Gun fight

Insane Close Quarters Combat in Iraq (RAW FOOTAGE! OF INTENSE GUNFIGHT!)


Watch this video of soldiers engaged in an intense gunfight in Iraq.

Man Held at Gun Point Caught on Camera


Fighting for my life and held at Gun Point and Shot in the Head in the Process by a .22 Pistol.

Syria - Extreme Insane Heavy Intense Urban Combat Firefight Fighting Clash Action | Syrian Civil War


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Epic Gun fight at Corner shop


I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor () Gun fight, Pistols and bikers getting what they ...

Normal day in Russia : street fight, gun shot !


Normal day in Russia : street fight, gun shot ! For more videos, check our facebook : .

Gun fight


I dont agree with what they are saying about the guy being a terrorist. He looks like he suffers from a mental disorder. If he was a ...

Gun Fight Caught on Tape


Police released surveillance video to identify gunmen captured on camera at Route 66 Bar in Toledo, Ohio. The shootout involved ...

Gun Fight - Cyanide Happiness Shorts


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Dashcam shows moments before murder of police officers and ensuing gunfight | New York Post


Newly released footage shows the harrowing moments leading up to the 2016 murder of two sheriffs deputies in Peach County, ...

Cyanide and Happiness Compilation - #17


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Cyanide Happiness Compilation - #22


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Dramatic gunfight in Walmart caught on video


Raw video: Arizona police release footage of firefight in store.

Cyanide Happiness Compilation - #21


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Sweden: Violent gunfight erupts between police and robbers caught on amateur video


Mobile phone footage shows the shooting of a member of an armed gang by Swedish police during a lunchtime heist in a small ...

Gunfight Shows Importance of Concealment and Movement


UPDATE on this gunfight: the victims are both officers () and it does show us some important lessons ...

Deadly gunbattle with state trooper - caught on tape


Oregon State Police released this dramatic dashboard video of a deadly shootout between a trooper and driver. It happened on ...

Police officer SHOT during gunfight with suspect


Footage from a police helicopter shows a shootout between Texas State Troopers and a suspect in San Antonio, Texas, on Sunday ...

Bodycam Of 2 Las Vegas Officers Shot In Gunfight


Two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officers were shot Tuesday afternoon when a theft investigation suddenly turned into a ...

Grenades Gunfight: Moment two female terrorists attack police bus in Istanbul


Two female terrorists have attacked a police bus entering a police station in Istanbul. They threw grenades and opened fire at the ...