Tank Battle Vietnam - Ben Het 1969

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MAJ Mike Linnane, USA (Ret) Special Forces, Team A-244 describes 1969 Ben Het battle.

Battle Ben Het Tank Vietnam

Industrial military complex $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ( GREED )
Het, you are entitled to your opinion. It doesn't much matter to me. You explain what America lost and what Vietnam won, and what America won and Vietnam lost. You may actually be right. If you want to challenge my thoughts, put your thoughts on the public board so we can all evaluate them.
my uncle was door gunner on a gunship,he always spoke of these guys he called 'Ruffpuffs\
The NVA still \
Anthony B D
that's one badass story! you guys had balls of titanium
Aquila Rossa
Three cheers for the NVA. Real heroes
What US should've done was to wipe out all the communists back in 1972 Linebacker II operation and not just to bring them back in the negotiation table. Us politicians f#@$ed it all up that cost 50K plus lives for nothing.
Basile Daliènet
war criminals
Bert Isobe
Was stationed on the main hill ... B/Battery 6th 14 th Artillery ... 2 nd gun section .... Remember all that very well .... 68 - 69 .... Ben Het V.N. .....
At least in that war they could evacuate wounded quickly. WW2 didn't have helicopters so they just died most often
Black n Tan
It's as if the USA won the war. I bet lots of Americans actually think they won.
Bob Mitchell
Brave soldiers...we should never have been there trying to prop up a hopeless corrupt government. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Bush Master Wilderness Of
Love you and your troops thanks for your service
Major Linanne I can never thank you enough. You are what every soldier should aspire to be. GOD bless America !
Carl Deliteris
carl deliteris 25 inf 65. eng at. cu chie track 23=24. flame plt with Tom and red
Carousel Willy
Unfortunate son! BF vietnam!!
Climate C. Heretic
God forever damn democrats that spit in these guys faces when they came home.
Craig Jillson
All you Vietnam vets I say thank you. I can't believe the crap you had to deal with over there and then again at home. It was shameful the way you guys were treated.
Good job soldiers.  RIP to those good guys who fell.
Attacking a camp with thin armoured russian junk recon tanks was not a very smart idea as a 50 caliber machine gun will turn one of those tanks into swiss cheese.
Dr Carls Jr
My dad was an instructor with electronics. He also instructed fellow soldiers on how to use/maintain the starlight scope.
El Capitan Obvious
The Vietnamese troops lived in Vietnam.
Frank Terry
Not easy to view I was there on 2 tours of duty1966/1970 it is very hard to forget until something reminds you it could be a smell it could some place you never been! It never go's away for 45yrs. I still have them nightmares you can't understand you had to be there. Only VET TO VET You can thank us for are service if you know who we are When We Where Soldiers.\n
Gary Green
You do know You're the bad guys, right? Invading scum after the colonialist French were defeated.
Genx Guy
My dad did 2 tours in the navy. These men never asked for anything other than to be given the respect they deserve. Never once would my dad ever talk about his experiences in Vietnam but I know he was traumatised and always expressed regret and sadness on Memorial day. Thanks dad. I love you.
George Humphrey
I was with Charlie company 4th infantry div. stationed on a mountain top and watched this battle rage on through the night while our company was on stand by to join if needed come day light. A real fireworks on display that night. One of the things that happened in Vietnam that I never forgot
I was new in country and had arrived at Dak To about three weeks before the attack. My first week there we'd been mortared, and a few days after that my platoon had been sniped at on a mine sweep of the highway from Tan Canh towards Kontum. We knew Charlie was around, but no one expected anything this big to happen. The night of the attack, we were awakened by the sounds of heavy gunfire in the distance, and the sky to the west was lit up red. We realized that one helluva fight must be going on at Ben Het. We immediately went on red alert, and my company was told we'd be going to relieve Ben Het at daylight. By sunup, however, the NVA had retreated and there was nothing to see but their wrecked vehicles. I was sorry I'd missed the show. One of those NVA tanks looked like it had been open up with a big can opener. Apparently, the NVA didn't realize some of our armor had just been sent there. Their tanks were no match for ours and they probably wouldn't have attacked if they known they were there.
Thanks for serving during such tough times. \nKilling communists is always a good thing.
Hilleary Brown
You can really see where some type of defoliant would be of use. Agent orange worked quite good but who knew the devastating effects on those who came in contact with it, My last friend who was exposed to it died in 94.\nHats off to all who served and are serving
Homer B
Military historians place some US infantry in the ground level trenches by the gate. Those were members of the 299th combat engineer battalion. We were the bait for the battle of Dakto. The first shot cleaned off a sleeping tank crew, from what the tankers told me later that morning.
Hub Howard
you have my respect and admiration , now I owe ya a shot and a beer.
Illiminatie overlord Gurglekoks
So, not really that close at all.. Only seven of those fuckers even made it to the wire? They didn't even get trough? Sorry, that doesn't sound very impressive at all. The Vietnamese were unmatched strategists in this war. Particularly in terms of unconventional / other than direct combat strategies and tactics. They knew the Achilles heel of the US was in her unwillingness to take casualties combined with her armed force's inability to deal with asymmetric warfare(And it still is today). But in the field, as soldiers, I think the Vietnamese kinda sucked.
I remmeber low crawling outside the preimeter to do listening post for enemy movement and tanks. 101st airborne 1968
Jack Vansworth
Hey Mike, I re-supplied and medivaced your guys at Ben Het, Dak To, and Dak Seang in March-June of '70 with my buddies from the 119th AHC, the Gators and Croc's. That whole area was a very scary place, and my flight got motared off the strip at Dak To and Ben Het more than once. Lost a friend from the \
Jason Ferguson
To Those that Served ...I will be Forever Grateful to You and Will not Forget what was Sacrificed but will remember the goodness of You're Hearts .
Jeffrey P
My pop was there. 4th infantry, 124th transportation battalion. He is really suffering from Agent Orange related illnesses but hanging in there. Thanks, Nam Vets and welcome home!
Jerry Curtis
I see intelligence didn't improve one damn bit, from 1967. if it came down from S-2 it was BS, if the Vietnamese told you, it was on spot.
Jon Weiss
The essential question in my mind since 1970, has been \
Joseph Gaska
God Bless all who have served so proud to be an American. Especially so proud of our military heroes each and every one
K. S.
Don't understand why these bases weren't constructed better.
Kenneth Hedden
Real men,Real Soldiers,doesn't get any more real than that. True American Heros!!!!
Kirk Boo
Vietnam Vets are some of the most unsung heroes in American history. Regardless of politics, they did what was asked of them as soldiers of a country. That is the most commendable sacrifice that can ever be asked of a person. God Bless them all, and thank you all.
I like watching war footage so I can think about how terrible everybody is and how useless it is to try and save the planet.
Wonder what the stories on the NVA side were
Marcus Aurelius
i talked to some of the vietnamese veterans and they still don't understand the reason americans came to their country. some of them even said \
Mark Andrews
God Bless the vets,
Marshall Roland
Sorry dude was a grunt in I Cor. Yep did tunnel rating n fought mostly NVA when they would crawl out of cover n make an effort with superior numbers. Never forget stumbling over Hochic slicks(sandals made from tires) ran out of on way to their tunnels. Check with some old vets up there an ask about Delta Daises . Better yet ask if they remember the grunt called \
NVA chickened down when facing the steel ennemy.
Mike Lcml5c
Damn those guys are lucky to be alive. I got wonder why they'd limit the tanks to that small an area. It looks to me like they'd be sitting ducks in an area that small but then hell what do I know I was 11 years old when they were fighting that out. It's a dang good thing they had the air support when they did other wise it could've got ugly. They are mean dudes that don't take no🐂💩.
Jebite se ameri, odjebali vas žutaći !!!
Mitchell Lawson
Mr.Turner X
Nguyen Long
Dragon? No they called them \
And, as said, the USA stands ahead of all in regard to this, in conscienceless, criminal form which disdains human life and disregards every right and indeed in felonious form, and it mendaciously and deceitfully acts as world police and the selfless saver of freedom and of the world and thereby also does not shy away from underhandedly provoking wars as it has done worldwide for ages, so indeed also in Vietnam, out of which decade-long killing, murder, raping, torture, destruction and elimination as well as unspeakably great need, misery, pain and sorrow came forth. \n\nThe US American secret service, NSA (National Security Agency), searched for a felonious way to provoke a war against communist North Vietnam, although North Vietnam in no form had given a reason for war actions. Therefore, in the South China Sea, on the destroyer, ‘USS Maddox’, the NSA manufactured a faulty sonar-echo – that is to say, a false sonar-echo – in order to let the NSA agents officially act and indeed in the form that they consciously-falsely and mendaciously presented the harmless and false sonar echo, created by them, as a torpedo attack of the Viet Cong. \n\nAll falsified information, reports and coordinates which arose from that, which were consciously manufactured through lies and deception, proceeded immediately through the news filter of the secret service, NSA, which also manipulated and falsified all radio signals, photos and sea maps, and indeed besides which, on the destroyer ‘USS Maddox’, they induced an intentionally false and therefore alleged and effectively invented major, combat and torpedo alarm. As a consequence, naturally, the warship changed its course, whereby, with the heavy twin turrets of the destroyer, it opened fire for several hours on the imaginary and non-existent enemy and there was wild shooting across the ocean. In addition to this, on the same day ‘retaliation attacks’ on the city of Hanoi were carried out by the US aircraft carrier, ‘USS Ticonderoga’, with fighter aircraft. \n\nNaturally, no Viet Cong ships, submarines or torpedoes were encountered at sea, because neither were there any in the area of the destroyer nor was North Vietnam taking part in the entire thing at all. The fact is that a perfect theatrical performance was launched by the NSA which served to make it possible for the USA to involve Viet Cong in a war, in the hope that North Vietnam could be annexed into the area of USA world-control by the USA armed forces. But that was a complete flop, because North Vietnam did not let itself be brought into line, rather it humiliated the USA – the strongest army of the world at that time – and gave its armed forces one hammering after another during the ten-year war, and finally a complete moral and military defeat and a lost war. \n\nUnfortunately, this Vietnam war cost more than six and a half million human lives, whereby however it is today claimed that it had ‘only’ been five million human lives. \n\nFundamentally also still to be said is that the armed forces in general, therefore those of all countries, are trained to boundlessly and consciencelessly kill and murder, whereby also monstrous war crimes of many forms are committed and also women and children are sexually abused, raped and – along with many non-participating human beings from among the people – are tortured, mistreated and murdered.
I was there.  The second Spooky that night - Spooky 23 - the alert bird.Covered them for about 5 hours.  He was a first Lt. and there was a Captain (Paul Francour, I believe there also).  We supported that area nightly.  This was one of my 230 night missions from Nov, 68 - Nov 69.  Fired maybe 5 million rounds during that year.There was also the blocking of the Ho Chi Min trail with the call sign Black Lion where we were ambushed and almost blown out of the sky.  Almost half of the Spookies were lost during their 4 years there  -  The buddy I came in country with -  Jim Pitches was lost on the last Spooky shot down 2 months before we came home.Then the last third of my tour was the Secret war in Laos from Jul to Nov 69.  I often wondered what Vietnam was like during that time frame that I was in Laos.After almost 50 years, I am starting to talk about it.Pat
Paul N
godbless these unsung heroes of the war.may we learn from this conflict.
I salute all U Military Folks that fought in Vietnam War. U are true Heroes.\[email protected]
Ravage Gonza
gulf of Tonkin\n\noperation fast and furious\n\nmalon labe
Red Bay
Such brave young men.  In the prime of their lives.  I wish all of them had lived.
Richard Day
does any body remember  captain reed special forces at BEN HET he and i went down on the air strip with some montagnard to get the tractor trailer load of ammo. we were under heavy fire at the time. i was the only truck that made it thru he told me should get thing for it I never did. the next day a chopper took me and the wounded out . 
Rick Barg
Show some respect for those who fought , and died in the Vietnam 🇻🇳 war, I live in 🇨🇦 and met a Vietnam Vet today, he had a Vietnam Pin on his hat, so we talked , I shook his hand a thanked him for his service, thousands of our Canadian boys joined along side the American boys , not knowing what they were getting them selfs in for, but they went any ways, and when they came home , they were called terrible things , I was 10 when that war was going on, so thankyou to all the 🇨🇦and the 🇺🇸 men who fought and died , they were boys going in , but brothers in arms in the end, so thanks again to all who served . I will never forget.
It's nice that the Vietnamese beat this criminal thug foreigners out of their country in the end. We (the U.S.) had no fucking business being there.
Salvador Allende
Full respect to all those who fought in Vietnam.  Thanks to user goldworldnet for loading this coverage of the Ben Het battle.  No respect to the war criminals who seized upon the Gulf of Tonkin 'incident' as justification for committing to a war which killed many thousands of civilians.  The same propaganda and commitment to a military engagement based on flakey / contrived 'intelligence' was used to invade Iraq - remember those still not found WMDs? Again the result was many thousands of civilian deaths.
Stephen Powzinger
I was with the 4th Division at Ben Het earlier, in 1968. I landed by Huey at the airstrip with our mortar and went through there then joined my platoon on one of the surrounding hilltops. ( my chopper had landed there by mistake due to heavy fog). I had to call the battalion by Bet Het’s radio. \n. The battalion commander came with his personal Huey to fly me and the mortar back. We were accompanied with a unit of Montagnards on the hill. . It was a very steep hill and we had muddy trenches and bunkers. It was a very dangerous area.
Wo wo wo wo camouflage..
Thom Patten
Was with MACSOG CCC. We were targeted with finding the artillery that was hitting Ben Het. The fire was so intense, we waited for a chance for insertion. In the mean time, our job was to support the medivacs. It was gruesome. They finally pulled the target and sent another team in. They lasted one night. It seems that the artillery we'd be looking for was in fact tanks. My highest praise to the Major and all of the others who fought so hard. You exemplify what Special Forces was all about.
Thomas Bleming
My unit arrived at Ben Het on the morning of May 6th, 1969 and almost immediately we came under fire from N.V.A. artillery.\nLater on that morning we were with an ARVN unit. They were wiped out that afternoon by a much larger N.V.A. force.\nFrom May 6th to July 1st my unit (52nd Airborne Pathfinder detachment) was stationed at Dak To, a special forces camp, down the road from Ben Het, where we fought the North Vietnamese Army.
Tim Matthews
Just a grunt's POV but we believed we were sent to blunt the spread of Communism just as our fathers and uncles had been sent to Korea and were only supposed to hold the line until the Viets could defend themselves with our support. They just didn't have it in them and we had to pull the plug at some point with all the pressure from back home. We did not win the war because that was not our mission and we did not lose the war because it was not OUR war to lose. Sure, we regret the way it turned out but none of us should feel any guilt over it.
Tim Travasos
Those were some badass little NVA.
Tom Tapp
PT 76 was same tank used by NVA at Lang Vei. The NVA over ran Lang Vei. James Wesley Moreland was one of the SF soldiers Mia. A real hero.
As soon as the S-2 says there are no tanks...\n\nGet ready for tanks.
William Earl
The South Vietnamese were the big losers, together with communism. America carried on being the worlds most powerfull and richest country. What did the North win? The honour of being just one more kleptocracy.
bishop Clarke
The united states has always played the role as the international police. Coming to the aid of those countries who people are oppressed and deprived of liberty, I do not for see that role changing anytime soon. With the crisis in the middle east concerning Israel, Gaza, Russia, Ukraine, and Syria the stage is set for world war three.
Take strategic position on hills which overlooks the ho chi minh trail. Smart.\n\nWhy didnt the americans just take these hills? Better yet, why even go to war in a foreign country? Why mess with other nations political development? Because fear of communism? Hindsight is 20/20 but it seems that communism do not last on its own. Name a successful communist country to date? Russia? North Korea? Nope.\n\nMuch respect to these vietnamese who tried to take own a juggernault in their land.\nMuch respect to these vets who left to fight in a country believing it was the right thing to do. Good on the American people who protested against this war but bad on them for shaming soldiers who came back from this war.\n
clifton gaither
welcome home Vietnam vets , and thank you .
dan stone
My dad was a FAC radio operator in support of this offensive..
e james
damn, I love everything about combat. But I was graduating high school as the last amurcan was being airlifted off the roof of the U.S. embassy in saigon. It was all over ,man.
special Ed her bless the mechanized
I've never understood why the locals get pissed when you invade their country
thankfully americans lost that war
high 69
Whoever served in vietnam thank you for your service
inoue jerry
Many ask why we didnt used T54/55 OR TYPE59 IN THIS BATTLE BECAUSE IT A HEAVY JUNGLE WITH ALOT OF RIVER ( SMALL BIG VV ) meanwhile the Pt76 are pretty light tank that can swim =\u003e we can used the river at road ( actualy many of our moving sometime used the river with the p76 because the jungle are too thick or there are to high hill , mountain vv ) ( some time ven the t54/55 used the river at a rock ( enginear will go check the deep and if it below 1,5m the tank can go though it ) and those enginear will stand on the 2 side with a light to show the tank where to go ,
I was in country at that time. Up in I (eye) Corps. Marines. A firebase with the KMC artillery near Hoi An.
This is a great recollection of viet war battle story clear and easy to understand. Thanks. Go USA.
well done.
While I didn't participate in the Ben Het fight, I was focused on it because of the intel value around the presence of the PT-76s. Somewhere I have an aerial picture of one of them after the SPADs had finished with it, lying a bit broken in a bunch of bomb craters. Sometime later it, or its running mate, was dragged back to Pleiku on a flatbed and we got a chance to check it out up close. It was pretty well burned out, but I got a few pictures of it and still have a shell base that had cooked off during the fight. I can't seem to post the pictures here, so I'll do it separately.
Anyone who believes the Vietnam War was a just war for the US, needs to read former defense secretary McNamara's Fog of War. The war was just for the VC; they were fighting a war against colonialist powers. Did they use Russia? damn straight. The US wasn't going to help them in their war for Independence.
peter R
Viet Nam - one of the most ridiculous of wars, the most ridiculous waste and loss of American and Vietnamees lives. For what? for nothing! Only money for the military industrial complex!
plejaren giants
The war was really about our government's heroin trade with Indochina. We secretly gave them money for their heroin then sold them state of the art military weaponry to get the money back. This process was repeated over and over. We also funded both sides by supplying Russia with supplies for whatever was needed. It was a scam. And we fought and died for the biggest drug dealers and mass murderers in our highest political positions. Good upload!
pracxis prac
but US still lost the war
Remenber My Lai
trang den Trangden
chien tranh la dau thuong mat mat , hay quy trong hoa binh nhe.VIET NAM
william hogan
stay out of other peoples countries,it never ends well...
Thank you for your service. Death to Commies.
Love Mike's attitude and bearing. A true military man.
If you look in to the war crimes the us committed in Vietnam you really start to question who is the terrorist.
The Vietnam War was pretty badass.