Corporal punishment at school

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2016. 8. 23.

#Hannie Storyline
it looks fake
Adolf Briones
this is fake he didnt hit em that hard, call that a punishment? 😐😐😐😐😐
Aesthetic _Gaming
Alyssa Romero
Amanda Yuen
This looks like a fake one lmao
Angie _bbyy
people there just acting
Anonymous Anonymous
This acting is gold!
Carolina Nunes
Despite being total fake, the punishments are logical, 1 stroke for 1 point under 70 (but can´t imagine the butt of a student with a mark of 40 ou 50, ouch!). If applied this method will certainly increase student marks!
DJ B Singlestone
Hit them harder u too lenient
Dangerous Danger
Are you kidding me the perfect masterpiece does not exi-
Darren Miles-Morland
That didn't look real.
David Tosh
Corporal punishment in schools are not legal in these western states. They are: California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.
Debbie’s Island
Yea lol they added sound affects lol
Deepa Sumaria
very good punishment so that they can do better
Dr. Carr
this was bull not real
DreadSkin26 HD
Where in Korea do they speak english?
Dumbnut2018 Stories
How did that hurt
Dyraco Playz
weak hit
He can’t even speak English properly how does he get to teach this class
Eduardo King
The teacher cannot even speak proper English, how can he be teaching English.
Elias Haily
it looked like he was just patting them with a stick
No way!
Farruh Ishmanov
I want to see the full story
Flute_Player 101
Total faaaaaake
What a good video! This video explains to us what corporal punishment is. I wish corporal punishment was illegal in South Korea.
Geo Patthapee Jongsathapongpan
you hit very soft
Gregory Kelley
Thats fake
Hasan Rashed
After getting backlashed how could guys can say thanks to a teacher !! Freakin Hilarious !!
Hasnat Waheed
He's not hitting
Hassan Hussain
I that this is real but it was just taping Thier buts
HoRsElOvEr200 6
Why do they announce the grades out loud
It's ya girl Kayla
the description said that it was a project
JJ Engg Serivces
In the next video beat them really hard
Jay Spillers
The fact that it has fake kung fu sounding hits, I'm thinking it's all fake.
Jayapal Jayapal
Good punishment the teacher will beat the students they will get more marks
Jeanell hodgell
Jeff Campbell
That teacher did not hit those boys that hard lol
Jenna Barker
He was just tapping them actully not even touching them
Jimmy Walker
Tap tap tap
Jitsi Vang
Kaitlin Miller
I’m lmao at the sound affects and fake reactions 😂 you really should have hired better actors...
Kendahl Potter
seriously, needs to be harder ;)
LPS Jewel
He’s like baldi. XD he’s a crazy smacking teacher with a roller
Liam Watson
Our teachers would be in prison if they did that in our country. Fire that teacher and charge him with sexual assault.
That wack wasn't even hard
Luis Zamora
That’s abuse for school. Nice skit.
Luna Lovegood
Luna Star
This is cruel!
Machol Munhare
This is a lie they were not getting beaten if you agree with me like this comment
Maria Castañeda
Really the sound effects? He tapping them lightly wth?
Mariam Eragat
That is so un real and the teacher didn't hit the boys so hard
Murugan Rajavadivu
Nicole Sayson
Humiliated with a non passing grade. This is student abuse!
Parazo Diaz
That teacher is so cute. I would let him smack my butt for getting lower marks!
Perihan9 Boyaci
Points Money
Raeid H
he didnt do a hard whoppin
Renea McDowell
This is fake
Ritika j
Boys plz learn to act... Don't do over acting 😑😑
Shaye Miller
Storm Drake
That's hot
Sudha Bhargava
Hits more
It's fake it's just a set up video
Tanisha Mishra
Sry....but it all seemed a total fake guys...
The Canine Nutritionist
Corporal punishment creates an unsafe and violent school environment.
The Veggie Gamer
The whole comment section should be in r/whoosh
TruthSight Gamer
So sad seeing white teachers hitting Korean students 😢😥😥😿
Tubal Erika
Its patting not hit or flog hahaha
Valeria Logo#roblox
Wow sooooooo painful (not)(°^°)
Varga Zoltán
Baldi's basics in a nutshell
brylee dewitt
This is fake
cloked_ Yoshi
it wasnt even hitting it was just tapping*oh i know its hard getting 9 hits* oh please
This is absolutely nothing here at Waitaki Boys High school in 1980s the teachers really laid into us with 6 of the best an drew blood... Arse burned for days
daisuke だいすけ
That is absolutely disgusting, not just hitting kids but the humiliation.
giraffaomega 1337
My goodness I never thought a teacher, one who wishes to TEACH their pupils, would be so barbaric and brutal. I may be some sort of queer disciplinarian but I would never go to such a degree of brutality that was shown in this video, such shame
hpfan 4908
Wow ya idiot teacher
iiRaya Rainbowiix
Not even HARD!
intertainmaint uk band sands
You have to get pass the grade wow
iren sarg
He was patting there buttt hahaha
jainam Desai
kertta cheung
l would like to be the person who got 9 hard hits
kimberly mcclelland
Is this a skit
morris kuria
thank goodness it was fake
The teacher needs whacks for not being able to speak proper English.
priti Sahoo
I like punishment
qick 165
random martian
I like how he lightly pats their buttocks, and the sound effects are edited in.
s.l zhai
sonia rajput
It is fake
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That man isn't even Korean.
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