Desert Heat (Inferno-Van Damme) Full movie

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(Serbian subs)In the spring, the full moon shines for the warrior who has lost his way. Coyote is the spirit that leads back to life. If he follows the coyote when the moon is full, the warrior will see the path once more...

Jean claude van damme action coyote danny trejo fight full gang heat inferno jaime pressly martial arts movie pat morita serbian subtitlle desert

It was so bad, it was good.\nOver the top everything, made it 2 thumbs up!
Abe K
i love that old man on the oxygen! best movie ever!!!!
Adrienne Hunt
I liked this movie.One of the special Jean Claud Van Dammes love movies. very nice
Alan Falleur
Ladies who have come for Mr. Fanservice may want to skip ahead to 48:46.
Why the foot massage?
Brage Bjelker
43:30 omg best ever!! HAHAHAHHAA
Brock Stylies
Less than half way in to this movie, i'm dying with LOL
Canadian Guy
The only good thing about the movie is the Indian - bike.
Carolyn Reed
Praise the Lord,glory to God,amen haleluya ,victory in jesus
Cornelius Maximilianus
acting is way below B level movie, lol
Dennis D
this movie is true definition of friendship. Danny Trejo and van Damme
Drebin Frank
Cigarettes and whisky and wild wild woman, they drive you crazy they drive you insane :D. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!
Filomena Smith
Great movie.
Frederick Calhoun
I met JCVD back in 1995 when he was promoting his movie Sudden Death at Planet Hollywood in Atlanta. He's a real nice guy and he loves his fans. My grandmother was with me and even though she had never seen a single movie of his, she grabbed him by the arm and said could you sign an autograph for my grandson. He had already signed the magazine I brought yet he said yes ma'am, got a Planet Hollywood hat and signed it too. Now I have two things signed by him. Anyway I'll never forget when we were on the way home my grandmother looked at me and said he has some big mussels with a great big smile on her face. Lol
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GODS gift
the old lady is funny. ..i love het
Gladys World
Van damme is soooo hot lol 😝
Gregory Pierre
Great movie from Jean Claude Van Dame
Just go to 19:30 and see cinema gold. (epic man to man foot rub).
Hudson River
Spoiler Alert - Old farts arguing about who shot the bad guy in the end, was my favorite part.
Ilya Yarosh
Ronda is awesome!
Jackson Dawson
is nobody going to acknowledge the fact, that Mr.Miyagi is in this movie?
48:35 you can thank me later ;)
Jeff Higgs
Literally a kick-ass movie
John Smith
Good movie. Thanks for the upload.
Juan Cris
still cracks me up to see mr trejo give mr damme a foot rub XD
Juliet Avenido
what a good movie!
Kala Thomas
van damme is cute in this movie
Leonardo Arriaga
Awesome movie
Liem Nguyen
I can't get over how hot jaime pressly is in this movie. I wished she played harley quinn in the movie suicide squad. Margot did an amazing job but I rather see Jaime.
This movie brings back memory's from my childhood great movie.
Mariana Tiemoko
Il like , i love the sex scene
Marilyn Brown
Thanks for posting this movie , never seen it before I didn't have any idea Jean Claude Van Dame had made this!
Mario Sabourin
Love this movie! Thanks.
Maryam Tondivar
If you My meaning to know,  you are wonderful for acting.  I saw your every movie's and They're ( movie's) amazing.I wish you succes  and happy new year too for you, Mr Jean Claude van Damme.Your Funny,Maryam Tondivar ( From Netherland- Holland)
Max Rokatanski
37:30 best action
Melissa Coludrovich
This movie is really good. I like it no matter what. I love the way he did to all bad guy. But anyway the guy will beat there ass for hurting them..
Melissa Wizzart
19:58 tho.... Cigarettes and whiskey's and wild wild women...😂😂😂😂
danny trejo !!!
Michael Hollier
Probably the funniest & better.... Van Damme vid's I have watched..thanks for the upload!!
Michael Lavoie
If I see one more person with a barbed wire tattoo, I'm gonna scream!
never knew Mr Miyagi Pat Morita was in this must of been one of his last movies b4 he passed
lol so weird, the handy man is exactly what his character was in the expendables
Nadia Nadia
sh film i bukur
Paloma Ramirez
song 20:00?
34:50 same song from the movie lock up.
Prince Brown
Vann damm the spin kick boss
Quèéñ Ñîkì
Nice movie I love it so much
Damn I kept pushing this off for years to watch. This shit is classic!
Rene Rodriguez
i tought the other girl was hotter then jamie!!
Reno Krueger
At the end I saw... Chuck, Bruce, Rambo, and Road House!!!
Rick OBrien
At 5:57...I'm just gonna start shooting till I'm empty...
Roger Waihaperoger.
Jean Claude Van Damme movies now are crap..not like some of his old movies,they were pretty good..
Rosa Trevino
I've seen mostly all of jean claude van damme movies but I've never seen this one. He sure looks good in his western wear😉he has always look good to me, a real sweet heart and a good man.Always hard to find. He has a great family as well in real life.
Stephany Williams
I wonder if he's circumcised lmbo
20:09 back when van damme was so famous danny trego had to give him a foot rub lol
That Guy Scott Webb
I could see this being a cult movie.
Sean Connery was 69 years old when this was released in the US.
Tkyo Playz
Exactly what a Van Damme movie needs to be.
Uriel De La Vega
Wow wonderful eyes
I've seen all his them all thanks for the post
What About
a young Jamie Presley is hot
William Elliott
Never seen this movie. Great upload
ive seen this movie, sadly, like eight times now. I wonder if van daame even remembers making it. I need to get out more.
this was some silly shit with Vam Damme
big daddy 09
i love this movie
black panther3045 hernandez
Great movie love it... By the way who sings the song when this movie ends wow its bad ass it sounds country anyone knows who sings it loved it??
Excellent!  A lot of humor and good stuff!
really enjoyed the movie, thanks for the upload.
eralda Dervishi
filma te bukur
gebruman nig
that was a good movie
j tree
This was the worst best movie i've ever seen, and i mean that in a good way.
janelle clarke
great movie loved it
jelorn mccomie
joe lee
hey was tht mr. Meyagee frm karate kid in 9:44 of the movie
jorge GR
How ow in the worl did I miss this Van Dammee movie? It was pretty good with Danny Trejo and Jaimie Pressley and a couple others I recognize.
kelba leo
Those 3bad brothers, the kind no mother wishes to have.
ken sangale
still good who is watching in 2018
logic engine
Has a certain charm this movie.
maria d
Im confused when he asks his dad in the car why he rides him so much ... That's what it sounded like to me is that term for giving someone a lot of shit?
mike jones
JCVD kinda looks like Arnold in \
mitchie hiscocks
monica vanhall
van damme is sexy
music guy
He looks like Donald cerrone here
richard Jenkins
the brunette waitress she is well and truely beautiful
rommel rivera
i dnt care.. but for me this is a good movies... im a fan of vandame frm.philippines...yahooo
shab R`damwest
best farewell 23:19  24:19
shane lord
hate it when fighters use guns in fight scenes
48:45 VANDAMMES ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!
willie Vannostrin
never thout that i would see ,,,,danny trejo giving another guy a foot rub in a movie