Corporal punishment in front of the whole school

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Movie scene where an Asian kid gets punished with a caning in front of the entire school. They literally watch him take the licks administered by the male staff member.

Carolina Nunes
Ok, the boy was naughty and deserves to be punished, but caning, really? thats too harsh to me, but worst is that the punishment is taking place in public, thats horrible, the humilliation of being caned in front of the whole school are worse than the pain. Thats traumatizing.
This video is is I'm stupid part two
Debbie De silva
😭😭😭😭😭😭so bad
Ethan L
Tbh i would have faked death
Jerry Munroe
Singaporeans do this to males only in their schools, in their prisons, and in their military. Barbaric society in Asia. Human Rights groups have condemned Singapore for it's court sentencing of the Torture of men. Thousands of males are brutalized every year and this barbarity has been going on and increasing year after year.
Joe Miyori
lol that’s why america’s crime rate so high ah. no caning inplemented. I kena rotan in sch no kick sia
Lea S
Poor kid
I watch this already from the movie of I not stupid 2
Nathan Cruz
What's the name of this 🎥?
NylonShorts Fan
In Singapore, Korea & the East some schools still Cane on stage in front of the Whole school or your year-IF you head or join a Gang, or carry knifes or weapons.. so Do NOT feel sorry for the boy, he's no angel. they should do that here in the UK, they did Cane at my Grammar school back in 1975.. I got 6 of the best for breaking a desk, I deserved my punishment, yes it hurt like hell fire in your shorts,,, but it was ok, survivable, and I was fine.... very sore, with 6 thick welts for 3 days on my sorry Bottom., but I was fine...there was no caning like this clip while I was there BUT I think if the boy had done something really bad, then yes there was always talk among the boys that the head would cane in front of the school. it was not ruled out...
Ryan Tiong
badly real
cry.cut.died.happy _
my school held a public caning a few days ago for the secondary ones to watch but it wasn't full force.\nmy mother caned me more times than this and my blood burst out. Now that's painful. \nThis one was also painful
Singapore was once a British colony. It's claimed that Singapore's corporal punishment in school, is inherited from the British Pubic School system.  Which has a long tradition of canning young men on the butt.
Does this REAALY happen?