Ratcatcher (1999)

Ratcatcher (1999) ● Final scenes ending theme by Rachel Portman ●


Movie excerpt | Directed by Lynn Ramsay | IMDb link: | Note: PM me if you wish to have ...

Ratcatcher - Trailer Shot on 35mm (1999), Cameraman Me Nick J Barret


Nominated For a bafta (loosing out to the film East is East) Ratcatcher Cinema Release Film is Set in Glasgow during the mid ...

Ratcatcher - field scene


Directed by Lynne Ramsay (1997)

Ratcatcher Clip (Lynne Ramsay)


Ratcatcher [United Kingdom | France; 1999] Genres: Drama Plot: In her breathtaking and assured debut feature, Lynne Ramsay ...

Ratcatcher (1999) Full Movie


The city, despite its Victorian grandeur, has some schemes with the poorest housing conditions in ...

Ratcatcher dance scene


Dance scene from 1999 film The Ratcatcher.

British Film - Ratcatcher (1999) Clip 1


In 1970s Glasgow James, a young boy from an impoverished family, is involved in the drowning of another boy in a dirty canal.

Ratcatcher (1999) review


This week I watched directed by Lynne Ramsay. If you liked this review please give it a like and subscribe ...

British Film - Ratcatcher (1999) Clip 2


In this second clip from (1999) we see how the traditional social glue that kept the working class communities of ...