Massed Pipes Drums parade through Deeside town to start the Ballater Highland Games 2018

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The massed pipes & drums march through Ballater in Royal Deeside, Scotland, to start the 2018 Ballater Highland Games. The parade is led by Drum Major Ian Esson and the bands were Ballater & District Pipe Band, Towie Pipe Band, Ellon & District RBL Pipe Band, Kintore Pipe Band and Dalhousie Pipe Band from Switzerland. (2 others to be confirmed) Drum Majors included Bert Summers, Bill Barclay, Derek Dean, Roland Stewart, Robert Brownfield, Fiona Glennie...After the parade through the town to Monaltrie Park, Ballater, the flag is raised and the Drum Majors salute the games committee.

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The mountains remind me of where I grew up in the Appalachians, as old as the Scottish Highlands because eons ago as the dinosaurs began their rule they were part of the same chain.
Andreas Raskin
Very nice⬜🔷
It would be nice if the Massed Pipes & Drums marched past my house every day. I love Scotland. Greetings from Germany.
Anthony Eugene
This display must make The Almighty Creator proud: seeing his children display of human integrety, autlhority and Here we stand demonstration of who we are and we are every man and anti oppression and hostility.... I like that, It makes me proud.
Bettina Gerloff
Einfach wundervoll, liebe Schotten knickt nicht ein.
Blanca Iris
I must have been a scots in another life ,because I love bag pipes the music from them is the best.from a fan in Puerto Rico.
Very nice. Wow Scotland. In Germany the Soldiers are hiding.
I wish i were a scotsman
Brian Carver
If you want to keep these traditions, you better stop the muslim invasion of our homeland Europe.
Brian McMurdo
Scottish badasses.
Chantal Blanchard
One day will visit Scotland. 🤙😘
Scotland the brave
Christine Macaulay
Absolutely amazing proud to be Scottish, there is no sound like the pipes & drums love it
David Redwood
So proud of my home town, well done Ballater.
Derrick Zapf
Listening to this makes you feel like you could march into hell and conquer it
Ellesmere Wildwood
Absolutely fantastic ! What a beautiful town. I have to visit Scotland and this beautiful town one day. Won't eat Haggis though ! No way, I won't be talked into it ! :oP\nExcellent filming and great sound too, nicely done.
FCB1900 Fanatics
I love it \u003c3 Greez from Germany
Fabrice Boiteux
C'est quand qu'ils viennent en France ? Je les attend !
Fergus Macleide
Alba go bragh!
Gary Dodgson
Bloody fantastic ,if you have to go into battle on what could be your last day on earth ,this is the sound you want to hear .Proud to have at least some Scottish blood coursing my veins .
Gary L
Bottom Line, this music really means: \
Gianluca Di Giglio
wow! very nice! I love this! yours traditions are so nice! \u003c3 love Scotland! a Very National State! Bye from Italy!
Gilbert Wolzow
Graham Schofield
Smart....the sound...the colour...the precision Scotland...
Guenther Kofler
Hoffe, dass Schottland bei Europa bleibt!
Hans Rundqvist
Amazing, i whash i vhere i wash there!
Harry Schoger
Even though I'm a lowlander of Scots Irish lineage, I love the sound of a Highland pipe and drum band. Scotland the Brave is always a stirring song.
Heinrich Redeker
ich mag die schotten!! das ist nationalstolz!! I love them.
Hervé B
toujours aussi fascinant ces écossais, mes cousins celtes !
Highdelta 123
Holy shit this is incredible, to bad Canada doesn't have this huge amount of bagpipes but at least we get bagpipes in parades.
J Fletbel
J M Martin
You know it's funny they say the world cannot get along and have peace. Seems to me there a lot of different languages and cultures that has watched this and liked it. So why so much hatred , let's all get together , each Nation with music to share , and have ourselves a huge wound healing parade. After all , our blood is the same color, stop shedding it over money and power.
Jack Fairweather
My Dad was with the North Nova Scotia Highlanders on Juno Beach. When the war was over they would have regimental reunions back in Canada. I grew up listening to this magical music. It stirs me to this day when I hear it!
Jefferson Miller
This is they way a Military parade should look. Well Done Chaps
Jens Richter
sehr gut...LG von einem der letzten GT der ddr
I didn't use to like the sound of the bagpipe but it is a sublime sound. It brings joy to the heart and different of most instrument you can hear it's sound through microphones easily.
Jorge Carbonell
well done! from ARgentina!! :)
Jude McGreen
Omg i love this SCOTLAND AND IRELAND ARE ALL MY LIFE!!!!♡♡♡😘😍😍
Kuba Kubański
It's amazing
The soul of Scotland proudly marching
Lucius Balfour
Bagpipes; invented to camouflage to noise of the brass balls cloinking under those kilts
Luckiflowe The Awesome
Scotland the Brave. Brilliant. Love from England.
Marc Monnier
Thanks for the video. Dalhousie Pipe Band from Switzerland. 2 pipers from Germany and one piper from the U.S. were also part of the Massed Band.
Michael Schwier
Das gefällt auch einem Nichtbriten !!!!! Richtig gut !!!!
Miguel Huerta
Mike Gross
Not a sour note was heard, the bagpipes got in the way! (Just kidding, I love bagpipe music)
Mike Richardson
Mitchel Varas
Que hermoso espectáculo, que lindo país, da envidia ver un pueblo tan ordenado y amante de sus tradiciones, los felicito. \nDesde Chile con mucha admiración.
Nahanni -Yukon
So Fine !!! None so Fine !! Salutes !!
Nicholas Evangelisto
So Powerful! Love it! Always my Favorite!!
Olívia Ramos
Lindo este uniforme!
Omar Bustos
Que bonito sus gaitas y su indumentaria de diferentes batallones , conservan su tradicion y sus gritos del comandante, un saludo desde Mexico.
Patricia García
Regards from Chile !! 💐We admire the sound of pipes!!!👏👏👏👏👏
Patricia Lang
Wunderschön die Musik mir Dudelsack💞
Patrick Joseph
From Kentucky: Bloody nice, lads 'n' lasses !!!
Phillip Yeager
I'm impressed how many \
R.C. Dotson
If isis saw this they’d run like they’ve never ran before
Rexriv Gaming
Imagine the enemy hearing this from far these guys are bad ass :) love bag pipes and hopefully one day visit Scotland
Schottland's Stolz und Ehre!!! Da kriege ich als Deutscher Gänsehaut!!! God bless these people, God bless Scotland, God bless our european nationes - from the Ural mountains to Ireland, from the northern cape to Malta !!!
Savage Snayle
I am a border man an English border man and my ancestors fought the Scots for centuries, generation after generation and we did not loose, so cut this Hollywood shit about the might of the Scottish soldier. I love the Scots, I admire my neighbours the Scots. I have had the privilege of Scottish girlfriends so much so I am surprised I haven't died of exhaustion. But I am an Englishman who admires the Scots for the reality of our relationships and history, not the Hollywood shit of it...
Shan Timothy
Magnificent! If that doesn’t stir your heart you don’t have one. I love the fierce unhurried gate of the march.
I am german and i love it.
Steve Baker
I'm amazed at all of the women that have taken this up... not being sexist... just saying it's cool that they are... Gods's speed (many gods)
salutations to all scotish people from greece!
Team Skovhugger
Allmost anything looks like a pot of piss next to these guys , and yes that was ment like a compliment 👍😉
The Great Revelation
Be proud of your heritage.
I am Conor Macleod of the Clan Macleod
Thomas Franchino
Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for this great time
Thomas Trautmann
So wird Stolz und Ehre und Tradition gelebt und geliebt .Good bless Scotland👍🔝
Tom Zielinski
Be proud Scotland, more Importantly Be Free. Americans love you always.
Pipes & Drums ! By the Centre, Quick March !!
Wilbury Castle
I’m English but fills me with pride inspiration and I shouldn’t say it and envy....
William Grant
Makes me even more proud to be Scottish
Yaacov Kinski
superbe musique des guerriers vaillants jusqu'à la mort pour la reine
Yoey 70
Just found your channel 😍 Thank you so much for sharing this. It gave me goose bumps! Bless you and yours!🙏❤🇺🇸. Im also a new sub! ☺
abdullah 1989
Thank you for this video, and the wonderful way of filming where it allow us to enjoy seeing the beauty of the city and its homes, and the cleanliness of its streets and organization .. And between the wonderful musical presentation... Y'all live in paradise.😍🌷
anna daniela travaglio
the best video
arnold grimes
i want to thank everyone God Bless.
I'm Belgian, and I thank all the the soldiers of the British Empire for what they' ve done for our liberty
Scotland, the greatest nation in the World! Alba gu brath! Greetings from Slovenia!
dan horne
The sound is wonderful . It stirs my heart in a way I can't explain . Thank you for this video .
Ein fantastischer Anblick diese Männer ! Vielen Dank für das Video
deane bray
im not  Scott   but  love  the  song  and  love bagpipes  and    fine  march  of  these  guys
eduardo argento
muy bueno y eso que soy argento saludos
henry cordova
This is so cool. I love it. Wish we had this in america. Warriors
jason chadburn
Socland is a nice place 2 live
nein nein
Imagine this music at one side and Prussian troops at the other side. \n\nNapi's nightmare :D\n\nAll the best from rest-Prussia.
pega1 ag
I was 3 when I heard the bagpipes I am 63 and I still love them even though I live in kent my hearts in scotland
save oursharks
Scotland forever ,forever Scottish ,Scotland the Brave
sy nielson
No one takes a knee here. Can't beat a pipe and drum parade.
thor 1791
i love it
tomas jina
I hope they will stand up to Islamic invasion.
unsportsmanlike conduct
this is so much much better than those fake russian and chinese military parades
vicky hunter
proud to be scottish
Amazing! I can only imagine mass of Scotish warriors marching in battle formations into the fray to these epic tunes. Goose bump overload. Greetings and love from USA. God bless.
Стоп Коррупции
красиво очень