've ever heard! !!
raya service
Ru music man iwant to ask u
ruger kidd
totally awesome. like to hear more classic 60's music using panflutes
sandie yip
Two thumbs up to the arr. Beautifully done.
sports cars new
Dady and son??
str mk
SUPER Version DIAMANT, BRAVO💎💎💎👍👍👍💎💎💎
thomas womack
What a stunningly beautiful interpretation of that gritty old tune...I love it.
was jeck
william osorio
Beautiful cover play by\nRaza andina from ecuador
Валерия Рубцова
Гениально! Браво!
Владимир Конин
Как и везде,три процента генетического брака поставили дизлайки...
Толяша Макс
Молодці очень пондравілось
Ю Несбё
Юрий Филатов
塵伏在生命中的樂章 U 現一首 又好聽 又很療 癒 尉藉心靈的一首 世紀 名曲 沉寂何時 可讓凡塵 不茫然 我太喜歡了 為你按 贊
nice song ,