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My great grandfather was the DP on this film
I like the old movies:):) thanks and what a beautiful women:)
Adam Mahić
Film nije preveden.!
Alfonso Martinez
I Loved It !
Annie Maull
Loved it a long time ago. Will watch it again!
B. Terence Harwick
Some people will see this film as a romantic story. Others will see this as a story of moral integrity. \nHow an audience sees this will say more about the viewer than it says about the film.\nHowever perceived, there is general agreement among many that this film is well done.
Barry Wind
Love the movie and hate the loss of his wife.
Benance george
Benjamin Tielking
Q: Why can't an *honorable* American gentleman such as myself find an *honorable* American lady to marry...heart to heart, spirit to spirit, soul to soul & body to body?!
Bryan Lint
They should have make it more realistic by speaking in Apache, with subtitles.
Bwanakeye Claude
I love western movies
Christine Holbrook
Great western .James Stewart brilliant actor .
Ctb 281
Funny how they had the real Americans call the Europeans Americans.
Dannie Tan
Very good and meaningful movie. Well done.
Deca Namwob
My wife and I had an Apachie Blessing when we were married also a hand fasting ceremony.\nOne day we would like to see the great open country America.\nAn Excellent Movie.
Dion St. Michael
Wonder where they shot all the sweeping landscapes for this picture? Almost as stunning as Debra Paget. Good Lord she was pretty.
Ferris Vueller
Most of those \
Frank Middleton
jimmy stewart one of the greats
Gatorson The 54th
Always like to see Jay Silver Heels in a role other than Tonto....even in a movie that has Jeff as Cochise and a removal of facts as to the relationship Cochise and Geronimo had. They had conflicting views as to whether or not to make a treaty or not but Cochise never said for Geronimo to go and that he was no longer his brother...that was made up drama on Hollywoods part.
Geeky Bee
Thanks for the upload and in great quality :) Jimmy is so handsome here!
Gerry Vanderzeypen
one of the BETTER classic westerns from back when..... haven't seen it in few years, happy to do so tonight again after all this time. Good actors, …….
Glavan Ionut
Traduce In limba Romania te rog filme western multumesc mult
Gordon Cochrane
It really is a shame such a strong people but if it was not them some one else could of been much worse we did the same thing in Australia and still seeing the same effect it was a different time but now the weapons are much worse
Hugo Stiglitz
A truly beautiful story.
Ivan Louw
James Dorsey
He savage is the white man. Nothing but wicked devils.
Jimmy Cranier
at 8:09 apache calls white man a PUSSY . lol
John Ferguson
Jeff Chandler as Cochise … ROFL. He had alimony to pay; nuff said.
Jovanny Alvarado
I hate how this movie ends I just wanted a happy ending I was pissed when they killed sonsorey
Junaidi Mohd Sunoh
i've been watching western movies for the last few weeks and still keep on watching.what a great movie,greeting from sabah malaysia,
Kehali Makonnen
stupid ads even we can not watch the news or any other movie or soccer how sad it is
Larry Carter
that many afraid of one white man that rode into their village?
Larry Hollins
They will never change
Lois Aldrich
Nothing like an ol western for the soul 🙏🏻
Louis Shalako
Corny as hell in places, this film earned awards for showing the natives in a positive light.
Malik Ihsan
Love to see western 🎥, I am still feeling the taste of Good, the bad &Ugly, & other western movies like that.
Mario Mejia
White killer of interest. Wicked .
Mark V
I'm 16 and these movies makes my depression go away and it makes me feel like a man!
Beautiful film!
Mike Thomas
Great film. I'm a Wayne fan but I like James Stewart as well.
Monsieur D
You should insert more commercials spots...
Mussy Design
Very sad ending :(
This was the first movie I ever saw , back in 1950 - 51.
Nickie McNichols
I've always been a jimmy Stewart fan. I wish his wife had lived.
Pam Lane
Jeff Chandler passed so youg
Per Spellman
Good intentions from 1950 and the presentation of the Apache was not too far out. So why did they have Jeff Chandler appearing so ridiculous as Cochise?
Peter Kane
….. Debra Paget is beautiful.
Pumang Jr.
In love
Randy Necesito
Rasta Populas
Richard Dominguez
loved it, a bit naive (maybe), a bit romanticized (absolutely), but still a great all around movie ... thanks for the upload
Rob Rese
It is too bad the young Indian boy is killed.
Roy Tolledo
This movie must receive awards, great movie, worth to watch.
'Broken Arrow'....was call sign when i was in USArmy, that a unit was being overrun...and drop all ordnance....directly on position...
Sabina B
Lovely movie..thanks for uploading..
Sally Wright
One of my all-time favorites is \
Shalini Chauhan
I am an Indian, I liked it
Shanjit RajKumar
this remind me of James Cameron \
Sharon Allen
Quite a change from Hollywood back in those days. Instead of hatred and divide this movie shows a search for peace, respect and honor. Too bad not everyone on both sides could be like that.
Sinlo Semp
Such an inspiring movie.
Steve Legend
You can see the start of Hollywood trying to impose a left leaning narrative, the guilt, whites portrayed as nasty, sorry but this was a war, in war both sides kill and go too far, Europe had already gone through multiple resettlings, genicides and general moving of 1 people into another peoples land. Indians did it to each other too, where is the guilt and decrying of indians, mongols, franks, danes, rusks etc? What about Arabic slavery of whites or the robbing and killing by arabs of pilgrims to Jerusalem that started the crusades? So much emotional bs in todays left narrative. Life isnt fair, get over it.
T roy Thomas
Great movie
TEJ Jensen
Oh boy. I would also have lost my heart to Sonseeahray (Debra Paget). She was a little beauty with sparkling eyes, a beautiful body and an enticing mouth. Waw
TerriD D
Jimmy Stewart is my fav! Named my sheltie after him! ❤❤❤
Tomas Charles
Second time watching this movie growing up in the 80,90s I never liked western movies.that is all I watch now, great movies.
True Blue
Religion is for pigeons. Hollywood is the temple of delusional fools.
She was beautiful.
Warda Hanie
clear skies,no chemtails and clean air
Wheeler Visuals
1950. jesus christ.
abul kashem
,,,,,,awesome movies !!!!!!!
bill davis
I remember watching this many years ago. I enjoyed it this evening,like I enjoyed it then. Thanks for the download.
Could they have possibly casted a whiter guy than Jeff Chandler?
chuck burgess
there was some reason why she was old,and never married.a young brave should have stepped up and married her instead of a old man. look at Roy Moore, he lost the alabama senate race just because he dated young women.good movie although in society today ,they would have locked james stewart up.
daniel creason
I just got through watching all 4 seasons of lonesome dove which is my fav. But any James sturt is good
donald Clifft
i like this version best of all great movie
Simply the best
gerry o sullivan
So sad that Jimmy Stewart died of AIDS in the eighties!
Jeff Chandler was so dam sexy.
Jimmy Stewart his characters are so unique and yet so familiar at the same time, brilliant actor. I love the old westerns
jet guy
What a wonderful movie...based on true events and people...great to see a movie like this from that period in time...it was surely a trail blazer...
john alexander
wonderful movie,its the second time i have watch ed it,
lal kirati
Nice 👍 movie
leslie p campbell
Another gem by Grjngo:)) great movie thanks:))
This is a terrific film, starring two of my very favourite actors, James Stewart and Jeff Chandler. Mr.Chandler died young as a result of medical malpractice, but he left us with a legacy of some excellent films. Delmer Daves directed, and that's the icing on the cake.
p st.louis
Imagine that,an Indian named Juan...
philip dolan
Sick n tired of all this Killing ,well said and thanks for the upload.
I do not understand what is there to dislike`., heartless people ?
Eesh. Not the best acting.
Tonto is in this movie
siva kumar
I love this movie...
stevie moon
All time classic western with 2 masterful actors, God bless them both
Morning Star? Isn't that what the Bible calls Satan ~
tiramoto ajinomoto
Oh my..it melt my heart 😢😢😢😢