Dueling Banjos (Bluegrass style)

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This montage is musically inspired of version of Eric Weissberg from "Deliverance" movie.Banjo and guitar by Rene Perreault.Thetford Mines 2017.Ce montage est inspiré musicallement de la version deEric Weissberg du film "La Délivrance".Banjo & guitare par René Perreault.Thetford Mines 2017.

I love the fact that it's ONE Banjo dueling ONE Acoustic Guitar :D
This is freaking awsome! :) :)
Enjoyable to watch and listen to. They played it well. Only thing is the feet look ridiculous floating on the fake background.
And the winner is...THE HILLBILLY!!!
Amandie Pannell
Welcome to Western North Carolina
Andrew Malcolm
Andy James
Looks like a badly written Mod for Fallout 4, good guitar work though!
Andy Roid
What's great is this guy is French (or, I assume, from a French speaking area of a country).\n\nNice job. Au revoir!
Andy and Belinda Bittick-Hurlbut
Awww! Take yer gloves off! Love pickin'!
Ann Hennessy
R.I.P Burt...............................
Guys come on now... Use a proper background for this amazing song.... That's a computer generated background... Go to a real hayfield and sit on a real haybale...
Bob Champion
Besides the green screen, there's apparently another factor nobody picked up on. Those \
Boonluer Blanchette
I Love is you guys are awesome thank you for sharing
Brendalee Graham
Absolutely love this !! 😄🎶
that horse in the back is like damn thats some good banjo 2:57
Carmela Fico
Bellissima musica
Carsten Voll
reisst mich nich gerade vom Hocker!! weit am Orginal vorbei!!
Charles Collins
It's all the good stuff... - minus the creepy! :p love it
Christian Humenik
i deadass diddnt notice it was a greenscreen till i read the comment section.
Colonel confused
Floating feet. Took a while
CountryBoy Williams
I love this kind of shit
That took me a long time to realize it's a greenscreen, until I looked on their feet! The lighting seems really accurate :D
David Gregoroff
Banjo wins, every time. JMO
David Holady
i think the horses gathered eating steam as the music blossomed
Doc Holiday
Just watch out if a bald headed kid walks up with a White Lady Banjo. Seriously y'all did a great job on it.
Dr Do-Little
Still looking for the \
Dr. Rick
That green screen was disturbing....made it look like they were both floating.
Dre Queen
I thought that horse seemed awfully hungry lol. Sounded great.
Earnest Craig
Like Yosemite same, \
Nice green screen
Erich L. Ruehs
Total f-in talent from GOD
Eriks Rimsans
Best duet ever. I forgot that movie name , but that was awesome. GJ guys I love You.
Farenheit 451
First 10 seconds..\nThat horse needs a tune-up...\nMolasses and Oats!
Fell Wanderer
Guys, that was amazing thanks for sharing
Franco Nero
More speed at banjo guy to be perfect to the real movie scene.
Franco Scanfe
meglio dell'originale,bravi
Gin Winsky
Two floatin' fellas on a green landscape screen playing bluegrass. That's my type of music.
Screw the movie, the exuberance and joy of the most awesome bit of string music ever devised will outlive it.  God this is beautiful.
Oh god it's so weird hearing the guitar come out of the right audio channel and the banjo from the left while watching them sit on opposite sides.
Harold Rull
What a technology on putting this together, they’re not playing on an actual background, guy on the right waist down didn’t move an inch to the end. Still a good video.
Magnifique \n.merci
Jack Franklin-martyn
It took me three minutes to real8ze that wernt actually there
Jeff Cupp
I would give up my own life for just for that moment to spend some time with my dad again, ... just a picking and grinnin
Jose Gabriel Almeida De Paula
Montagen bem feita em kkkk
Juniemoon Hagan
this is wonderful :-) Kind wishes from bonnie Scotland :-)
Justina Marina
Will always love this song.
Karen Fredericks
Horse in background, \
Kris Hosburg
I’ll add this to my watch later slash keep video list. Nice choice of background. People today I think have trouble letting go of modern day concerns, if they listen to your music instead of braking down what they see in your music. People into country music today don’t or have never thought about what country music is really about. It’s not about my house, girl, and dog are gone. It’s about a characteristic of being free and living in a way that lets you be you and not what the normal folks want. Real Country Music lets you leave behind your true live and remember the path that you took to get were you are and look back proud of that journey. Great job guys I could and would enjoy seeing more from you in the future. Truck Driving Cowboy.
took half the song to realize this was in front of green screen
Ladog Box
The girl I love more than anyone reminds me of this song.sigh
Green screen not good. But it got me. Better be worth it.
Mack earth Aussie
Same guy very talented
Mangasar Mangasarian
green screen does not matter, thanks for interrupting my stressful day with a little joy
Mark Badgett
One of the most difficult pieces to play.
Martin Hansen
Even in Europe it is one of the most well known Americana.
Marvin Morley
A forever classic....
Mayel Orozco
Jajajaja el que está sentado en la paja por su pie está atrás de un proyector jajajaja saludos
Michel Coleou
Le cheval derrière apprécie ...il jette un regard vers les musiciens .
Mihovil Hrvatin
Mister AlphaOmegaNinjaSealTeamOne
Man those horses make that hay look good.... now I'm hungry.
Nashville Tennessee
Okay from the credits it says that the same boy is playing both the guitar and the banjo. It must be split screen because it's only one person playing both instruments!
Banjo+guitar=ear candy
Pamela Jane Mcilroy
Yahoo absolutely awesome. 💜 Love your playing. 👍👍👍👍👍
Pete Sanchez
Man look at that background, man oh man would love to sit there listen to these guys while drinking some moonshine. I am Mexican but Iive this lifestyle.
Peterrimmer54 Rimmer
wonderful took over with the english few villages still play the banjos north of england
R. Christine Young
My Mama and aunt Carolyn love this bluegrass gospel group here in South Georgia named Traditional Sound. Ain’t Carolyn would alway make Hank play this. He called it Paul and Silas. Miss those days
Rhonda Boncutter
Love this! Grew up on my Grandparents Porch when people in Ky. had their instruments in the car!
Rob Eddy
Great music. What is the banjo player's right foot resting on? LOL. Good job, guys.
Robert Peševski
The banjo and guitar talking, the banjo answering and repeating and following the guitar. Amazing scene from the fantastic and amazing movie Deliverance.Many and great thanks!
Ron Holcomb
Arthur Smith is the original writer of this piece. It was established in US courts that Weissberg had copied the music from Smith's earlier work called originally \
Scott Russell
they are sure good,,,,, nothing like a green screen behind them,LOL,,,but its still good
Se7en Pounder
the banjo dood's foot is levetating.😶
Sergio Abel Reginatto
Great song!
love the fake horse in the background lol .
Shubham gupta
Thanks for the amazing collab of guitar and banjo....love from India 😄❤
The Crow
Was hoping the horses would get closer and start dancing. Lol.\nDon’t I have a great imagination?
The Four Horsemen
That's the most obvious green screen effect ever.
Thelma Peckerwood
that banjo really tickles my brain listening on my bose headphones out in the sheep shed........ yeeeeee hawww
Tom Pauls
never get tired of this tune! First heard it in Deliverance and I was yeehawing then! It would have been more fun if they changed the digital screen scenery occasionally. Liked the floating feet!
United We Stand
A marriage made in heaven Bluegrass Style.
Suckiest green screen ever lmfao. Look at the banjo player's right foot for one omg. But nice playing never the less :D
Wade Booth
They play so good that they can hover!!
Walter Kerr
I've heard this tune countless times, but I still love it.
Wilhelm Geisler
Will Campbell
The man on the left is a representation of Southwestern culture. With the guy on the right southeastern. Kinda at least
blue light orchestra
a very nice video! The work is very successful! Many greetings Peter (bandleader / composer blue light orchestra)
cars nguitars
As a guitar player and lifelong music fan I'd like to say one thing... Great job guys. Anyone in bags on you or talk to you down should go and try and play that song. It's easy to play poorly but not so easy to play it right... Good job dudes keep rocking
chrisa pattee
Pretty good, keep practicing fellas!
grandpa grows
[email protected] would be proud
Love ❤️
jerry P.
maria kennedy
Love some bluegrass!!\nEven though I'm in Dublin,Ireland💚
mark staplehurst
who gives a toss about green screens, its a music video and a pretty damned good one at that you muppets!
maurizio poluzzi
Everytime i hear this song ,there's something making me cry !! Maybe my youth gone....
I m here because of burt Reynolds. Rip
great ,estonia
Gawd, this is beautiful country. Nice playing too (especially when that horse whinnied his approval, right at the beginning)!!
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