The House of the Rising Sun versión THE ANDES

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Interpretado por:THE ANDESTEMA ORIGINALThe Animals - House of the Rising Sun (1964).Contactosfacebook: The AndesCelFrancia 0033788069261Spain [email protected]


Serendipity means finding what you're not looking for. I clicked this on a whim and I am glad that I did.
Aigul Bekbaulieva
Молодцы вы супер
Ana Pontes
Anita Singh
Anna-Maria Pierce
Human beings of all nations bring beautiful gifts; we can recognize this here once more with gratitude
Berke Buyurgan
awsome cover. what is the instrument name?
Ouvir essas músicas em uma tarde chuvosa é maravilhoso. Obrigado.
Carl Carson
Most beautiful. I just wonder how 1.4K disklike this?
Chiarina Sanna
Piacevole melodia,veri artisti del pan flauto.Siete molto bravi!!!.
Danny Doyle
Fantastic brilliant music, I used to play that music.\nWhen I was in a band it brought back memories.\nThank you Inka.
Deorman Robey
What's with the thumbs down? Some people are nuts.
Dizzy Lizzy
Before I forget. Wanted to say that I'm so sick of all the vain and prideful people in Hollywood and the music scene. Not these two men. I see a real sense of humility here. They don't play for fame or money. They play because it's what's deep in their heart. That's what matters.
Dresden Cowboy
Really nice. Enjoyed this post.
Edward Andrews
So heavenly, so captivating, so beautiful... \nIndeed, the flute is an instrument made in Heaven!)
El hassani
c est les portes du penitenciers johnny tres tres beau el
Elva P
Sounds like I died and went to heaven . My all time favorite song never sounded so moving !! Thank You !!!!!!
Erich Stockinger
echt geil und gute aufnahme danke vielmals
Fabrega Jean-Charles
Très émouvant.\n\nMerci
Fantastica musica nel ricordo della mia gioventù
Goranko Trojak
Hello Kitty
I can't get enough of this!!!
Ingmar Jonker
i can see a cowboy just leaving behind a trail of dust as he runs of into the horizon xD
Truly of a tall and proud people...
James Caldwell
That was amazing!
Jasmina Marjanovic
Unbelievable ,amazing ,beautiful ......
Jemilyn Yosores
Wow one of my favorite it....i want to learn how to play it 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏
Joana Dark
..e MT emocionante t
Johanna Kidd
Never heard the House of The Rising Sun played on Pan Pipes before...Beautiful
John Builes
The pan pipes is originally from South America, from the Andean Mountain Range.
Kader Ben dodo je t'aime ambre
mon bébé ambre ton papa qui t'aime ma petite chérie
Kelleydon Patterson
My complete favorite version of this poor people's classic.Hail the Heavy!!
LakeRose Wayanad Resort
Great effort
Lans Lay
Absolutely beautiful 👍👍
Linuxoid и програмирование
Maria Luisa
Muito lindooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Mario Maldonado
This was amazing, Respect
Mark Jeffrey
Fantastic rendition of an already great song by the Animals, on Pan Flutes.
Marte Parado
Relieving my beautiful music...
Mary Dean
Just Amazing how yalls Talent can make a great feeling of Soulful Music in each note of Every Song ya'll preform...just absolutely Amazing thank you for sharing your Music with all people !!! Ol couple way down in TX....jd
Małgorzata. Raszke - Johnem
Beautiful video and music. 👍👏❤🙏
Mei Ng
Good 😍
Mike Prentice
Wish I could play like that. Very nice good enjoying it 😆.
Mike Preston-Engel
I keep coming back to this supernatural performance. What perfection Raz presents of how to play the pan flute...and his accompanying musicians are pretty damn good.
Patsy Boyd
that's great love that
Peggy Liu
Bravo! What a beautiful version of this piece!
Pro Mixing
Man, this was like from their souls to their hearts and thru their lips to our ears...just absolutely beautiful... you can feel this as well as hear it!!!!
Prof. Cícero
Muito bonito. Vim por indicação da belas artes.
Raymond-Trevor Twine M.A.
A wonderfull performance. So haunting the music isn't it? \n I would not like to guess the many hours \nThese brilliant musicians took to create such a perfect sound for our enjoyment. \nI played \
Robbie Achmar
Omg,,,,, brought tears to my eyes,,,, unbelievable
Robert Bawden
salutes BRAVO SIR.
Robert James
One of the best versions of this song I've ever herd if not the best what do you think people
Robert Kamenzind
please one day vote yes on legalization, thank you so fuken much. did I mention that I love you!....😎😋😎😊😂
Romsn Gorbunov
Супер молодцы
Saijai Cheunarom
U ben een schat 😍 van Netherland World.
Salvador Martinperez
bonita musica
Sandra Rodrigues
Sandra Silva
I love
Sanjuana Gasca
Such beautiful people and Culture
Beautiful, thank you for sharing!
Shreedhara Kedilaya
So sad...i feel the sufferings of native americans...
Shyamal Das
Sombat Bunmee
Spiritus Civitas
Wow, ..... just wow. Haunting otherworldliness
Steve Logan
These fellows remind me of my favorite Peruvian band called Runa Pacha, if you have never heard them, you are missing out. They are outstanding
São Banza
Lindo !!!!
Tamás Ódor
Nagyon tetszik.
Tonya Higgins
Love the calming effect that native music has over the body and soul..
Trinh Tan Thanh
Valerie Broadnax
This is one of the best versions I have heard of this songs! Beautifully done! 😎🌺. Love this version!
[ÐÕ]*Łüçhîk* [ÐÕ]*Łüçhîk*
Классно играют!!!!!!! Браво ребята, молодцы!!!!!!
bev fowler
cesar maldonado
El sol naciente en instrumental es lo mejor.
dhscpa1956 Smith
Two gentleman from Cuzco pay homage to a band from Newcastle on Tyne, how global can you get?
Wow! beautiful what tribe are these indians from?
iris baby
que lindo
jaya tissa
Truly awesome
maryla XYZ
Zaraz zacznę płakać to takie piękne.
Haunting ans beautiful sound.
nils blomqvist
Very very amazing! Beautiful....thank you very much, heaven,heaven!
Awesome, Thank you very much for sharing.
ruger kidd
totally awesome. like to hear more classic 60's music using panflutes
sandie yip
Two thumbs up to the arr. Beautifully done.
shirl robertson
i love this music
str mk
SUPER Version DIAMANT, BRAVO💎💎💎👍👍👍💎💎💎
thomas womack
What a stunningly beautiful interpretation of that gritty old tune...I love it.
was jeck
william osorio
Beautiful cover play by\nRaza andina from ecuador
Светлана Егорова
Бог с нами.
Татьяна Валова
Очень красивое исполнение!!!!! Браво!!!!!
塵伏在生命中的樂章 v又現一首 又好聽 又很療易 心靈的名曲 為你按 贊