MAFIA 3 - ALL 50 Playboy Magazine Collectibles Location Guide

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There are 50 Playboy Magazine Collectibles you can find across the ten districts of New Bordeaux in Mafia 3.Playboy Magazines are one of the collectibles in Mafia 3. There are 50 of them to be found in New Bordeaux, and each one contains a cover and variable number of pictures and articles. Time Seek / Playboy MagsDELRAY HOLLOW[

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Alexander Eklund
i love how you skip the pictures since you missed so many censors xD
Bork Lazer
So you don't have to be on certain chapters to get them like in Mafia 2?
Domagoj Jurić
Ess Astonish
Great video found most of them, but i don't know if my game is bugged or what. There is a magazine of March 1966 it's not in your video and I can't remember the last location Where i haven't collected all playboys T_T Edit: Your description didn't match the correct year in the video XD it's in Southdowns [20:02] #29 March 1966 * \n\nMany thanks Gosu
Fap Man
I didn't totally Fapped off to them
Gijs Hagenaars
Some you can only find in/after a mission?
I was able to collect all except #8 cause I just started the game and went hunting for the magazines right away 😂😂😂 thank you tho this video really helped a lot 👌🏽👌🏽
Jason Marin
6:05 I'm at the location. Why can't I open the door?
Lon Wolf she's hot
Eugena Washington is my favorite
Mário Koky
je to sexy!!!!
NoSoy DuardGam3r
Thank u
Спасибо подрочил)
But I didn’t type “locations”
Salty Boi 99
19:28 playboy September 1967 is my favorite playboy of the game
at 6:15 my door isnt open?? i have found all of them but this one and i dont know why its not open.. i might still be early in the game maybe?? but its werird that i got all of them but this one.. its driving me crazy
That Channel
Do u have to be in the right time
man these ain't like mafia 2
simon barter
most of these are from mafia 2?
the red gamer
Y can't I pick up any of the magazine?