Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows

Playlist Best of Queens of the Stone Age: Music video by Queens Of The Stone Age performing No One Knows. (C) 2002 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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Akash Mathew
Caught you 3 times. I love you but, Jesus, you need to slow down. I still only speak English. And its American English so I might be a slight racist. Pardon the intrushun
Any One
3:27 This drummer...
Heeey... the drummer looks like the drummer of Nirvana and kinda like the singer of Foo Fighters
Baré Multiplayer
Is this the guy from Nirvana and Foo Fighters?\nNo one knows...
Benjamin Giancotti the gangster who plays ping pong
Anyone still jamming up this in 2019??
Billy Bob Thorton Is Holding My Family Hostage
*Requirements to be a rock bass player in the early 2000's*\n\n1. Be Bald\n2. Have a goatee, extra points if braided.\n3. Not understand what a shirt is.
Black Warrior207
}{ ~` ` No One Knows When A Deer Comes Driving A Car And Smashes You In The Face ` `~ }{
Bob From Earth
Is that the drummer from \
Brian Forella
Bruno silva
Brus ko
Singer looks like Kurt Cobain
Buck Thrusthorn
Drummer from Nirvana Derp....
Cluj Napoca
That drumma' looks like that guy that's in every rock band on that planet that looks like that planet in that solar system that looks like that solar system in that galaxy that looks like that galaxy that looks like a bunch of particles inside that nucleus that looks like an atomic component like that hydrogen atom that's in a water molecule that looks like a water molecule in the water that's found inside human bodies like the body of that drumma' that looks like that guy...
Cody Thompson
Lead singer lowkey looks like Colin Mockery
Cosme Fulanito
the revenge of the deers part 1
this whole comment section is a giant woooosh
Deez Balls
Singer looks like he was drawn on the Simpsons
Dont Subscribe To Me
It’s so weird, Dave Grohl have 2 other twin brothers with the exact same name, and there from 3 different bands, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age
Dread Chocho91
only 83 mil come on guys!
Effy Stonem
The drummer looks like Kurt Cobain
Eloy Enríquez
No one knows why Dave Grohl is angry
Elvis Isn't Dead
Did you know? Dave Grohl also recorded some songs with The Beatles back in the day! He played drums in Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday and Blackbird
Evelyn K.
Somebody: What is the name of this song?\nMe: No one knows.
Funky Monk
Daves drumming faces are the best part of the music video
Como olvidar cuando esta banda saco el ultra instinto para tocar :'v
Gabriela Ruby
Esse veado parece eu na TPM 😂😂😂😂😂❤❤
Hatby Dk
Legend has it the deer still has the car
All of these Dave Grohls are just cheapening the whole idea of being Dave Grohl, we can't all be Dave Grohl peeps.
Hugo Devin
This was them Crooked Vultures...right!!!
Soon we will all know. Q
Imran Baig
One of the best songs outside the 90s
Jonas Bettencourt
Fábio Porchat nos vocais 😂👌🏻
Juliana Brown
Dave Grohl has a really distinct playing style. Before I knew this was him, I was like \
Julián Alvarez
I love the drums on this one
Justin Cavanagh
Love you my desiple , Dave knows who I am .\nKurt always my hero , you lucky man to be his friend. \nYou never know Dave you might meet again a \nHa ha ha
Kailem Warner
Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave's done it all
Katie Walsh
Is there a band that dave *isn't* in?! Jeez the guy is like musical herpes :P
Kings Of Leon
It is Dave Grohl if all you don’t know. He was in the band for 2 years
L'amas de laine
I always wondered what Bill Weasley did for a living.
Lefty Funkenstein
so good!
Lit News
Only real fans know after this track is a random Spanish man speaking
This is such an incredible song. I get that it may be considered overrated, but it's just so damn good
What kind of \
Mark Law
No one knows? Lol. So right. I watched this with my friend Keith last night and we could not fathom. It is like Radiohead Just - the music is one dimension and the video adds another. It is hard to occupy both dimensions as an observer listener to decipher meaning, But, WTF, what a fecking song. The bass guy genius. One of the Grohl drummers genius. Josh Homme genius. Guitar genius. Moose? WTF - the overlord genius. OMG WTF No one knows?!
Matthews Hill
2018 anyone?
Watch this video on acid and tell me everything is okay
Michael Brunner
that bass!!!!
Michael M
Drummer seems legit. Should be more famous. \n\n\n\n\n\nAmos.
Mike Subramaniam
Actually they'll all actors! Believe me they aren't even playing!
Motley Aces
After all these years, just noticed the drummer is Ringo Starr
Mr. Manly
All those guitar hero memories man\ndamn I loved strumming on that white cheap plastic guitar man\nI decked it out with stickers.\nIt now hangs in honor on my wall in my room.\nOld and beat up \nbut I was never able to throw it out.
NiceN ́Easy
That drummer looks like a person
Nick Cage
Dave Grohl from Queens of the Stone Age looks so much like Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, and Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters looks so much like Dave Grohl from Nirvana. Weird. Do drummers all just look alike or something?
Nick Name
David Lynch - guitar, vocals\nShavo Odadjian - bass\nTrent Reznor/Jack White - rhythm guitar\nJohn Leguizamo - drums\n\nAnd then there's also Mark Lanegan
Novelinhas Kids
I didn't know trump was a rock vocalist when he was young.
Olivier Deschamps
j'men allais en breakaway sur nhl 2003 en ralenti en brun et blanc la dessus c'était n'importe quoi
Paco Jones
1:21 wow dave, nice moves
Paul vereecke
Awesome! Marvelous! Full of energy!
Play Girl
Bassist is homie from system of the down
Psycho Metal Kid
Man Nirvana sure has changed over the years...
Purple Pears
James Potter, is it you?)))) Minus 50 points of Griffindor))))
Robin Johnston
oh hi dave..
Ryno Le Grange
hey that drummer looks like the actor who plays Satan in the film Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
Wow, the drummer from Nirvana, the lead singer for Foo Fighters and this drummer look exactly the same.
That's not Dave Grohl, it's his twin brother Gave Drohl
SaltyShapeerVessel 2.0
Do You Love The Queen or The Nirvana???
Samantha D
This one just doesn't get old👌🔊
Sara Wilcker
The next person who thumbs up a \
Sayan Sengupta
Man, I love how Dave is going hogshit crazy on the drum!
Steve Greenfield
We get some rules to follow\nThat and this, these and those\nNo one knows\nWe get these pills to swallow\nHow they stick in your throat\nTaste like gold\nOh what you do to me\nNo one knows\n\n[Chorus 2x:]\nI realize you’re mine\nIndeed a fool am I\n\n[Verse 2:]\nI journey through the desert\nOf the mind with no hope\nI follow\nI drift along the ocean\nDead lifeboat in the sun\nAnd come undone\nPleasantly caving in\nI come undone\n\n[Chorus 2x]\nI realize you’re mine\nIndeed a fool am I\n\nHeaven smiles above me\nWhat a gift here below\nBut no one knows\nThe gift that you give to me\nNo one knows
Steve Knowles
I swear I recognize that deer from somewhere.
The guitar looks like a guitar once played by the drummer who looks like Dave Grohl.
Stuff Guy
The deer looks like Dave Grohl
Sullyboy 1974
Is there any instrument Dave Grohl cant play.
Toasty Breath
That Singer looks like the guitarist from KYUSS
Tom Jackson
This song gave me the clap.
Tony S
So many clever comments.
WIM AllKind
I came here expecting Dave Grohl jokes. \n\n_I was not disappointed_
Wyatt Baker
That drummer should start a band
The drummer looks like drummer, he should start play his own drums and play drums and those drums looks like other famous bands drums that looks like drums in music store, so does every drum look like one another? And after all these years i found out that those drums were drums
Zamfir Radu
Hey, the drummer looks like the one from Nir-... wait, that's already taken.\nHey, that's the bassist from System of a D-... not original either\nMan, that vocalist sure looks like the guitarist from Them Crooked Vultures.
Zin - Zeta
Who else heard the intro to \
_Freaking_Frantica _
How do you make such a weird ass music video that turns out to be really damn cool? I want this director to make a movie!
This song really kicks you in the face..in a rage...from the stage...
archambeau cedric
Everybody talk about the drummer ok Nice and the bass line??
ashish bhatt
Damn..look so fresh even today
franklin sanchez
looks like trump
How on earth could 12k people dislike this? Not only is this the perfect song but if you don't like it just don't listen to it.
himagna mukherjee
The deer looks like Bambi from Bambi.
hyper viper vapes
Dave groll is in qos
me notyou
hi...my name's josh...did I mention that if I catch you takin my picture I'll kick your teeth in?
Why is this bass guitarist acting like he is Shavo Odadjian?
best drummer ever
pedro mota
lol the drummer looks so much like himself
this a favorite song...a n d it is about demons \n(they like dry places, deserts) and the freemasons / illuminati the shhh gesture ...hormone pills, about changing gender in utero and later...\n\nWe get some rules to follow\nThat and this, these and those\nNo one knows\nWe get these pills to swallow\nHow they stick in your throat\nTaste like gold\nOh what you do to me\nNo one knows\n\nI realize you’re mine\nIndeed a fool am I\n\nI journey through the desert\nOf the mind with no hope\nI follow\nI drift along the ocean\nDead lifeboat in the sun\nAnd come undone\nPleasantly caving in\nI come undone\n\nHeaven smiles above me\nWhat a gift here below\nBut no one knows\nThe gift that you give to me\nNo one knows
sumisu 83
Der Bassist ist ne geile sau
This is the most early 2000s music video I've ever seen
yes I panic!
when you come here just for Steve grohl jokes