The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows (Official Video)

Official music video for "Heaven Knows" by The Pretty Reckless. From the album GOING TO HELL available now. Download at iTunes:

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Whoa came here from American Satan and I'm *SHOOK*
Alexis Marie
Went from Cindy Lou to Presidents Daughter to Jenny from Gossip Girl to this amazing person
Anaclara Garcia
its like pink floyd another brick in the wall but in 2018 era
Blake I.
Hi Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. Seems like little J is full on crack now, what does Queen B think about this? You know you love me xoxo Gossip girl
Blake O'Kelley
She is so small to have such a rich, full bodied voice like that. Absolutely amazing.
Bobbit Duke
Hard to believe that the lead singer was the young girl who starred in How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Damn Well done Taylor. Was watching Grinch Who Stole Christmas. From a little girl to a kick ass mucician.
Bruna Rebecca
2018 ❤
Woe!! When i had read that some skirt had left Gossip Girl to pursue music i thought they meant like the way every face does a karaoke album these days. This is serious stuff. She made the right move!\n\nI really like this song -and i even say that speaking as a Christian.\n\nThere is a conversation that people of faith need to have with themselves, and with each other, but the conversation itself becomes taboo. What is it that you really believe?\n\nAs a youth, i felt that \
One time... Taylor Momsen punched me in the face. It was awesome. (I wish...)
Calypso Rose
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nPuberty's a truck\nThat hit Cindy Lou
Camilla Granger
little j isn't so little anymore
Caroline H
I see all these comments that say \
Awesome I like the song
Dakota Sabrynah
I still can't believe this that little girl from the Grinch
Dakotah MacDonald
Douglas Maldonato
Minha rainha gótica ❤
xvideos brought me here
Dudi Schaefer
damn she has a good body
Dylan The Damned
This song is amazing live 😍
Edward Baladinakis
Taylor momsen is hot🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Elaine Hinton
Never give up sisters! We got this!!
Eminem MNM
It sounds like We Will Rock You
Emma Aslyn
I can't watch this without thinking of little j
Eric Hiscock
She has a kick ass voice
Faiq Ahmad
Female version of QUEEN...! Love from India
She has children worshipping her XD
Grant Stoutenburg
Spotted.  Little J forming her own band and making a little big spectacle of her sexuality and musical prowess.  Look out B, looks like you got some competition in the musical world with Lonely Boy's little sis.\n\nYou know you love me\nXOXO Gossip Girl
Cindy Lou Who is a babe
Hailey P.
I have no idea why this song was never included into the show Riverdale, it's definitely a song fitting of the Southside Serpents
Hallie Everett
Jenny Humphreys grew up lmao
Hi Pineapple
Isn't she both the presidents daughter in spy kids AND Cindy lou
Another Brick in the Wall Pt.2 + We Will Rock You × Avril Lavigne Darkness = This Song.
Jacob Angeles
It's Called Whiskey
Jacob Rodda
Who came here after watching the new Jessica Jones trailer
Jason Presley
This song reminds me of Queens
Jeff Stanford
I love her honesty and\ntruth .it's very meaningful to me as an artist.
Jenya The 1st
O ho, heaven knows, we belong with Dumbledore, with Dumbledore, with Dumbledore, with Dumbledore...
Jonny Deuteronomy
(singing) Oh Lord Cindy Lou, what the hell happened to you...sing it...oh Lord tell us so, we...
Julia Lawrence
I have now seen body goals
Julia Rizzuto
I think I missed this episode of gossip girl...
Anyone else here because of American Satan??
So this is what happened to Cindy Lou Hoo
LukeIs Dumb
Sooo this is sindy lou all grown up now\nSeems like the grinch tought her what rock is
Mario Dueñas
Jessica Jones season 2 badass soundtrack
Meredith White
I took my oldest to see them and Halestorm. He couldn't deal with standing for so long, and sat down on a bench adjacent to the stage and ended up meeting and chatting with Taylor Momsen after their set was over. SMH He said she was super cool.
I can't believe people don't get it\n\
Mr. Problem solver 89
I like how at the very end the kids are raising their hands like praise the lord.
Nadia May Betina
She makes me want to love the devil mwahahhah
Nicholas Genovese
when Lucifer shows up on Supernatural
Nirvana #
Not in The mood
Paige Sorto
2018 anyone?
Pandora Purple
QUEEN 👑❤😍✨
Godamn what a great song and a hot woman 💯🍒
Rae LaBounty
I'm a Christian and I love her music. Just because I (and her fans) listen to it and enjoy it, doesn't mean we are going to Hell. It's not like I base my WHOLE life on these songs, I just love them, and her voice. It's not like God is looking down and is all, \
Rebecca Ellie
this is one of my favorite music videos and songs from her!! it kinda sound like we will rock you!!
Reckless 16
I found out about this band when I had a van driver and took me to school and I would hear this song and now I'm a huge fan of tpr
Schnitzl Klopfa
I absolutely love her voice. And her aversion to clothing.
Shawn Marino
I only heard this song when it came out, I was 10.
Who else hears \
I'm in love... literally in love when can we get married?
Suleyman Suleymanov
2019 \\m/
Syra Allen
Spotted- little J turning in her sewing kit for a guitar. Goodbye fashion, hello rock star.\nYou know you love me.\nXoxo, Gossip Girl.
Szonja Szabó
We need her in American Horror Story
Tamylicious SDelicious
she have done!!!!\nyeah she rocks!!! amazing
Tivan Tim
Sindy lou all grown up is amazing
Tsarah August
I am not sure, but I think this song is used for the new Jessica Jones S2 trailer
Vad Cesta
Теперь мне хочется, чтобы Тейлор выщла за меня замуж)))
Xero Of Nine
taylor is the most beautiful woman in the world, wonder if i could convince her to marry me haha...that would be the day i could die happy...after our honeymoon of course :P
alex fgdfg
wtf shes the one who made this song???? God DAMM shes not only talented and a creative genius, she's got the looks.
autumn shindelar
2019 anyone?
Holy Goddess. I'd turn lesbian for her
christopher st.martin
Wow. Classic rock just took a back seat. Head in the sand this lady ROCKS!
chujek zbójek 320
jessica jones trailer song LOVE
creepy tinky winky
Don't give a god damn
how come I haven't listened to these guys before??
elizabeth warner
gunner the husky
i got stop repeatig 2:09
so beautiful, voice, mind and looks. Yes in that order if you are wondering
Who's here from Jessica Jones?
josh omera
She's the girl from the Grinch? Lol I never knew that
kim ramphal
Looks like Little J isn't so little anymore. Instead of dealing drugs she's taking them. \nYou know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.
when you stop eating waffles with rufus
lily Satan
ll C babybrooksG
Remember where the 7 came from
Wow so many detectives here. They watched the credits in The Grinch (or just looked on google) and found this is the same girl! Let's go solve some crimes together.
mike fox
Going to Hell? No my friends we ARE in Hell.
nice try
sexy tatoo man FINEEEEE
This really makes me want to watch Gossip Girl even tho they ruined her character by making us hate her for no reason lmao
We do belong down below, but Jesus paid the price for our sins.  We are free thru Christ.\nDon't let the world rob you of your salvation.\nJesus saves
ria l
Um im in love with her 😍
sxlly uwu
This song makes me wanna be badass.
unrepeatable raddish
its so hard to picture.... this is the same person that played the little girl (cindy lou who) on how the grinch stole christmas
w d
We don't need no education
wenhu Yu
Албанус Презилга
clicking on this vid brought me here.
скрипка и немного нервно
Охренительно *_* Шикарнейший клип^^\nДаже слов больше не находится)