HAPPY ENDING!! Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura || Sinquefield Cup 2018 - Round 9

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HAPPY ENDING!! Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura || Sinquefield Cup 2018 - Round 9Nakamura thought he can draw this game, but Carlsen didn't think so! And He's right OMG! :OFor the sixth straight year the 2018 Sinquefield Cup is here. Part of the Grand Chess Tour, the Sinquefield Cup brings 10 of the top World Players to battle it out across the board for $300,000See more video at:

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12:22 Carlsen feelsbad for him xd
Abhi Paluri
Sorry Nakamura.....
Angelito Ocampo
Nakamura is like dying chicken hit at the head by Carlsen. Magnus is too strong for poor Hikaru.
So, I'm still waiting for the \
Where can I find the full video?
Bruno Santos
Carlsen is so stronger the best!!
Carlsen es un monstruo 👏
Dawn Broker
Thanks for giving us update on the sinquefield cup.
Diego Alvarez
Second song name??
Dylan Wilson
Norwegian and Swedish guys have such defined chins.
Farag Borgohain
Was Nakamura crying at the last moments 😂😂😂
Flávio Giannini
Happy ending for who?
Gen Mystical
Saddest ending I have ever seen in chess, although I am Carlsenian
Guillermo Preves
Gustavo Zamora
Pobre nakamura
HaiXN Chanel
Carlsen đỉnh quá a ê 😂
John Rhovic Juliado
what is the name of 2 song
Jose Carp A.R.M.Y & CNCOwner
Que sad naka :(
José Carlos Medeiros
Nakamura's disappointment is understandable. How could anyone win this tied end? Carlsen is too strong!
Kayton Aot
Nakamura é tipo Vegeta, sempre na sombra de Goku(Carlsen)
Krishna Salampuriya
I realise that GM also reacts like me when they make mistakes
Always in the shadow of Carlsen.
Manuelito Amparo
Nakamura sell cars, house & lot's to play chess....the result is loss.....that's why he's sad
Mason Hollander
Nakamaru always lose to Carlsen 😞
Mauricio ProyeR
Pobre hikaru nakamura
Omer Isik
Lan olum şu nakanın magnusu yendiği bir maç yok mu herif hep yeniliyor magnusa
Why do I feel like the matches between these two are always so personal, especially for Nakamura.
Pascal Minette
Who else switches off sound ?
Phát Trịnh
Hi a
Redel Ordoña
Sad moments/NAKAMURA
La cara de dolor de Nakamura, hasta a mi duele esa derrota, fuerza Nakamura!!!
Ryan Silva
Why did not Magnus play D8?
Saitama Kun
Red Bull had him confused.
Sébastien Doucet
What's the piano song called?
Teh Munchkin
These two made some moves\nThat i would never think of doing it
I am sorry Hikaru :(
ahmed attia
poor Hikaru Nakamura.................Magnus Carlsen is too strong
Magnus drinks monster
I usually pay an extra $50 for a happy ending. What the fuck was this?
...adverts adverts adverts \nhow appallingly greedy \nbe ashamed
h1an yhb7
Now we see Naka in a losing position, letting his clock run out. He does this in online games too but we never see his face. Now we see how stunned he is that he is totally lost and just lets his clock run down for several minutes even though there is only one legal move that he can make.
tangu tangu
Đỗ Đăng Chiến
1st comment oh yeah
Νίκος Σ.
Guys i am a beginner. Can someone explain me why black lost?