King solomons mines

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Action adventure with Patrick swazye

It's just a film, enjoy or not but shove your textbooks up your arses
Adele Ajeh
I don't know if there's something more beautiful than the songs in Africa.. May GOD be praise for this wonderful continent..thanks for sharing..
Alaba Ogedengbe
Dit film is heel luek🐆💎🐎
Andzani Siwelane
mistake this mistake that ... let us enjoy our movie in peace #south Africa 🇿🇦👏
Anisa saoli
I like the kiswahi and maasai songs
Anitha David
Napenda wanavyo ongea kiswahili
Apurva Kumar Joshi
Sad that we used to kill animals for sport. Its even sad if we still do it today.
Atunaisa camaibau
great sound track aye
Babuu Lendisa
i enjoyed those swahili parts Asanteni
Bertie Blue
I'm in a onesie with snow outside snuggly and warm eating chocolate. My 3 dogs are curled up alongside me and all my family are well - enjoy life my friends
Betiel Ange
Our Africa god bless
nice movie
Bobby Collins
Africa is beautiful but you will not see it on their tv's unless u visit and guaranteed to visit forever
Cam G
swayze was awesome that dude was a lady killer in the 80s man made good flicks too then he left hollywood pretty much and now hes gone rip patrick swayze
Catherine Wangui
Great movie... Incorporates the african culture so beautifully
Chess chessano
Interesting movie. The mixture of African languages was very nice. Clad I could identify Swahili from East Africa in it. Great movie!
When the man asked dirty dancer actor if he was ok before the elephant came back for revenge he replied in Zulu YEBO ( I cant spell the word ) but it means YES
D Js
For all of those people, who are still under the impression that King Solomon was a mythical figure, or was not real, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethopia was his direct descendant-the 225th Emperor of Ethiopia, born of the marriage of King Solomon and Queen Makeda of Sab'aa. The People in that area still have ancestors going back to biblical times, and their genealogy is well recorded. So anybody talking about biblical mythological and imaginary figures need to update their knowledge base. \nAnd as for all of those people who keeps saying that King Solomon was the king of Israel, but how could he have diamond mines in Africa, really, wake up guys, this particular thought process is too infantile and silly to be answered. You are living in America, so how is it that you are eating a fruit, brought to you from China? You think at that time people did not go traveling all over the world and conquering other lands?\nAnd for those people, who keep on comparing this rollicking good tale with Rider Haggard's original, there is one word for them – killjoys – if you really wanted purist stuff, keeping with absolutely no creative, imaginative, entertaining deviation from the original story, how boring life must be for you.
Das Boot
Irish actress Alison DOODY, (Elizabeth) ... she looked just amazing at the time, when this movie picture was filmed,. Now ... she is at her age of 51, and probably she is still HOT like a ..... SUN :o)) Sincerely _____ It was a great pleasure to watch these two parts at once, Thank you for posting. Greatly appreciate it. Have a good one !
Dave N Japan
Pretty bad script ....why risk your life going after the bag? It tall came down to who won the firefight anyway\
Debbie Princess
God can still restore the wealth of Africa black is beautiful and Africa is blessed ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Delon Thomas
Hurt not the black nation
Diego Márquez
the song is beautiful
Dindin Private
A marvelous fantasy. Lots of factual errors but just suspend knowledge and enjoy!
Elizabeth Bethie
so interesting movie...
Eryk Haggard
My great great great grandpa writ the novel King solomons wines
i liked the part where the umpa loompas made C3PO king.
Fahmy Ayoob
what a story, very enjoyable. great upload. king mbopa was best.
Frank Manga
It is good movie and i like to hear my language [swahili] in\nlike if you are tanzanian and your enjoy it
Gavin MacNeish
Am I the only one that thinks the witch is hot?
Gordon Frickers
Not per the book (which is a classic) , not historically accurate, well worth watching, good yarn well filmed & acted. Thanks Chris Taylor for the post. By the way, King Solomon was Israeli, a great king and he did send some of his people out to trade and discover, for example we know Jewish people (Israelites) reached and settled at Cochin, India where they lived peacefully with their Hindu neighbours for some 2,900 years.
Gyöngyvér Veress
It s a good mouvie. Is worth for watching. Thank you.
Hasan Anyabwile
Lol, amazing we can work Vodoo, Obeah and the Occult sciences for their reasons but they didn't employ it against the armies, kings and queens of Europe, especially the gun.\nI can explain why, how, etc but let me see the responses.\nLol!
Ingrid Mitchell
I like the 1985 version of King Solomon's Mines with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone more.
Interesting videos TV
he was king of jewish people .\n\
Isaac Saningo
aomon enkai enkop, naomon iltalala (singing)
Issah baqiyyan
lyrics \
Jack Burnell
I enjoyed it. While not Rider Haggards story, like the first movie, it doesn't suck and is worth watching. \nAnyone that hasnt, should read the book though.
James Passmore
In the year this film was set, (1885) The safari business hadn't even started up so Quartermain would not have been guiding a hunter - if he was a white hunter, in those days that meant a commercial ivory hunter. (Like Selous, who Quartermain was based on). Quartermain would track and shoot elephants, and a retinue of African porters would cut out and carry the tusks. Elephants only had value as ivory. Lions were pests and shot on sight. And every day they shot antelope for meat and buffalo for their hides, to trade for flour. Rhinos were shot because they were annoying. And everyone approved of this, because the wilderness was worthless, and eventually it would bring British civilisation and empire to the African darkness.
Jean AArouet
What absolute drivel...why they even had double rifles which don't need reloading...idiots making movies. The only KSM worth watching (unless you are GenY is that with Stewart Granger and Drb Kerr. This one is just more of the same drivel, noise and humbug as raiders of the lsot ark.
John Croft
boy, these guys can\
John Zahra
Great Scenery, Music and even the acting is good. Swayze was great!
Keron Smith
The white man stolen all of Africa wealth
Lao Tzu
Yea well, I'll prove you ALL wrong that King Solomon's mines actually exist... once I get the cheque in the post from the Nigerian prince who keeps e-mailing me - then you'll be sorry!
Leif Brandin
va fan engelska varför aldrig svenska,lol
Good  Movie  Thanks  4  Sharing  .
Such a beautiful soundtrack !!!
Markson Pienyu
Don't hurt other peoples feelings watch out, it will reflect back to you one day.
Mike Curtis
Excellent film and a quality upload! Nice to see Patrick Swayze \
Mike Reger
Why can nobody ever stick to the perfectly good source material???\n\nHaggard’s book is an easy page turner and classic. These adaptations always make a complete pig’s ear of it.\n\nStewart Grainger’s version cones closest but still wasn’t right.
Mohamed Bangura
The looting of Africa's resources is a never ending game.
Nani Arbawi
Pas mal
Never Mdluli
Proudly African... Viva Africa viva Africa✊✊✊👊👊👊✋✋✋
Oqqayne Waddingxtwjy
Do not look at the woman !,I looked at the woman and she took my breath away !
Paquín Ponce
Philani Thobelani Mbatha
King Solomon was one of the greatest Kings of the Zulu people in South Africa.
One really interesting change in the story is that they have made an at least somewhat sympathetic character out of Gagool, who was an incredibly loathsome creature in the book.
Ramón Valenzuela Egea
An entertaining movie
Terrible production
Richard Lynch
Incredible what a bunch of horrible shots these people are...
Robbie McGill
Why when it is in English, are the sub-titles for the natives in German ????
Sathish Hosad
Ms. Elizabeth's cloths are so clean even after many days of travel............................
Shai Ofri
אהבה נתינה מבלי לרצות לקבל כמו האור משפיע כל הזמן וזה הפוך מהטבע של האדם
Sheikh Osama
yes, the things exist still, guarded by the peopel who speak without voice, \nits not in dessert ,\nthey have a king, \nthey are the followers (rulled under SOLOMON (the greatest lord ),\nthey are belivers of one creator,\nthey dont lie or cheat,\nthey like wisdom, \nin there world every thing is so fast, they move farward n backward in time, by permition of thier king.\nIts kingdom of SOLOMON where every thing so accurate ,amazing .\nthey dont fight for sex money n fame.
Straight talking
Don't waste your time on this one - you will see Alan Quatermain miss a hundred easy shots with a rifle but in the same scene shoot an opponents rifle out of his hands with a pistol so as not to harm him - birdsong from British woodland and American desert - Madagascan lemurs on the African mainland - too many scenes destroy the suspension of disbelief. The girl is pretty and blonde and doesn't get sunburned in the desert, and that's about it.
Street Victor
🌺❌ Hi 👋 quite an interesting film ( with a good story to it) I liked the acting of Patrick Swayze... if you get the chance (see👀 the film (STEEL DAWN) as it’s quite a good film From 1987 :-✅💐🌾🌿🌵😎
Great white hunters couldn't hit a bull in the arse with a bucket of wheat.
Surafel Admasu
It is. Fols. Story King Solomon. Is. In. Isthrael quwin of sheba is Ethiopian women she had a baby from king. Better Ethiopians make these film is better because there are the owner of these history
Tessa Schlesinger
Now I wouldn't have understood any of the African speech if it wsn't for the German subtitles, but what about people who don't speak German?
Newsflash: The Bible is non-fiction. Believe. If you are struggling with the difference between fact or fiction - look no further!\nThe Bible is non-fiction. There have been some questions raised. First we must agree that The Bible is very real. God is Great.
too many idiots of 21st century talking here with the lack of any sense
Thulani Shange
i hear a lot of IsiZulu language here.
Tosca Z
I had not expected to like this as much as I did. No, it isn't the same as Rider Haggard's book, but what movie is? Film is a different medium, and our times are different. I would not have appreciated Haggard's characters these days as I did in my youth, when I read him. To me, this film reflects (a little) more of the dignity, wisdom and beauty of African culture, and a more brotherly attitude between the races than I found in Haggard's books, and less of the old colonial attitude, and the characters were all very engaging. Thank you, Chris Taylor, for uploading this. I have never been a Swayze fan, but I liked him here, a sensitive, rather romantic hero. English subtitles would have been good, but what the heck! I wouldn't have understand the languages if I were there anyway, so in a way, it's realistic. (:
Wayne Butcher
Brilliant thanks for the good film from the UK
Williamstown Princeefe
truth is been revealed bit by bit . Africa my Africa Gods chosen people
Xabiso Ncanywa
weren`t there any actors in RSA who can speak Xhosa for that king character coz I cant understand him easily even though I`m Xhosa
This is so sad in general shooting animals in the wild, they are somebody too, i know this a movie, and i know they shoot them less, because of protecting them, but they are still a lot of fu...g people shoot them for sport and fun.
amos mwangi
I remember my primary teacher Mr Gikunju read for us this story (translated in swahili) when I was in class seven. it was waohh...''Kezee kigagura and the other terrible Characters' involved.......''
King Solomon was black. Song of Solomon 1:5 Dark am I, yet lovely, daughters of Jerusalem, dark like the tents of Kedar, like the tent curtains of Solomon.
davies pedzai
Acted in Zimbabwe my dear country
emmanuel francis
kin* solomon was african *is mines is in et*iopia., everone in jerusalem was black t*ey are all africans, and t*ats a fact
gino S
awwsome movie. it doesnt matter what history all about. this is the power of art. pure human knowledge called creating, lol.
hani kassa
queen of Sheba is ETHIOPIAN queen not south africa.refer the bible.she had a son from king Solomon.he was a king in Ethiopia after her.BC 1013.
john richardson
Excellent movie quality and vision perfect thanks
jp tomi
RIP Patrick
At 47:49 that scenery is allot like Kamloops BC Canada it looks just like that area of our country its dry and hot but I kind of like it, wouldn't want to live there, but still the desert has its own beauty.
makoni nyasha
NOMOLOS = SOLOMON (backward) just you may know
mia Nakalema
Africa is pissefuly
mitchie hiscocks
what a load of bollocks
molomo adekunle
this is rubbish, no women accompany them to kukuanaland, nobody play the part of Foulata. Read the novel well
peris wagathiki
Interesting wow☺
saidi abdallah
saugaat subba
the gal is the most irritating thing in this movie...useless baggage good for nothing
sbusiso nyachunge
I like this movie
Is Patrick Swayze from\
Isaiah 41:10 \nFear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
the 1930's version makes this one look so bad
yetti storm
so many missed shots from big game hunters who would be dead from animals if it were real.
عاشق الطبيعه nature lover
There are historical mistakes in this film. As we knew king Solomon lived in Jerusalem in old Israel in the middle east... Not in Africa....