DBSK - Why Did I Fall In Love With You (Live) [ENG SUB]

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A Beautiful Live Performance By DBSK At A-Nation. I love you Renren.

A-Nation DBSK Did Doushite Eng English Fall In Kimi Live Love Performance Sub Subtitles Tohoshinki Why With Wo You

Aida Bakkri
i miss them so bad...
Akut Yanggi
Love it❤👌
Allison Golem Gorskine
That time, where i was free and happy. It has gone, definitely
Amateru Haute
I'm always feeling emotional when i heard tvxq 5 song.... Its midnight and i almost cry
2:49 the sound of an angel
Andreea C
still not over the fact that they took this video down at 2 million views.neah.nope.
Anh Le
Jaejoong's voice can never be replaced
Anh Đức
best live
Anita Manzanita TV
It’s 2018 and still listening to this song... One of the most iconic bands in Kpop. DBSK❤️
Audrey P
DBSK are irreplaceable, no group will ever come close to the impact they had on both the Korean and Japanese music industry
Azi Aira
It's 2018 and I still don't get tired listening to this. I know wishing to have them all together in one stage is kinda complicated but it isn't impossible. Heart for all of them. TVXQ/DBSK, doushite kimi wo sukitte shimatandarou?
Baby Sky
2018 I still listenning. My beautiful memories ❤❤
Binu Jokkam
I miss them so much
Bootleg ShawolSubs
Always HITS ME HARD Hearing their voices\nIDC how many new groups come out or how many groups I like NO GROUP WILL BE LIKE DBSK
Catharina Sandra
2018~ still waiting for the day they can sing this song together
Catherine Lansangan
I really miss seeing them perform like this. Hope to see them in 5 members again.
Chiura Raimu
Let me clarify this, they are korean singers but they sing in japanese. Am I right?
Crystal See
I used to be obsessed over this song at around 2013 but idk why I was never interested in knowing abt the grp tho I knew they were famous.... But now that I just stan tvxq recently I began to watch all their past shows & songs and DAMN though I am a new stan I wish TVXQ can go back as 5... They were just amazing
Write this comment while crying. Love is pain.
Der Vang
Dolls Song
The best boy band that SM has ever created(PERIOD)\n\nI miss these boys together. Vocals were always so powerful and dances were always on point. No SM boy band cannot compete with this group.
Dongwoon Sarang
I swear the lyrics fit the situation right now 😭😭😭 \
watching this with blurry eyes. omg T ^ T
Effing Cool
Looking back they were the only group that each member could sing.
Fiona Quinn
I just miss them! ❤️
I... shouldn't listen to this so soon after a breakup when some of the words hit home...
Hanarine Wijadja
They're not singing. They're telling stories.
Harshita Tyagi
When the live performance is better than studio version. Only DBSK. I just fall more in love everytime.
Harshitha Krishnaraj
Its 2018. H.O.T reunited after like 17 years. Fingers crossed, still waiting for DBSK to reunite \u003c3
Ieda Yeda
Missing the good old days for the boys..\n\n7/12/2017
Iklima Musyarofah
Why did i end up falling for you jaejoong??😭😭😭
Indeewarie Upeksha
Why is the DBSK BREATHTAKING PERFORMANCE video with 2 million + views not there anymore? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Irene Sora
gosh, I dunno how to describe how I missed these guys OT5 SO much! even if it takes years, I'll keep waiting.
Iza Meelo
2:05 that jaejoong solo is the best I got chills 🙌
Jacqueline Mortel
I still listen to Kpop till now but I keep on coming back for dbsk's quality music.
JeKatyerina Nahosoka
Joy Siohoa Shawol
Juan Arnesus
I Miss 5 off All :(
Kal K
I rather not understand the words because it sounds perfect no matter what language you're listening to it in.
Kali Yegeta
I really miss this golden era of KPOP☹🙈
Kamille claire
JAEJOONG~ is so B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L !
Kim jaejoong dbsk
2018 anyone 😊😊😊
Kristina Capistrano
I'm still so in love with all five of them 😭❤️
It has been so many many years now... And I still think they're beyond perfect and miss them every day. No matter how many new groups I'm stanning I don't think anyone will ever be as amazing as TVXQ \u003c3 Cassie Forever
hands down my favorite song in life. wow this brings back memories
Lesly Marfiyati
all song from tvxq is legend!!!!
Mainak Pramanik
this song makes it evident language is no barrier... made me break in tears
Maria Castro E.
they sing this song with all their heart and soul and makes my heart tremble and made tears come down my face to hear them with so much love.
Miss FangirlingOtaku
This is probably one of the saddest TVXQ things I've ever seen purely because it reminds me of their situation now 💖💖😭😭😭
The real definition of 2nd generation k-pop idols/artists.
Namitah Fun
it may sound weird but they are really good together
Excuse me, guys... What is the name of the first singer?
Obed Sang
Love this song🙌 , Where is 2018 squad ?
Pratiksha SH
god the best song I've ever heard .. and to top it off its Japanese ... I love this Language ❤😍😍😍😍😍
Prayawolfie ps
That was the golden era of K-pop, man. I love DBSK and so heart broke when they parted. They were the real K-pop legends.
Putera Irsyad Afif
Uknow n max should just leave SM with the jyj
Oh crud, was surfing and fell into this clip. Its still aches sometimes seeing them all on one stage. I know they will again one day.
Rose Tae
i till remember these days ... can't believe i'm watching in 2018 T-T aktf!
Space & Time
i remember when i first took a look at jaejong, i was convinced he wouldn't be able to hit a note because he was just so obviously the visual in this group lol
Here in 2018 still waiting for that reunion...best live vocals EVER. Fight me.
this song expresses exactly how I feel about TVfXQ
Swarali K
I just found this beauty!! i knew about DBSK and TVXQ, now I'm wondering what took me so long to give them a listen! this is heaven!!!!\ncan someone please pin point the members? thank you 😀
Dude at 2:06 has soul!
Thraia Ran Rion
Your prince would not exist without our Kings. ♡♥ \n\n-Respect-\n\nFast forward a few years and you had the debuts of arguably two of the most influential and talented second generation idol groups in K-pop history — DBSK and Big Bang. With these two industry giants we saw the definitive idol group become even more multidimensional.\n\nDBSK were, and still are, like demi-gods. In addition to the standard requirements, they had upgraded choreography, incredible live vocals and were more than proficient at commanding stages everywhere. Plus they had a secret weapon that embodied the description of perfection personified in a man named Kim Jae-joong. With Big Bang, Yang Hyun-suk was able to facilitate major attention to hip hop music and added rappers to the mix. In came a whole new style of idol group that has gone on to inspire countless third generation idols today. These two groups were also the first to foray into international waters and gain widespread success overseas, further spreading the Hallyu wave and inspiring groups all over Asia.\n\nAs the idol group phenomenon gained momentum the blueprint diverged into different variations. Members in groups were given roles to excel at, for example you had the main dancers, the main vocals, the visual and the rappers. However companies then began to try and test almost every sort of alteration to these basic requirements you can imagine and filter their idols into the entertainment industry.
Thảo Nguyễn
I love this song. How many years have passed but this tone is still deep in my heart. a touching story of love, the way the expression of the boys to see more beautiful song
Still one of the best songs ever \u003c3 \u003c3
Straight dude here. Every one of these dude's hair is flawless. Oh yeah, vocals on point too.
V Min Kook
2018 - I really miss DB5K :( I'll keep the faith
Watjana Chaisombat
i'm here again, it's 2018
Yasmine Syakura
I still listening to this song and I will never get bored...
Zarina Clan
I love jaejoong,this song Sweet
was watching goblin the other day, then i noticed park hee bon who reminded me of dbsk's dangerous love and here i am now. such gold times.
akhialuz 16
it's 2018 and now, iam still hoping that something magic happen and they reunite again👏👏👏
aniceta r.
WOW!!!👏👏👏 the nostalgia is so strong and I can relate much with the lyrics. I got into kpop 2011 and I guess I was a bit late to them but I remember having goosebumps just listening to their voices and I believe I still have a copy of their variety Banjun Theater in my laptop which introduced them to me 😂😂.\nI wasn't aware of their japanese songs until one of the two groups I am stanning right now sang a cover of this (PENTAGON) and I just had to search the original singers. W.O.W Jaejoong never fails to impress me and I'll definitely support him in his comeback - as well as the others. He got me snatch and I am a fan now.\nI still remember that messy year when both JYJ and then Hangeng(my 1st ever kpop bias) were fighting for their rights and freedom. I feel like such an old kpop fan.
A legendary performance and a truly legendary group. A lot has happened since and I'm not proud of everything that went down but I will always be proud of their incredible talent and hard work. They were our pride.
doejo barr
Thank you so much - makes me want to cry - JUST STUNNING
duong tran
I am not their fan, but I love their song forever :}
And they say other k-groups are the kings or legends
felix Jr
every singles of them has a unique tone but junsu i’ll admire the most, he always maintain his voice recording or live.
Sorry to any kpop fans in this latest generation... but really, kpop was different, more amazing, on an entirely different level back then from 90s until 2010s. More real, more raw, more emotional, more human.
Its almost 2018:((
lulu mirotic
Omg jaejoong's hair
I’m still listening to this in 2018 because I still love this as much as the moment i first listened to it when it came out. omggggg my 8 year old self is screaming.
makayla devani
The times when k-pop boyband looks manly with all members who can actually really sing :)\nThe best K-pop Boy band ever..\nA lots of kisses from Bali, indonesia
mina 444
Jaejoong is like the best thing that ever happened to K-pop....... He's mind-blowing.
moonandsunrise 39
I will always love DBSK. It's really saddening that a stage with the five of them together is almost impossible to happen. Been waiting since their break-up but still no sign. Huhu. :(
nady kim
I'm still hoping TVXQ will stand on the stage with all 5 member one day, I'll keep waiting for that moment happen ♥😔
Watching DBSK in 2016 makes me feel sad .....I not only love them but also admired them so much so much!
richal l
jaejoong come back soon!!
sara katonka
It's 2018....and I'm crying so much...😭😭 I love them..seriously ❤️
shay ry
Guys, Jaejoong will perform in Music Station on the 15th of June after 10 years!!!!! I'm so happy for him!!! He deserved this and more!!!
2018 listen?
tham xi
I just keep repeating and repeating. Addicted to this song.
the ugliest btob stan™
my heart is breaking because they're all standing together and because of how heartbreaking this song is and how beautifully they sung it together...
Honestly whenever jaejoong sing his lines \
It's almost 2019 and I am still here #AKTF
재중아... 눈이 정화된다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 다들 풋풋 예쁘네 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
I miss this age of kpop 😢