Tool (Drum Cover)

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Hey Everyone!!...Hope you like my cover of Forty Six and 2 by Tool. ..Thanks for watching!!!!.......•• Follow me on Instagram! @rockangel_

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Now, I don't know the first thing about drums, but I DO know this song. That was a pretty good cover. Not flawless, but impressive. You drew me in with the thumbnail, then kept me watching with your talent. Great work
Brooke ,this is your next door neighbor,that was lovely but I've gotta be up at 6am
Alan Solomon
I liked the Lion! Your drumming looks simple. I know an 8 year old that picked a great drum song that can top many. It looks like you have a nice set-up and drum-set. pick something with more action. More drum music.
Alex Stuehmer
Allan Scarborough
WOW!!! Half Woman!!! Half Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April D
You go girl! We need more awesome girl drummers
This is pretty damn good. My only bit of advice... Is stop trying to play it perfect. I can almost hear and feel you thinking about what to hit next.\n\nWhen you stop playing the notes from the page... And you start to feel it in your chest and arms.. That adrenaline rush where you say to your self \
i'd be curious as to how long it took you to learn that
Ben Thare
OLD school drummer. You look very relaxed. Whoever taught you is a wizard.
Brian Ambelis
Bristol Belcher
You rock! Awesome!
Brook Jolley
I'd give you the advice Rick Ruben/Kobain gave Dave Grohl on Nevermind, and put you on a 5 piece kit and make you focus on beating the hell out of that first. I'm not even sure it was so much advice as telling him he had to. The over complication was affecting his timing.\n\nI think you're quite good but I also think you're overcomplicating your kit and could play this better with less pieces, and if you focused on your hitting over the kit sounds for a while I think you'd improve quicker.\n\nThis song is hard as hell on drums and bass, and just being able to play it puts you in the top 90% of people who ever hit a drum with sticks though, so don't think I'm saying you're bad, you're not otherwise I wouldn't type this much.
Cereal Killa
660 dislikes??!! Wtf?! Who dislikes this? Even if someone didn't like the music, which is blasphemy IMHO, they must appreciate the talent, no?
Cesar Pastorelli
your intro alone is worth a thumbs up
Chris W
So much talent!,'
Work on your snare control, you're pretty consistently a bit early
How does a video like this not get deleted by YouTube's algorithm for copyright infringement? It is using the whole Tool song, lyrics and all! She's just playing over top of it. I know people who have gotten taken down by YouTube for posting a home video of their kid while some partial song was randomly playing in the background!
TOOL is definitely not for beginning drummers.
Dab Rat Laboratories Reviews
How good it must feel to be able to flow like that on a kit 👌beautiful work
Daniel Holtzapple
Wow. That was impressive. The drum solo in the end looked difficult. Good job. Glad people are still into tool
Daniel Rhys Stocker
Superb! Brilliant!
Darley Calderaro
•🍃\n\n'A Vida me Ensinou a Ter Três Coisas: \
Dave Phare
your insane, im just starting out on drums at 53 and am completely inspired by your skills... awesome :)
Derek Frampton
Hmm. Is that your boyfriend's kit? and where's the kitchen? haha I'm so kidding. In all 'seriouslyness', you have nice equipment, great camera angles and editing. I like the mix too.. Subscribed!
Donald Subert
I always suspected that I was a rank amateur drummer; now I realize I'm a toddler banging on pots and pans by comparison. Much respect and admiration
Dustin Weyler
Don't listen to any of the chodes telling you to \
Eric Maxwell
Man you are good . Sorry I should say Woman you are good .
Eric Sutton
Nice job
Eva Boing
Solid-tough song way to work it!!! Keep rockin and keep pickin those scabs!!!!
Fellow Intuitive
I think she's pretty
This is real fucking music!!!
Gareth Johnson
You are technically proficient and have talent. Perhaps you don't feel comfortable unleashing on video but the most obvious issue with your drumming is this: think Bonham or Baker, Moon or Grohl, all the drummers who ever worked with Prince, those who played Motown, every metal or rock drummer ever - drums are a *visceral* instrument - they demand you express yourself through the vigor of your arms and feet, the force you hit things with or the joy of seeing syncopation and groove setting people in the audience off into ecstatic heights and knowing you own the room. Right now, to be honest- you look like you play with the physical and emotional intensity of a grade A student doing a maths test. Unleash. Own the room. Drive the beat. That's why you want to play the drums. Bloody do it - you have only one life and you have the talent to do it but until you free yourself up, you won't make it. Take action and good luck.
Georgie Morrison
Wow watched the first minute and then subscribed
Gray Skull
Straight skill. Nice kit, beautiful.
Danny would be proud. \u003c3
HashBrown Doyler
never judge a brooke by its cover :^)
Haska Tice
Amazing and flawless. I've seen many drum covers on this song and your style is just awesome. I love the small twists you've added. Great job! Looking forward to seeing more for sure.. later!
Homer Simpson
This is what happens when young girls have a cool dad.
Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage
Wow, impressive
JD Junior
Thats really hot
Jacob Paul
Ok well you have to nor let it get to u want a full one elss am just relly dunner with every thing shoulda just jumped in off the dock at me
James Lennon
How about The Camera Eye off Rush's Moving Pictures, one of my favorite tracks to play. Been a drummer on and off for 40 years and feel inspired by young people like yourself playing great music. Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, Nicko BcBrain, John Bonham, Ian Paice are a few influences of mine. BTW Danny Carey is in 2010's Beyond The Lighted Stage Rush's documentary discussing how Rush influenced him as a youngster. Same with Kirk Hammett, Vinnie Paul, just to name a few artists. Check it out if you haven't seen it.
Jarrett Swartz
Damn dude. Excellent, absolutely great job. You got mad skills.
Jeff Taylor
Love the female touch.
Jeffrey Dan
For the 7.1k thumbs down people please post your video of this cover, thanks! 7.1k haters! lol
Jim Schermerhorn
Well done young lady.
John Stewart
your pretty DAMN good on those drums brooke , but you definitely could have picked a better band
John Young
Wonderful work. I don’t have the right words to describe. Thank you.
Josh Breslin
This video is amazing, this girl rocks!
You rock, GIRL POWER!!!!!
Julien Delorme
This song gets really difficult at 2:35. That hi-hat beat is very hard to master. Nice work.
Justin Moore
Why is there no Tool on spotify
Ken Stentiford
The white top was a lie
Kevin Marley
How can anybody dislike smh that was great keep up the great work young lady you definitely have talent
Kevin Santillan
You make it look easy
Machin3gun DAV
Hell Yeah!!!
Sounds like someone pushed a drum kit down the stairs
well done !!!
sounds good.. nice work!
You are not ready for this. But keep it up. Tool is serious.
Nashville Native
You're awesome! Great choice of music.
Nicholas Grayndler
tribute to Nathan Mac ..RIP ..
Nuno Coelho
You're amazing \u003c3
Panda HD
Paul Dean
awesome job
Possums For 1080
jealous of the kit
Rick Myrick
Awesome AND Beautiful!!
Ricky Spanish
This is the kind of girl the media should be promoting. Not Kardashian b.s.
Rob MD
Brook C...You're an inspiration to my 11 year old daughter. She attempted to try out for drums at her school. The \
Rob S
Great job! Those cymbals sound terrific, you picked out some quality stuff. No trash can lids here.
Robert S
A real slow song with such complex drumming! Well done Brooke.
Ron Ernst
It's like like syncing, but not as good.
Scott Gibson
Its so nice to hear young people playing real music, not just sampling- stealing. Very nice thanks
Silver bearded Vaper Murphy
You are amazing!
Sleep Cube
I actually prefer the perfection.
Guys, her timing is fine. She is nailing the polyrhythm on the hi hat during the verses (crawling on my belly, etc etc). She's young and she's covering an amazing drum part written by one of the best drummers of all time. Props!
Steffen Zander
That´s nice, but not brilliant!\nFor that perfect rock sound you need to hit harder, your playing lacks a little impact. And I understand that you didn´t want to just double the original drum part, but not always is playing more really adding something...
Needs more cowbell...
Not an easy man/song to cover. Very WELL done! Would watch again 10/10.
Timothy Serrano
I can do that, if I didn't have this damn diarrhea!
On a drum cover or not, the bass line is one of the coolest lines ever invented. Tool for life
Vulture Actual
You could play with them on stage and never miss a beat. It sounds EXACTLY like the original. WOW (In Owen Wilson voice)
i admire the effort but it’s like covering elvis presley, no matter how good u are he or tool ain’t never be replaced in my heart. but i totally respect what u do. thanks
Yo Lo
When I see young people playing Tool songs, it makes me think this world is not entirely doomed.
that was sick
bill lyons
these drum companies must be makin a killin off all these wannabee kid drummers, and of course poor old mom and dad will pick up the tab for what ever they want, what a racket to be in
carl tucker jr
hugs hun great job \nmy respects my friend thank you hon and friend art,es dear prectice practice pratice
danny whiteness
Nice kid..... there are very few who can play their music ...... well done
derf skittlers
Holy $hit that was awsome. \nGood job young lady.
eamon woods
wow very nice.
eggo man
When accomplished drummers watch someone new, they are gender-blind. Our eyes zoom foremost to the wrists and forearms and our minds ask \
not like... LOVE!
Awesome! More metal is what we need in this world.
I miss my drum set.. :(
ryan bartlette
There is still hope in our youth... don't give it up...
shooter 2335
Congrats Brooke a 11 million+
You go girl
the french toast of gods
Very kewl, just one complaint. You seemed very board or static. Like you weren't feeling it. Still very good. Keep it up.👍