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Logan Purcell and his gang have been raiding Indian villages outside of Cimarron, but when they shoot an Indian in Cimarron City, Crown pursues them. Crown is wounded in a shootout, but is aided by a young girl named Heller. She explains that she had been taken by Indians when she was a baby but was rescued by Purcell, and she now minds a horse ranch. She and Crown flee to Cimarron City when Purcell sends someone to look for her. Crown and his posse try to get help from the Indians to find Purcell. The episode guest stars Tuesday Weld as Heller.

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Adinaldo Mundim
Postem dublado ou legendado em português.
Anne Bellette
No William Boyd in this movie ..
Carlos Segura
Si va a subir películas que sean en español
Jaafar Mohd
moral, don't be stupid like US marshal 😁😁😁
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Sebastião Veríssimo Da Silva
The Cimarron Strip,o Melhor Seriado Western,Sucesso nos Cinco Continentes .\nExcelente Postagem WESTERN CLUB TM - Full Length Movies .
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I am the father and you should bring out a picture and a boy and a son and your name does it anyhow I don’t know when I’m line count how many are in a come over right now good morning
donald Clifft
would like to watch the rest a little later
john marlog
as Purcell and his gang ride back to the ranch there are five riders but only four rode off to look for crown
mahmod abdulsalam
great western
wally bruns
NO William Boyd | Andy Clyde