Dueling Banjos (Bluegrass style)

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This montage is musically inspired of version of Eric Weissberg from "Deliverance" movie.Banjo and guitar by Rene Perreault.Thetford Mines 2017.Ce montage est inspiré musicallement de la version deEric Weissberg du film "La Délivrance".Banjo & guitare par René Perreault.Thetford Mines 2017.

I love the fact that it's ONE Banjo dueling ONE Acoustic Guitar :D
This is freaking awsome! :) :)
The horse neying at the beginning well timed
Amandie Pannell
Welcome to Western North Carolina
Andy James
Looks like a badly written Mod for Fallout 4, good guitar work though!
Andy and Belinda Bittick-Hurlbut
Awww! Take yer gloves off! Love pickin'!
Anne Cytanovich
Antonio Valencia
Sencillamente excelente!
Bob Champion
Besides the green screen, there's apparently another factor nobody picked up on. Those \
Boonluer Blanchette
I Love is you guys are awesome thank you for sharing
Love the way the horse 🐴 looks over at 2.58 totally as if it's liking the tune 🎶 well played lads always one of my favourite tunes in life
that horse in the back is like damn thats some good banjo 2:57
Carsten Voll
reisst mich nich gerade vom Hocker!! weit am Orginal vorbei!!
Charles Collins
It's all the good stuff... - minus the creepy! :p love it
Christian Humenik
i deadass diddnt notice it was a greenscreen till i read the comment section.
That horse sound was amazing at the beggining.
took half the song to realize this was in front of green screen
Danny Evans
YYYYiieeeewwwww, gat dam lovely n true
I love this kind of shit
David Cook
That was nice how they dubbed the horses in Ahahahahah great song !!!
David Gregoroff
Banjo wins, every time. JMO
David Holady
i think the horses gathered eating steam as the music blossomed
Doc Holiday
Just watch out if a bald headed kid walks up with a White Lady Banjo. Seriously y'all did a great job on it.
Douglas Martins
Badaasssssss hahaha lol
Dre Queen
I thought that horse seemed awfully hungry lol. Sounded great.
Egzit Woond
It screws me up because the banjo is balanced to the left and the guitar to the right...... I love it but watching it is hard lol
Nice green screen
Elisabeth Gahnström
So good.......👍
Eric Schoeters
BANJO allways put a smile in my face
Gerard Van Zanten
Gioele Ceraulo
Peter is better
Oh god it's so weird hearing the guitar come out of the right audio channel and the banjo from the left while watching them sit on opposite sides.
Jimbo Carrino
It took me way too long to realize that was a green screen
Jkd Buck76
SQUEAL BOY!!!! Just kidding. You two are awesome.
John Sylliboy
That a scenario I would Love a ranch in Cape Breton Highlands.
Jorge William Lazaro Vargas Leon
Jose Gabriel Almeida De Paula
Montagen bem feita em kkkk
Joseph Addington
Great job guys!!
Juniemoon Hagan
this is wonderful :-) Kind wishes from bonnie Scotland :-)
Karen Fredericks
Horse in background, \
Kerry Quemard
Amazing but just realized it's one guy doing both banjo and guitar
Living In A Van
Very nice. Excellent job on the presentation! It's awesome that you were able to duel yourself and have it look like two different people playing out in the field.
LoneWolfe E9
Just ..A.W.E.some!!
Lucifer Morningstar Danny
Love the green screen 🤣🤣
Ludovico Baccino
Luisa Falanitule
Mack earth Aussie
Same guy very talented
Marc Perske
You boys ain't from around here is ya? Ha ha. Good job!
Marvin Morley
A forever classic....
Matthias Paddeo
Very good performance, great job.
Mayel Orozco
Jajajaja el que está sentado en la paja por su pie está atrás de un proyector jajajaja saludos
Mihovil Hrvatin
Moonlight X Fox
Banjo + guitar = True Bluegrass
Takamine guitar ???? where are The MARTIN folks ?
Nashville Tennessee
Okay from the credits it says that the same boy is playing both the guitar and the banjo. It must be split screen because it's only one person playing both instruments!
Red dead redemption 2 brought me here.
I bet thise 3.2k dislikes didnt watch past the first minute 😉 well done
Banjo+guitar=ear candy
Patrick Mcghee
That will get your hart pumping. Thanks
Pete Sanchez
Man look at that background, man oh man would love to sit there listen to these guys while drinking some moonshine. I am Mexican but Iive this lifestyle.
Peterrimmer54 Rimmer
wonderful took over with the english few villages still play the banjos north of england
eu acho essa música demais um verdadeiro e empolgante cowtry.
Rhonda Boncutter
Love this! Grew up on my Grandparents Porch when people in Ky. had their instruments in the car!
Rob Eddy
Great music. What is the banjo player's right foot resting on? LOL. Good job, guys.
Robert Castle
Ron Holcomb
Arthur Smith is the original writer of this piece. It was established in US courts that Weissberg had copied the music from Smith's earlier work called originally \
Ryan Farley
You guys sound amazing! 👍🏻
Scott Russell
they are sure good,,,,, nothing like a green screen behind them,LOL,,,but its still good
Sergio Abel Reginatto
Great song!
love the fake horse in the background lol .
Shubham gupta
Thanks for the amazing collab of guitar and banjo....love from India 😄❤
Sid Mani
Brings a smile to my face. Everything about it, is so beautiful.
Sid May
No matter who or how it is great
Smoke YaSs
great performance plus i like the whole dueling banjos thing cause of a certain movie too.\nOne question tho… watching this on 480p made me think its the red dead redemption 1/2 videogame or something alike, turning up the resolution still made the clip look as if some sort of a filter had been used to add some sort of… well whatever people having a clue might happen to call it. Just in case, anyone happen to know what program/filters/tools migh have been used? Or is it just a combination out of not the best cam on the planet, my own outaged glasses and bad resolution plus arguably a few whiskeys making me think this looks sorta worn out vintage westernish??
The Crypto Zoo
The Four Horsemen
That's the most obvious green screen effect ever.
Great playing, but whats with the green screen that was not properly keyed up?
Thelma Peckerwood
that banjo really tickles my brain listening on my bose headphones out in the sheep shed........ yeeeeee hawww
Thomas Raahauge
Best bluescreen performance of greengrass ever! ;)
Tin Mar
Amazing guys 😁
Tom Pauls
never get tired of this tune! First heard it in Deliverance and I was yeehawing then! It would have been more fun if they changed the digital screen scenery occasionally. Liked the floating feet!
* Banjo. Nice though!
United We Stand
A marriage made in heaven Bluegrass Style.
Walter Kerr
I've heard this tune countless times, but I still love it.
blue light orchestra
a very nice video! The work is very successful! Many greetings Peter (bandleader / composer blue light orchestra)
cars nguitars
As a guitar player and lifelong music fan I'd like to say one thing... Great job guys. Anyone in bags on you or talk to you down should go and try and play that song. It's easy to play poorly but not so easy to play it right... Good job dudes keep rocking
charlee mcwhirter
pretty horse I want her/him!
0:13 neighing of horse is awesome...
great white hunter
Great job guys
james ford
Great job Gentleman, that’s what it’s about there...........
jerry P.
john kindon
yeeeehaaaa just brilliant
maria kennedy
Love some bluegrass!!\nEven though I'm in Dublin,Ireland💚
maurizio poluzzi
Everytime i hear this song ,there's something making me cry !! Maybe my youth gone....
I m here because of burt Reynolds. Rip
Bert Reynolds unstrung his bow at this rendition ! great job on both parts there partner ! love it !
Gawd, this is beautiful country. Nice playing too (especially when that horse whinnied his approval, right at the beginning)!!
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