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Top 10 Greatest Battle Scenes in MoviesSubscribe Warriors, soldiers, tanks, explosions... these are the scenes that inspire shock and awe. WatchMojo picks the ten best battles in cinematic history. List Entries and Rank:#10. Battle of Mogadishu “Black Hawk Down” (2001) #9. Battle of Metapontum “Spartacus” (1960) #8. Battle in Germania “Gladiator” (2000) #7. Battle of Rourke’s Drift “Zulu” (1964) #6. Parachute Drop “A Bridge Too Far” (1977) #5. Castle Attack “Ran” (1985) #4. Attack on Pearl Harbor “Tora! Tora! Tora!” (1970) #3. ?

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(MiniYob) Ningan
Saving private Ryan definitely deserved 1st place :)
82 Luft
Paschendale. An obscure Canadian film about the WW1 battle of Paschendale in Belgian. One of the best (or should I say gruesome) realistic hand to hand combat scene that you will ever see, and never forget.
Andreas Foerster
@4:56: Japanese Navy, not Army, come on guys.
Andrew Givens
I would have certainly given an honourable mention to the climactic battle (or the Adler Tag battle) from 'Battle of Britain', purely for the astonishing feat of assembling two air armadas of real fighters and bombers, and then filing it all in mid-air from a flying camera-ship. A dizzying, swirling action set-piece which is unrivaled in movie history and impossible to replicate now, to the point that footage from the movie is borrowed and used in many other productions; testament to its authenticity and high quality.
Angel Mcfadden
War and Peace,Battle of Borodino.
Arctrooper SM
For those who aren't British at 2:47 it isn't the British who fought those zulus, it's the Welsh as the British lost their fight
Ben McGuinness
Tora! Tora! Tora! is much better than pearl harbour
Bit By Bit
Lol braveheart on the list- Oh wait, your serious!?!
Bob Noturbusiness
Huh, they skipped Midway, that was a pretty decent war movie with an awesome battle.
Captain Daniels
WHAT??? Stalingrad/ red square of Enemy of the gates is not included? what what whta?!?!?!
Charlie Khosravi
But the British won Rorke's Drift.
Chris Holland
Waterloo 🇬🇧
Christian Maust
How is the la Drang Valley campaign from We Were Soldiers not in here, 1,000 Viet Cong vs. 1 U.S Air Calvary Division?
Lord of The Rings Helm's Deep battle?
D - Rob
Came to make sure that the D-Day scene from Saving Private Ryan was in 1st place.
Where are the Lord of the rings? O.o
Daniel Kissinger
How about the battle of manasas junction, or better known as bull run in the movie gods and generals. And also Fredericksburg from gods and generals. And then the sequel battle of Gettysburg. Like those battles make these movie moments which most only last a few minutes, look like crap.
Danish Flanders
Enemy at the Gates. The scene where the Russian soldiers are forced, even without guns, to rush the germans.
David Crittenden
The battle of Rorkes Drift was not lost, the Zulu's lost so many men they gave up. The helicopter attack in Apocalypse now wasn't a battle as the village wasn't firing back FFS
Der Lindwurm would be close to #1 on my list of the top 10 things that are probably part of some great conspiracy to make the whole world a stupider place (Facebook would definitely be #1).
Doge Gourneau
Dday was not flawed it was well planned,we even tricked the Germans into thinking we were invading some where else.
Dr Shaym
Braveheart is so fictionalized, it might as well be considered a fantasy film.
Edward Anthony Leone
Saving Private Ryan at #1 is a given. Its the only Battle/War film that actually caused me to duck for cover!! Given that 90% of the first wave was killed or wounded, that would be VERY difficult to transfer to film. But Spielberg did a great job!\n\nWWII was without question the most epic event of the 20th Century. So much so that NOBODY knows exactly how many people were killed. Estimates range from 50-75 Million.\n\nA film that is missing from this list is 'Midway.' That battle was every bit as critical to turning the tides of war in the Pacific as the D-Day Invasion was to crushing Hitler's war machine in Europe. \n\nAlso missing is 'The Battle of the Bulge'. More Americans (19,276) were killed during this battle than any other in WWII. Only the WWI battle of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive had more American deaths, 26,277.
Filippo Ferrari
300 !?!?!??!?!
What no honorable mentions? Surely, Gettysburg is worth an honorable mention.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Gotta correct you here, the British won the battle at Rourke's Drift... Did you actually see the movie?
George Martin
Okay, where is Gettysburg?????
Gyan AFC
Where is platoon's final battle?
The British won the battle of Rourkes drift. Dumb yanks.
Ahem. Rorke's drift was not a defeat! The 24th regiment of foot held the Zulu's off with very few casualties. In the end the Zulu's realized they were losing too many men, over a tiny garrison and moved on. Christ get your facts right!
James Dicus
If they run they are VC, if they don't run, they are well disciplined VC.
James Horsey Walsh
Pretty spot on list. All quiet on the western front and stalingrad could have done with a mention.
James Martin
Young guys, going into fierce battle during WW2. And now some college kids need \
James Mc
The British army was not defeated at Rorkes Drift 'Zulu' they won the battle. They only got beat at Islandlwana
Jeff Carver
Tora Tora Tora was the Imperial Japanese Navy...not the Army.
Jochen Vlaeminck
????? Rorke's drift was won by the british empire not by the Zulu's
Jonas Salz
What about the battle of Waterloo
The final battle in Hamburger Hill belongs on this list. And the finale in Saving Private Ryan. Two from one movie? Yes indeed. Kingdom of Heaven is another. Tough list though. Good vid.
Jonny Harper
the battle of Thermopylae in 300 should have been included
Keith Tiberius
My only problem with placing The Battle of Stirling Bridge anywhere on this list, as depicted in the film \
Kevin Prasad
You forgot \
L.J. Kommer
The D-Day scenes from Savinging Private Ryan and The Longest Day are probably the best battle scenes ever made, in my opinion, of course.
oh thank god you chose Tora Tora Tora over the other movie
Lee B
I would have to include paths of glory as on of the best battle scene movies
Libtard Laurence
Lol the British never lost that battle ha
Marcus Justiniani
but british won the battle of rorkes drift
Mark Severs
How about crossing the Volga, shortly after the start of \
Matthew Marshall
The Brits actually gloriously won the battle of Rorke's Drift
Michael Price
No Rorke's drift wasn't an example of the British being beaten by anyone.  It followed Islandlwana, \
Mister Unknown
war (warning may contain mature content) me: YOU DON'T SAY
Where is the final battle of \
Niko Woltman
I would like to correct one thing though. With regards to The \
While I agree with most of the choices, the commentary is awful. People who know nothing about military history should not make lists of \
Letters From Iwo Jima \u003c---- The most overlooked, underrated, and underappreciated war movie ever made. As far as full-scale movie battles go, it's right up there with Saving Private Ryan.
Patricia de Chenier
The British WON the Battle at Rorke's Drift in real life! The nearby, previous Battle of Isandlwana was the one the British lost!\n\nThe Battle of Rorke's Drift, in real life, was the classic example of how a well-defended position could be held by a handful of troops against massive opposition. The defense of the field hospital at Rorke's Drift was led by two officers who were considered incompetent misfits (one was clinically deaf) by their (dead) superiors before they managed to hold that hospital with 150 men (many of them patients at the hospital who were themselves already wounded in battle) against a determined assault by 4,000 Zulus . Their superior officers allowed themselves to be defeated in detail by the same force, even though they had many more troops for the defense of their positions at Isandlwana.\n\nSo much for historical accuracy. In his book Carnage and Culture, eminent historian Victor Davis Hanson chose the Defense of Rorke's Drift as one of ten exemplary battles where vastly outnumbered forces from Western nations prevailed against their less civilized adversaries.
Peter sharpling
Battle of Britain wasn't on the list
R6S Fan
6:18 is that a car on the left?
ROBLOX Noob Productions
Really, WatchMojo? Really? Did you even do research for the Battle of Rorke's Drift? First of all, The battle of Isandlwana was the worst military defeat by a weaker nation, not Rorke's Drift. Secondly, the British won the battle. Third or all, only 17 British soldiers got killed. Seriously, WatchMojo do your research!
Actually the battle of Rorke's Drift was a British victory, over three quarters of the original Zulu force was wiped out by less than a hundred British soldiers all low on ammunition and only having enough weapons to arm over half of them.
Richard Stroud
The British army were not defeated at Rorkes drift... It was the battle the day before at Isandlwana -
Robert Mullins
Chamberlain's charge in Gettysburg that's an awesome battle scene
Seamus Griffin
Rorkes Drift, 'the greatest example of the British being essentially defeated...' no, probably that was Ishandwana earlier the same day when 1,300 (out of about 1,800) British and African soldiers and civilians were killed by 20,000 Zulu warriors. There were no more than 150 British at Rorkes Drift (losses were 17 dead and 15 wounded) when attacked by about 4,000 Zulu (losses 351 confirmed dead, 500 wounded). Don't let the facts get in the way of a slick comment ....
Sean G
How could Kingdom of Heaven is not on the list?
Sean Joseph
The British defeated the Zulu's ar Rorkes Drift.
Roarke's drift was a separate battle from the defeat handed to the british earlier.  150 men stood against 4000 Zulus that were heavily armed with the weapons they had captured.  It was a perfect picture of discipline and courage under extreme odds.  Unlike the 300 Spartans many of these men survived.
The Battle of Borodino from Bondarchuk's War & Peace should have been on the list. 40 minutes long, tens of thousands of extras.
Shinja Okinawa
Helicopter War Apocalypse Now, Murder was NOT A SPORT and those were not Innocents They Threw the Grenade That Blew up the Huey; then  Paid for it.
Sigh Kronmiller
Glory was pretty awesome and moving.
Sin of Damnation
No Rorkes drift does not in reality give an example of a British army being defeated by an \
Sindy Hernandez
the patriot final battle
The British won the battle of Rorke's drift. So many Zulu's were killed they Left the British as they were astounded by how efficient the British were in their tactics
Stahlhelm Sturm
This list is about movie battles right. Then why is The Battle of Waterloo not number one let alone in the top ten. A film battle that took a mammoth task to reproduce. Waterloo's attention to detain, the vast set involved the cast and crew of thousands in telling the story makes a 200 yard strip of beach in Saving Private Ryan look like a weekend project. I am not saying S.P. Ryan is not very good its just small potatoes in terms of filming a epic battle.
Steve White
I see someone has corrected the mistake re. Battle of Rorke's Drift in the comments below. It's also worth mentioning there were eleven Victoria Crosses awarded to the defenders, along with a number of other decorations and honours, the most ever received for a single action or the most in a day.\nThey were outnumbered forty to one.\nOf the 139-141 Army regulars with 11 Colonial troops and 4 civilians, there were 17 killed, 15 wounded.\nThe Zulus were estimated at between 3,000-4,000 men. \nThere were 351 confirmed killed and about 500 wounded.
The recent movie Hacksaw Ridge had some pretty intense battle scenes and they were pretty lengthy too
Black hawk down should be higher...
BTW, it's not \
Tom Wolfe
We Were Soldiers battle in the Ia Drang (sp?) should be top 5 here.
Totally Not MI6
4:49 Japanese Army?? You mean the Imperial Japanese Navy. Jesus, get your facts right.
2:30 but the British won the battle of Rorke's Drift.
I think you're confusing Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift. While the two were part of the same British campaign the former has been called the greatest defeat ever suffered by a modern army by a native force while the latter was actually a British victory stopping Zulu incursion into Natal.\n\nRorke's Drift might have turned ugly if the Zulu hadn't outrun their supply lines. But with hundreds of wounded and no food retreat back across the river was their only option after encountering the stiff resistance at Rorke's Drift.
At Kapooka when I was soing my basic training in the Australian Army we watched 'Zulu\
Wesley Estes
Glory's storming fort Wagner should be on here
William Casey
Spartacus was met by full LEGIONS, not battalions, sorry. The list should have been broken up between small level engagements like Black Hawk Dawn and full scale open ones like the one in Spartacus. The battle scenes from Flags From Our fathers or Letters From Iwo Hima should be on the list, maybe the one from the Russian Film 9th. Company too.
Yahir Marin
One Word: \
Where is the battle in Talvisota
Private Ryan's last scene, the battle for the town, was in my opinion the greatest war scene in a movie. Spielberg's use of the sound of battle with incredible scenes of battle deaths made this film a war epic!
The 1970 film Waterloo should be number 1 on the list, the battle scenes are absolutely incredible.
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Honorable Mentions: Getttsburg, All Quiet On The Western Front, Glory, Lawrence of Arabia, Letters from Iwo Jima, and Flags of our Fathers
the zulu battle was the opposite it showed that only around 100 men could defeat a zulu army of 4000 it shows how strong the British army were
The British won Rorkes Drift didn't they?
I liked the battle of Ibelin in Kingdom of Heaven. I thought it was a nice representation of what a battle in the period might have been like, very focused on cavalry
per aspera ad astra ¿
... Rorke's Drift was a British victory. The maker is confusing the battle with the disaster at Islandwana
I don't see where the british lost to the zulus in Zulu........
A bridge too far is based on the failed mission code named \
rujan singh
The heli drop from We were soldiers is remarkable too.
'Gettysburg'. 7,000 soldiers on-screen at the same time.
is the band of brothers a movie or sirie ( make a top war siries )
I re watch Zulu now and then. Must have watched it about 20 times by now.
Андрей Карлович
You mean top 10 movie battles in western cinema..