School caning

Tylluan Wen school caning scene


A boy and a girl are caned by a male in the film.

School Discipline in Ghana: Getting the Cane


This video may be instructive for those who are interested in volunteering as a teacher in Ghana or other African countries.

Jennifer Miller caning scene


Very good female caning scene from a film.

vid0039a Caning of schoolgirls, S.Korea


Mass caning of high-school girls, South Korea, 2006 For more, see .

Asian male school caning


An older teen male is caned by the male teacher right in front of the class. From tv.

korean teacher caning and girls beating up a boy


This is from a Korean movie. A male teacher is holding a cane and threatening to use it. Also in this clip a gang of girls beat up a ...

Jane Eyre: Jane the Liar


Jane is taught that lying is a sin in her unfriendly boarding school. Recent adaptation of the classic Charlotte Brontë novel, starring ...

School canings - tv series Drummonds


The male headmaster calls the boys in one by one for a caning.

If.... (1968) Caning Scene


for context, see: or just watch the full film here: ...

LADY TEACHER .Female teachers punish the students The most powerful videos ever watch and be funny


The school principal punishes the delayed students The most powerful videos ever watch and be funny hand caning .. lady ...

Schoolgirl caning from


A schoolgirl gets caned by the headmaster for insulting another woman. He instructs her to lift up her dress right before ...

spankred3d com The Abandoned School


The caning from a ghostly headmaster in an old abandoned school

Storytime: I got CANED in Asia at my Chinese School! OMG!


Another Story Time video for Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, musician Mozart! ❤ OMG! I was caned in Asia at my ...

Corporal punishment in front of the whole school


Movie scene where an Asian kid gets punished with a caning in front of the entire school. They literally watch him take the licks ...