Mega fires



Reducing the risk of megafires to promote healthier, more resilient forests. .

Protecting Forests From Future Mega-Fires


The Carlton Complex wildfire swept through central Washingtons Methow Valley, consuming more acres than any other fire in the ...

Sara Rolfs Era of Megafires


Sara Rolfs, Era of Megafires, was presented during the August 2017 Pacific Northwest DEWS webinar on Aug 28, 2017.

Paul Hessburg — Living in the Era of Mega-Fires


In this episode of ThinkRadio Presents ThinkPlanet, host Alan Wartes talks with U.S Forest Service ecologist Dr. Paul Hessburg.

Experts: Contributing Factors to Californias Mega Wildfires


The Camp Fire in Northern California, which started Thursday, is the states most destructive fire ever... ...

USFS: Era of Megafires - Catastrophic Wildfires


Recorded in Medford, OR during the evening of 31-May-2018.

Why wildfires have gotten worse -- and what we can do about it | Paul Hessburg


Megafires, individual fires that burn more than 100000 acres, are on the rise in the western United States -- the direct result of ...CC

The Era of Megafires - Trailer


In partnership with North 40 Productions, ecologist Dr Paul Hessburg has brought the live multimedia presentation, The Era of ...

California Wildfires Climate Change Climate Chaos - The Age Of Megafires


Media think tanks want you to believe not only that the new and deadly urban wildfires are to be expected, but that its all your fault ...

Earth on Fire


Mega-fires are reshaping landscapes in ways unprecedented in recent history. While debate rages about whether these changes ...

The Era of Megafires - The Best Documentary Ever


We have all seen the news--hotter summers, and bigger, badder wildfires. Whats going on? How did we get here?Paul tells a ...

Mega Ship Caught on Fire


Mega Ship Caught on Fire#ShipFire #FireBroke #MaerskContainerDont Forget to Subscribe UsLike Facebook: ...

Living (Dangerously) in an Era of Megafires | Paul Hessburg | TEDxBend


We have all seen the news--hotter summers, and bigger, badder wildfires. Whats going on? How did we get here?Paul tells a ...


Jessica Haas discusses how the confluence of society and nature leads to catastrophic wildfires and what we can do to combat ...CC

Wildfires are becoming


KING 5s Jake Whittenberg analyzes the data to show fires are getting bigger and more frequentCC

From the archives: The age of megafires


In 2007, began reporting on the enormous change happening in forest fires. Why have the infernos become 10 times ...