Sniper-Full Movie(1993)

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A.H Crishan Chandima
Great movie👌
Nice movie....👌
RESPECT to the Vietnamese heroes defending their country from USrael genocidal SWINES !!!
Abdalah Ramadhan
Jux buoy😙 huangalii peke yko tupo pamoj yni hii movie ilinifny nisilale siku 2 nakesh utazan kama nilikuw naukeshe ududu😉😂🙋 eti ila jamaa shalooo huyo.😢😢😢 siyo poa kwel 💔💓💜💝💟💙👍💖
Abdur Rehman
Time waste
Akwal Uddin
bad film. make me dizguising thr act so worst verrrrrrrrry verrrrrrry bad
Al Qolani
Stupittt patner...teman bodohhh
Albert Yarebah
Interesting nice. \nSena bwena👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
Aminu Sadiq
great movie
Annick Galaxy
Antony Bond
we always read comments first b4 wasting our time but on this one .............haaaaaa it is the best
Asim Bajwa
I like it
Babirye Phiona
Sniper for real good indeed
Benjamin Samson
Good moves
Bilab468 Bilab468
Keren abiiiis👍👍👍
Bothina Bothina
Nzuri sana nimeipenda
Charianne Dwayne
This will always be the best sniper movie. Won't tire of watching it over and over again. Thanks a lot .
Christian jay Payosing
Any see this movie 2018?
Chullou HomeMedia
that Miller is a damn hopeless partner. Kick him home.
Clara mutia
Great movie
Daniel Morris
It's The Best Sniper Film I've Ever Seen, It's Before Computer Shit And CGI Crap
Eliodoro Alojado
Ha ha ha the good title to be named is \
EmzLey KNur
I watch this mov over and over again and I always love it....!!!!! Best movei ever
Esther onyoro
Best movie
so if you're being shot at, and running towards the rescue heli, don't stop to look around. .. got it.
Fauziah ALI Fauziah Ali
I need popcorn now...☺☺
Fernando Lazaro
Very Good movie 👍👍👍👍💪💪
Gabriel Billy
very interesting American movie.......nice one #HollyWood
Gerald Swain
Absolute Amurican shite !
Geraldo Ferreira cardoso
Gina Ronda
Hazina Halisi
I like this move so much
Hlanganani Ngema
Imnandi serious
Holarme Olanrewaju
👌 👌 👌
Ida ruth Fatuma
Good Movie Sniper 100% LOVE
Isedro Cernal
so nice sniper im sniper coming soon
Ismaciil Saciid
is god movie's then sniper is good army's
Jeffrey Soriano
I like my movie
Jennifer Lomeda
Wow galing😍😍😍
Jkn Sg
Movie Osonong kepiyo....
John Kones
Justice Brown
Wow i can't get enough of ds movie. Anyone else😍😍
Jux Bouy
Ivi Nyie WA bongo movie nzuri nangalia peke angu 🇹🇿
Please Hindi Dubuded shared
Kaesar Sm
Lol what disgraceful portrait of the US Marines
Kakyango Barbie
Old is Gold am still watching this movie ❤❤👌👌
Khumalo Zapheza
Nice movie i love it 😗😗😗
Leif Roslind
Verry good movie, thanks for the upload MW
Lim LauPeh
Good old times movies...Love it
Mahadsky Marley
Mahimai Irudayasamy
the best of movie
Malang Dabo
I love the movie so much
Mari Cel
he is so bad, doesn't shot well and the enemy shot his friend in helicopter.
Mary Njeri
I just love snipers huuuu
Monika Edyta Pietrzyk
not bad, good end!
Mr Prince
Excellent movie....... I have never seen it before........ amazing
Nabil Berrichi
العرب ❤❤❤💪
Nabil Budiman
Sniper should end from here. Those sequel just no no to me
Naima Hussein
What a movie
Nguyễn Thanh Hải
Nicklas Jensen
Philip k.
Nice movie
Roy Roy
Super movie
Rudolf Aigner
Good movie, thanks for sharing.
Samson Nderitu
Lovely snipping
Shabani Tupa
Street Victor
Hi 👋 this film’s not bad (I’ve already bought it from ( ITUNES) but it’s well worth watching ♥️ Sniper “ staring “ tom Berenger 💛 Plenty of action and good storyline 💙 it’s an entertaining War Movie 💜 and there’s more to follow ✅❌🌺💐🌾🌿🌵
Zinmarhlaing Zaza
aaaron torun
vkc movie.
agil Depos 395 2677
saya suka dengan seniper 👍👍👍👍
barthlome ogbonna
So much lovely as dis move
capricorn 82
I love old movie😍😍 thanks for sharing👍👍💕💕💕💕
choaa zhao
Excellent movie thanks for sharing
darrin goodbrand
Good movie
denny baidal
♥♥♥ ty vm for sharing
dlorah72 filosopo
excellent movie..i have watch it so many times watching this again..
gayan and..crazy ...stopped gay ....
jan ranbo jan
What you want to move
jheng gabia
Nice movie👍
lemuel baguso
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın
mae Fernandez
wow I like it. Nice movie 😘
moreno franco
To the everlasting glory of the Infantry. Men fighting so that we may be free! Rodger Young
noah kamau
kent resist but watch
those gillies make good for a horror movie set in the jungle, lol
rendy w noah
Kopassus Indonesian better cool
rick seifert
Love the far north QLD rainforest and the train ride from Kuranda to Cairns going past Stony Creek falls where they got off the train. This movie was filmed in far north Queensland (QLD) . Love my home back yard where I grew up. Lucky they filmed in the dry season when the creeks were running low in water level. Great movie.
rowel villacruz
when rescue time the soldier make sure the perimeter..
saikou ceesay
Huh comments first lol 😂 before watching 📹💻 who did as I lol
sayid cumar
Woow I like movie sniper
vishal jain
Gr8 movie
yoga wirasmoyo
34:26\nthe native guy has M1 Carabine, but the bullet on his shoulder looks longer than Carabine's bullet
zhen maile
Why he look like nervous when he shoot the man.just saying LOL
Μαριος Πατζαλης
You are not Macedonian!!! Never will be!!! You are Slaves Half bulgarians half Serbs. Macedonia is Greece!!!
عماد الشمري
فلم كلش حلو رؤؤؤعه
عواد العكيدي العكيدي