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Adam Mahić
Film nije preveden.?
Ademir Silva
Porque não é dublado
Adinaldo Mundim
postem dublado ou legendado em português.
Antonio Castro
cadê a dublagem
Bluey Sc'erri
Well, did I walk away with uplifted spirits from watching this film \u003e\u003e No I bloody well didn`t !! Stupid ending !!
Butch The Barber
could be a good movie if not for the foul language\u200b
Carol Demaris
What is everybody complaining about? It's the funniest darn movie I've seen in years, lol! Great comedy! ahahahahahaha
Chip Dollason
Good movie! I don't know what everyone is complaining about. Its a Spaghetti Western and its was free. Thanks for the movie.
Cliff Works
gotta love it halfway through suddenly they're all left handed, then they switch back to right handed :-)
Dannie Tan
Good western movie worth watching. Hope there are more like this.
Elijah TeWara
Like these movies
Grizzly Country
Italians killed the western genre.
Hai Trinh
Nguyễn Lan Anh hi
Ho Jo
Not too shabby.
Hygino Vieira
Please post with subtitles.
Ilona Janos
Magyar nyelv fordítást ! Kérek szépen! Köszönöm szépen!
Keonne Williams
Tim had a nice horse
Light Dancing
stupid low budget film...
Marcos Moreno
Michael Green
.............Aye yes MY type of movie...............Westerns...............
Mohamed Farah Mire
Audei murphy & john smith,Anthony Steffen & Ropert fuller,john weyn &Charles Bronson theire Movies Are Ever Green...thanks all.
Otravez 39
Spaghetti cowboys. Nuff said.
Raivo Lillepool
Not a moive. Thanks
Randy Necesito
Nice movie
Renalyn Tomeldan
Roderick Galliner
very nice movie..
Rose Argent
thanks for this movie, lesson to learn good will prevail ,
Saket Bhardwaj
103:00 dollars trilogy location
Scott H
Thanks for the great video upload
Good Grief! even if this movie had a complete makeover, it would only rate a B movie.
Sugar69 Lumbantoruan
film yg bagus, cowboy favorit hanya sayang ngak ada teks terjemahan indonesianya.
Valmir Goncalves
anganas os hotaeios olhas flores no n deserto hotarios
Vern Mosquin
Spaz Ghet is Spaz Ghet but what the F was with Colonel Klink in the lower left?
al meggs
That’s the worse fake fistfight I’ve ever seen\nSo bad it was funny
Filter cigarette,..... 14:32 , ... didn't know they had filters in those days.
whats the name of movie. actually pretty good.
saiwan najib
thank you
steven gol
tony mulhall
love the movie
uncle albert
it was watchable but the ending was a bit silly