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Aegie Kim
Happy 15th anniversary DONG BANG SHIN KI!
Ain Syuhailah
it’s really refreshing to be back to the time where male idols are free of lip gloss and lipstick
Aki Chan
Không biết vừa xem vừa cmt nó có tính view không nhể :3
Alexander Hnz
jaejoong has the strongest kpop visual ever
Alice Bes
DBSK you are a legend 4ver \u003c3
Ati C
Jaejoong's beauty is legendary
Ayuning Tyas
i want to be a cat ..supaya dapet kecup bang imin 😂
Miss them a lot ❤
Cassii Mayza
Why am I so Emotional?
Catharina Sandra
They're the first kpop group and the only one that stay in my heart till now. and will always be ❤ TVXQ fighting!
Chau Le
Cố 5 chịu viu nàooo
Drama Trash
Jaejoong out here looking like a final fantasy character and a snack
Eprilda Mourelia
2018??!!!! 😭😭😭
Fatimah Haristia Haq
sick of all new rookies, and here i am :')
Firse Vanindika
Well I'm an old kpop fan and youtube views doesn't matter back then because the entertainment companies hadn't had official youtube account yet. we enjoy mv from fan upload. And I'm sure this would have many many million views if it were being upload on 2003, the exact released year of this song
Ford Focus
Go Ara was 13 (14)\nYoochun, Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yunho were 17 (18)\nChangmin was 15 (16)\ni was freaking out so much when I found out their age bc they are amazing in their debut stage and their singing and their dancing are also perfect
it’s been 9 long years since i first heard of this song and i still know the lyrics word by word. the nostalgia. can they ever perform as 5 again? i’m still waiting and hoping.
Hanin Fatani
I officially completed 13 years of being their fan 💕
Helena Pelly
who wacth this in 2018?
Hihi Jung
Lengend of kpop
Ian Lee
When KPOP is not a competition \nWhen KPOP is peaceful \nI miss the old days😭😭😭
Except for Yoochun all of them sound so young! Yoochun's voice already sounds very mature, it's weird with that baby face :D Such a precious song though, I'm glad people are still remembering, singing and covering it to this day :)
Janice Liu
TV5XQ is the legend in my heart.\u003c3
Jay R Azores
jaejoong visual prince
Jonalene Maat
Seeing Go Ara and DBSK teen days at the year of 2018. They making me feel to see the beginning of KPOP on my hands.
Jungkooked by a kookie
Omg!! the first one looks like he just came out of an anime!!
Khinelie Horan
2018. \nfor me DB5K is still the best
2004 was such a year.
Kungkaw50 Lol
october 2018??
Lan Hương Nguyễn Thị
Now is 2018, I’m still here to listen this song, who else? ❤️
Lena Lee
I'm so happy that this was the first Kpop song that I listened to back in 2006. DBSK are legends. Gods of Kpop.
Linh Nguyễn
Góp vài view cho 15 năm của thần\nNhớ lắmmm\nLên ù pa ơi :))
Long Cao
Lại cho các anh nhà lên sóng nào ~ ace nào từ ổ bà Since chạy qua đây điểm danh ace nhận mặt cái nhỉ ;')))\nFanboy từ thuở khai thiên lập địa đâyyyyy
We fans from Vietnam are having a small project to increase views for this MV to 5M before 15th anniversary. Anyone interested? Lol
Minh Le
ủng hộ Since.2003 cho lên 5m !!!!!!!!!
Miyu CL.M
*December 2018 ?*
Jaejoong‘s Visual is out of this world...
I want to cry watching this... They looked so young and happy!
Thank you for introduce this beautiful song moonbyul. Get well soon mywife 😭😭
Nguyễn Thị Lý
Mục tiêu được 15 triệu view kỉ niệm 15 năm debut của DBSK nào chị em ơiiiiii. Không được 15 triệu thì cũng cố được 5 triệu nha :)))))))))))))))))
Ngạo Thiên
Since 2003 đưa tui quay lại đây 😂 ngày góp vài view cho xôm tụ, mấy lão ngày xưa tươi xanh mơn mởn quá 😘
Ngọc Diệp Lê
Mãi chưa được 5 chẹo view các chị em êiiii\n=)))
Nim Nim
ai ở FB: since 2003 đâu, cho mình thấy cánh tay các bạn nào =))))
Perú - Cusco동방신기
5M views for 15th anniversary ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I wish SM makes this kind of songs for their new artist because kpop these days just sound to loud for me :(
Rachelle Anne Salde
Legends. Unbeatable. Watching in 2018. #aktf
Riana Krista Mandia
Rosario B
Go Ara is so beautiful... even when she was in her early teens...DBSK is seriously one of the best KPop idol groups! Korea's sweet cultural invasion is irresistible!
Sandra Gonzales
SM chicos somos una familia y ud. Lo saben. Siempre estamos en las buenas y en las malas y eso nos hace grandes.\nCassiopeia porfavor les pido que apoyen a EXO.\nEn twitter ayúdennos votando y comentando para que EXO se presente en la clausura del fútbol.\nTan solo bastará de un poco de vuestro tiempo.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
I still so in love with this song & it's more than 10 years :((
Stanya Lin
Still think this is one of the best debut songs. \nThe song, the mv matching their images perfectly. No catchy choreography and glamour lighting effect for their stage performance but still, they grabed audience's attention! \nI m glad I am in the fandom during TVfXQ's prime. Still loving them now. \n#AKTF
Suzan S2
Tea freak
2018 still here... To keep my memory
Thu Hương Trần
các cậu, Vote nào! kỉ niệm 15 năm! 😂😂😊😊😊 hwaitting!
Thảo Hoàng
When i was studying at high school i listened DBSK and now i still listen to your music. I hope someday 5 members will come back. I hope so
Trần Hạnh Lê
5M views for celebrating TVXQ's 15th debut annivesary!!! Come on! Fighting Cassie \u003c3
Tôm Đáng Yêu :*
Vì chị Since nên e trai sẽ đóng góp 1 view cho Pro zếch này :))\nFan boi 10 năm nạ :)))
Yen Luong
Going to 5 millions views for 15 years anniversary. Let's go guy ^^
Yeorum cassie
when you watch this again, you just realized that they're now already finished serve their country , and now it's time for uri duckbutt carrying out the duties of his country, and then i realized again the 1st time i watch this mv is when i was in my 2nd grade junior high school and now im a college student (almost graduated) , wah i have a lot of memories with them,i mean back then when i was in JHS their songs always accompany me when i was doing my homework when my phone is still nokia , and i still dont know how to download their song from internet, i save all their picts from google pictures , when i still called them with max,hero,micky,uknow,and xiah, this memories will never be forgotten 😭 , they grown now they were in early of their 30s ,so do i , im also getting older and this years im 23, haha im thinking this too far but soon they will also get married and have childrens,and this video gonna be the best memories for us, which we will tell our children later ❤️ in the future i really dont expect them to back as 5 tvxq again, i didnt mean i dont want them to back as 5 ,i still have my faith for that to happen, but we can forced people to do something they dont want , it will be really hard for them , yunho and changmin cant just leave SM like that, and also jyj they cant just going back to SM again, if they leave their company and move to another comp. together they cant use tvxq name again , thats really hard decisions to make, i dont need to see them to won an awards like daesang or bonsang or all kill or whatever , or popularity and fame ,comparing to other group , concert ticket sale or whatever, it's so childish,now I just want to see them as a 5 man who was in their mid 30's and they were just hang out together talking about their life , keep their friendship until they become granpda, still with us (cassie and bigeast) ,still under tvxq name and still making song, that's enough for me, thats all i want
aegyo kitty
It's been 6 years since I fell in love with DBSK, and Hug will always be my favorite song of theirs. Thank you for the wonderful and magical memories DBSK \u003c3
anin maha
2018, anyone else?
bye sky
i here because of minhyun oppa and kim jaehwan oppa fight for right lyrics 😂
d.o taeyong
New kpop fans when whatch this : taeyeong's father??
dong nguyen van
5 triệu view
Vẫn nghe mãi nghe ngày nào cũng nghe Hug cả \u003c3
why isnt this song not on spotify. I MEAN WHY ALL OF THEIR OLD SONGS NOT ON SPOTIFY 😭😭😭😭
I came here again after watching tvxq at mbc gayo 2018, wow yunho really didn't age
harward jay
남자가 봐도 믹키유천 진짜 잘생겼네...
iima minO
SM knows how to create groups that get strate to hearts BUT doesn't know how to keep them, just when people fall for them they'll split :\n#the TVXQ and JYJ case\n#the Hangeng and SuJu case\n#the Kris and Luhan Tao of EXO cases\n#the F(x) Sulli case \n#and Jessica's of SNSD case
kai 88
sm just loved to put a dance break out of nowhere in their songs lol
jaejoong baby face😂😍
lana 99
jaejoong look like a doll he's so beautiful OMG
miranda septiani
In 2018?
poiuyt 1
Anyone in 2018?
putri tomboy
Miss them sing together again 😢 ..
One day I swear one day we will see them as 5 performing Hug on stage again. Lets always keep faith ot5 forever!!!
trang pham
Hành trình 5 trẹo view sao mà gian nan quá😭😭😭😭
yulita sari
2018 and still watching this😭❤️
Đình Hưởng
waiting for 15th annivasary! 2003-2018
요즘 아이돌들 다 동방신기미만잡이다 동방신기5명은 외모,키,노래,춤 구멍이 하나도 없는 사기캐그룹
고아라 미모실화? 이때15살이던데ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 동방신기도이때 다풋풋하네진짜 노래도좋고..
크윽 샤기컷 ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ 이땐 샤기컷이 멋있었는데... 지금보니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
지금은 2018년, 다섯이 너무 그립다.
심창민이랑 정윤호는 지금이 더 잘생겼네 미친건가
진짜 동방신기 다섯명시절은 아무도 못이김 그냥 전설임..
비쥬얼은 역대급
와 이때 내가 초딩 4학년이였는데.. 남들은 사실 어린놈이 뭘 알겠냐 하겠지만 그 당시 난 영웅재중 보고 와 진짜 잘생겼다 생각했음
이때 . 고아라 개털리고 안티 존나생겻는데 ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
김재중 존잘
영웅) 하루만 니방의 침대가 되고싶어 \nOh, baby~\n더 따스히 포근히 내 품에 감싸 안고 \n재우고 싶어\n믹키) 아주 작은 뒤척임도 \n너의 조그만 속삭임에\n난 꿈속의 괴물도 이겨내 버릴 텐데\n영웅) 내가 없는 너의 하룬 \n어떻게 흘러가는 건지\n나를 얼마나 사랑하는지 \n난 너무나 궁금한데\n시아) 너의 작은 서랍 속의 \n일기장이 되고 싶어\n알 수 없는 너의 그 비밀도 \n내 맘속에 담아둘래 너 몰래\n최강) 하루만 너의 고양이가 되고싶어 \n니가 주는 맛있는 우유와 \n부드러운 니품안에서\n유노) 움직이는 장난에도 \n너의 귀여운 입맞춤에 \n나도 몰래 질투를 느끼고 있었나 봐\n믹키) 내 마음이 이런 거야\n시아) 너밖엔 볼 수 없는 거지\n믹키) 누구를 봐도 어디 있어도\n시아) 난 너만 바라보잖아\n최강) 단 하루만 아주 친한 \n너의 애인이 되고 싶어\n너의 자랑도 때론 투정도 \n다 들을 수 있을 텐데\n시아)) 널 위해\n최강) In my heart in my soul \n나에게 사랑이란 아직 어색하지만\nUh uh babe\n영웅) 이세상 모든 걸 너에게 주고싶어 \n꿈에서라도\n최강) 내 마음이 이런 거야 \n지켜 볼 수만 있어도\n시아) 너무 감사해 많이 행복해 \n나 조금은 부족해도\n영웅) 언제까지 너의 곁에 \n연인으로 있고 싶어\n너를 내 품에 가득 안은 채 \n굳어버렸으면 싶어\n영원히
이때로 돌아와..
김재중 왜이렇게 예뻐; 지금도 예쁜데 어렸을때 진짜 대박이다
이때 김재중보고 진짜 잘생겨서 엄청놀람
2019년에도 보러 옴 동방신기는 진짜 문구점에 브로마이드도 팔았었는데ㅋㅋㅋ와와잡지에 나오면 사버리고ㅋㅋ
이때 당시때 7살?.. 8살? 00년생 인 내가 누나가 동방신기에 최강창민이랑 유노윤호를 제일 최애로 봤지.. 나도 맨날 누나 따라서 유노윤호 형아!! 하면서 좋아했던 기억이.. 맨날 이노래 듣고 심지어 2G폰 이였던 휴대폰 배경화면이 유노윤호 였던 기억이 났다.. 매일 동네 친구들한테 내가 좋아하는 가수 형이야! 하고 아직도 윤호 형은 잘생겼고 창민형도 잘생겼지 ㅎㅎ 앞으로도 더멋진 모습 보여주면 좋겠어요 형들 !! 항상 지켜볼게요! \n\n벌써전 19살에 곧 성인이 될준비 하다니.. 참 ㅜㅜ 슬프네요..
비주얼들이 아주그냥 상콤하네 특히 박유천 너무 이쁘다 지금은 아니지만
*2018 /12؟؟؟؟؟؟*
2018년도에도 왔다..