Top 10 World War II Movies

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We haven't seen another war like it, and hopefully we never will; but it did inspire some fantastic films. Join for more info.

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What about A bridge Too Far, Tobruk, Enemy At The Gate or The Dambusters. All classics and all better than number 9
You should have included The railway man and windtalkers and pearlharbour
AX System
Is really sad that WWII have happened, soldiers forced to left their families for kill people they don't know, civilians be killed, women and teenagers being rapped, prisoners being tortured, racial and religious genocide... \n\nBut \
Adolf Hitler
Aidan Wegmann-Hoel
what about empire of the sun
Das Boot. You say it like \
Tora Tora Tora\nStalingrad\nLongest day\nCross of Iron\nThin red line\nMidway\nGreat escape\n\ni mean seriously who made that list without mention or putting above on list?? Das boot even showing dubbed version instead of original language version wow....
Army Brat
The Enemy Below\nRun Silent, Run Deep\nso many more but even\nMerry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence would supplant Inglorious Bastards in my group ...
Aurα вírdч
It's the soldiers that dies,they should get all the credit not the generals.
Enemy at the Gates\nFury\nTora! Tora! Tora!\nFlags of our fathers\nHacksaw Ridge\nDunkirk\nGreen Dog Sector\nWindtalkers\nEl Alamien \nNot on the list
Ballsacks Mcgee
you have no idea what a war movie is
Ben Packer
I just click on these videos for the comment section’s list
Ben Swolo
I miss battle of the bulge and Stalingrad 1993
Big dundee
Erm, The Longest Day anybody?? No? Dust?
Callum J
bridge too far, dambusters, battle of britain, fury...\ndo agree abou saving private ryan though.
Canaan B
It actually scares me to see just how many people think Fury is a good movie.
D-DAY Circle
Saving private Ryan is my favorite movie
Best movies ww2\nHasta el ultimo hombre\nEl Hundimiento\nEl reinado del mal\nSalvando al soldado Ryan\nLos hombres detras del Sol\nCaptain America Firts Avenger\nEl pianista\nStalingrado
Das Gooch
Das Boot. Nothing comes close.
I’m not German, but das boot (not boat) is better in german
Dik Hed
Many of the older movies are factually incorrect and done from the point of hollywoodification.
Eduardo Portillo
Even Hope and Glory is way better than inglorious bastards!
inglorious bastards is SO overrated. I find it unworthy
Eric Edwards
Where is Hacksaw Ridge?
Evan Sugrue
What about kellys hero
Finnish Finn
1. Tuntematon Sotilas - Unknown soldier
Francisco Velásquez
George Flegel
Inglorious Bastards really? WTF? Where is a Bridge Too Far, Stalingrad, the Longest Day, TORA!TORA!TORA!, Empire of the Sun, Flags of Our Fathers, and Dunkirk, just to name a few. Thin Red Line should be more than an honourable mention too. Otherwise, it's a pretty good list.
Glaring Oddly
The Longest Day? Battle of Britain? A Bridge Too Far? C'mon!
God of Games
You forgot \
Haris_the_ Bosniak
No russian , Yugoslav , French or Baltic ww2 movies?
Hosel Rocket
Lost me at Inglorious Bastards
Only American movies, ey? Ever seen Come and See, The Black Book, Max Manus, Shoah? Thin Red Line should've been more than an honorable mention too
Hacksaw ridge? Or was that not out yet?
Ivor Presents
The Fighting Sullivans, The Longest Day, Sands of Iwo Jima, Run Silent, Run Deep, The Fighting Seabees. Sink the Bismarck, top of list: The Best Years Of Our Lives.
Jack McCartney
Jakub Załęcki
You missed \
Jarrett Ervin
Wind Talkers is also a good one. I also liked Valkyrie
Joe King
Empire of the Sun?
Joey C
Downfall should have been higher, imo it’s the best film based solely on Hitler ever made
John Hicks
Of course native speaking english people doesn`t mention \
John Krausse
Where eagles dare 💯💯💯
Jon Treasure
That Tarantinoeffort is not a good war film by any stretch of the imagination
KC Sports Report
Stalag 17 is my favorite ww2 movie
Kane SC
If this was made in 2018 hacksaw ridge would definatly be on the list
Kevin r1324
Hacksaw ridge ? The longest day? Midway???
To Hell And Back :\nKelly's Heroes :\nThe Green Beret :\nThe Battle Of The Bulge :\nDoolittle's Raiders :\nAmbush Bay :
Logan Foster
Lou Costello
Watch a Korean movie called The Brotherhood or Tai Guk Gi. An amazing war film.
Matthew Dennin
The boy in striped pajamas?
Matthew Meyer
Inglorious Basterds should be higher on the list
Mayshus Almighty
My list would be:\n1. Saving Private Ryan\n2. A Bridge Too Far\n3. Cross of Iron\n4. The Cruel Sea\n5. Fury\n6. Patton\n7. The Great Escape\n8 Stalag 17\n9. The Longest Day\n10. Ice Cold in Alex
Michael Grenz
Inglourious Bastards,Dislike
Moons of Nightmares
My favorite WWII movie is a drama called \
Mr Chaser
Where are soviets movies? To my mind they are show us the real actions of WW2.
Mr. Guion
1933 \
I'm surprised that \
Ah the good old WatchMojo...
das \
Patrick Allen
Inglorious Basterds absolutely should not be on this list.  Don't get me wrong, I love Inglorious Basterds its a great movie, but I really don't think it should count on a list like this considering its 100% ww2 fiction and therefore not really ww2.
Pravin Shastri
No mention of so many iconic WW 2 films like 1) To hell and back 2) The Longest Day 3) Tora Tora Tora 4) The Battle of the Bulge 5) The Guns of Navarone 6) The Bridge Too Far and some others.
Ralph Rivera
Tora Tora Tora
Rania Wahdan
Dunkirk\nEnemy at the gates\nSaving private ryan\nAre the best
Ray Vee
Das Boot in english? Oh gosh, noo guys :D you HAVE to watch it in German!
Redchest Bowers
You missed hacksaw ridge and Memphis bell
Rendi krogh
Downfall should probably be number 1 and schindlers list 2 these two movies are pretty much showing the reality of the war. Most of the others are just being patrotic movies
Rod Urban
Where's Pearl Harbor?
Ronnie Durbin
Stalag 17
Russell Dashow
You missed Stalag 17 and The Train......much better than Pianist & Casablanca. Alternatively, you coulda done The Top 12, without including The Dirty Dozen. All were great, but Stalag & Train were among the 5 Greatest. Missed them? GO GET COPIES RIGHT NOW.
Ryan Campbell
Guys, what about FURY that was amazing
The Cuchulain XO
You’re kidding right? \nThe Iron Cross\nA Bridge To Far \nBattle Of The Bulge\nThe Guns Of Navarone\nTora Tora Tora \nWhere Eagles Dare \nYour list is way off ..
The Last Melon
Valkyrie was good
The Senate
You forgot about finding nemo
ViTAlacRN 27
Band of brothers
Winny Her
The woman's voice is very nice.\n I love it.
My personal favourite ww2 movie is pear harbour. Anyone else?
Zachary Van vliet
Hacksaw was best but watch hates Christian's
Zack McCaslin
....... pocket....knife???
Das boot no 1 for me, i've watched the 4 hour directors cut a ridiculous amount of times. the clips they showed on this list i noticed were from the dubbed version, i dunno how anybody can watch a dubbed movie!!! its has to be in german with subs!!!!\n\n1 Das Boot\n2 Downfall\n3 The big red one
Fury and a bridge to far, were pretty good ones
Platoon is such a good ww2 movie
The boy in the striped pajamas was a good film
honey monet
I know it wasn’t a movie, but band of brothers was really good.
joey stephenson
Tora, Tora, Tora - The Caine Mutiny - Kelly's Heros - Midway
knation adrian
I knew saving private Ryan was gonna be the number one top pick
laki fus
no Yugoslavian or Russian movies?i guess we didn't fight enought?
peter white
Guns of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare, both based on Alistair MacLean novels
This has to be one of the most badly compiled lists I've ever seen! Complete and utter nonsense. Every body thinks that the Yanks won the war. This list thinks the Yanks won the war. Well, without the flattop that is the British Isles, they'd never have got close. Without the battle in the West the Yanks would've gone on hiding away whilst the Russians eventually collapsed. The Hun then gets stronger and eventually, who knows maybe ten years down the line, mounts an attack on the last remaining stronghold - America. The Hun is now so strong, having plundered his way through everything, that the attack would be mounted from Central and South America. America wouldn't have had Von Braun, so precious little nuclear knowledge. The krauts were building ICBM's in 1942, how far would they have got by 1950? No the outcome, without Britain would've been predictable - goodnight America. This outburst has been brought about by the ignorance shown by this list compiler!
pri vat
so much englishbias \n\nDer Untergang is one of the best movies ever made, it should be at the top
Battle of Britain, To Hell and Back, The Longest Day and A Bridge To Far. Some of the movies missing from the list.
robert daniel
Inglorious bastars should not be in the list , letters from iwo jima should be
downfall and letters from iwo jima should be higher and it should defenitly be higher than what i think is tarantinos worst movie inglorius bastards. you americans only like movies from your perspective and in doing so you ignore some truly great movies l really think letters from iwo jima shows that the enemy had feelings and lifes of their own too, but you just prefer them to be evil one dimensional drones like in inglorius bastards and other american ww2 movies.
the extra extra terrestrial
Sie sind gut flime
tim o
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Saving Private Ryan. The Battle of the Bulge. Patton. Midway. Battleground. Hell is for Heroes. Batan. Objective Burma. The Sands of Iwo Jima. The Big Red One. I do like the classic 1940s World War II movies some of these movies were made when the war was still going on. If you haven't seen any of these movies I recommend doing so very entertaining with legendary actors. I almost forgot the longest day. It has all star cast very entertaining pretty much accurate.
Screen cap: Big Red One?